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  • Primal Journal |- Aaron Fraser -|

    Starting my primal journal, though this may be in actual blog-format soon.

    I am incredibly sore from my first CrossFit session from Wednesday.

    100 deadlifts done in 11 minutes... yikes. Feeling pretty great though.

    Trying to figure out a resolution to take for the month of January - my new year&#39;s Primal Challenge. On the one hand, I want to try sustaining a sub-50g, maybe even a <20g carbohydrate diet.

    On the other, I&#39;m trying to put on 10 lbs. of muscle before the end of the year - no bodybuilding exercises, just CrossFit and barbell lifts w/ sprints - and I have access to REALLY CHEAP raw whole milk... drinking 1/4-1/2 a gallon of this a day is a really affordable pasture-raised all natural calorie source and muscle building powerhouse...

    I am truly torn on this - both are within my end-goals, but I feel that the milk (which I am tolerating fairly well so far) would really help me put on some (hopefully) lean weight.

    Any thoughts?

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    Milk is a proven muscle builder, and if you&#39;re drinking raw pastured stuff? Go for it. I&#39;ve been experimenting with daily half gallons/quarts of raw milk mixed with colostrum, with most of it coming post workout. Good results: strength and lean mass increases. No fat gain, perhaps even a bit leaner than I was.


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      Well, it&#39;s been a few days and not much happening.

      A lot of stressful things with school, money and transportation, all of them culminating into me going a bit crazy. I&#39;m currently living a few miles out of my &#39;home range&#39;, where I conduct all of my business and socializing, and relying on Pittsburgh&#39;s terrible public transit AND dealing with the snow is kind of killing me.

      But oh well.

      I really do think if I were not living the way I do, I would be taking this situation much worse.

      Had a confrontation at school the other day about my eating habits. At massage school we have a pretty informal setting, and stay in the same room for lunch in which we had our first class. The teacher - who is pretty awesome, if kind of crazy - was late in cleaning up and was lingering, thus noticing that I was one of the few people not eating anything.

      "Aaron - do you want something to eat?" "No, I&#39;m fine." "Do you have money for food?" "Ah, no, not really. I&#39;m not hungry." "Well, I can get you something.." "No, really, I&#39;m fasting, it&#39;s ok."


      "You know that&#39;s not good for you.." *classmate chimes in (someone with a heavily CW-steeped kinesiology degree) "YOUR BLOOD SUGAR!" "You know, fasting gives you bad breath - you&#39;ll scare clients away."

      So I had to publicly defend my right to not eat constantly (saving my meal for dinner, in which I had about .75 lb of cow tongue with veggies and then a 1.5lb shoulder roast with some nut butter for desert and a big mouthful of raw milk - yummo) and try to explain to people that NO, my blood sugar is very fine thank you, and I have more energy since I started doing this than otherwise.

      Which of course caused a ruckus, as I have been known to fall asleep during class sometimes. Granted, sitting in the same place for 4-5 hours with low-level fluorescent lights, sometimes running off of 3-4 hours of sleep (not good, I know)... yeah, I fall asleep. I always do when I am not engaged properly. I need physical activity or something actively stimulating, like games or puzzles or conversation, or my body decides it needs to shut down. Also, I have a very strong affinity for sunlight and I am very much in a hibernal mode.

      So anyway, that was frustrating. Winter is frustrating. And I&#39;m frustrated because I&#39;m complaining about it and one of my life resolutions is to not complain so much, but damnit I gotta get out every now and then.

      Also my job changed my schedule, so that I cannot do CrossFit at my local affiliate. I just can&#39;t get there for the morning classes due to public transit and I work in the evenings. Ugh... Will try to do a lot of the BW-centric WODs at home and get a day of heavy lifting in at the gym if I can. I really, really, really need to relocate to East Pittsburgh soon.

      On the up side - Had beef tongue (lengua) for the first time the other day - cooked it up with a friend following this recipe:

      It was really, really good. We replaced the tomatoes with salsa - yummo!

      Then had baked apples with pastured butter, cinnamon, allspice and nutmeg and a light drizzle of raw buckwheat honey (note to self - drizzle AFTER baking - it all slid off and caramelized on the bottom of the pan).

      So far the New Year hasn&#39;t been too spectacular, but it is far from the worst January I&#39;ve had.


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        Just got my Holiday pack!

        Love my new Grok T-shirt and SIGNED copy of the PB!!!


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          I am really bad at keeping this journal, it seems!

          Been feeling kind of crazy lately... too much.

          Non-Primal related: I&#39;ve taken up the guitar again, actually getting pretty good, and have hired a vocal coach that works with the Pittsburgh Opera. I am very excited about this, but combined with choir practice, Massage School, work, &#39;extracurricular&#39; studies, -attempting to write for my blog- and -attempting to have a social life-... whew!

          Where did all the time go?

          Unfortunately, in the hectic craziness of my life, I have missed... 2 weeks of serious workout. My energy levels are dropping and my enthusiasm waning. I really, really, really need a workout partner.

          My saving grace is that I bike to <-> from work every day, and spend half the workday walking around.

          Oh well - next week at the latest I am starting back at CrossFit Pittsburgh, hell or high water.

          At the very least my diet has been pretty good, if a little fruit heavy. I haven&#39;t noticed this being a problem, but I worry about the excess sugar in the long wrong. (I work at a healthy-food co-op, and there are always organic pears/apples/oranges in the &#39;free bin&#39; of the produce dept.)

          Been frustrated, since moving in with my younger brother, at the lack of quality cookware here. Have been ruminating on picking up a set of cast iron cookware and a professional French chef&#39;s knife... OR I could Vibrams and a kilt. I mean.. I can still cook with what a have.

          Decisions, decisions...


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            Last night did a couple of random bodyweight circuits - felt pretty good. Am working on pike pushups, hoping to someday move to handstand.

            Afterward I had a bit of a cheat... two slices of pizza with the thicker outer crust removed. I ended up not being able to sleep that night, insomnia due to headache and feeling "weird". Learned my lesson.


            Today was much better. My "iron gym" pullup thinger is in the mail, and I tried these "renegade rows"... FREAKIN LOVE THEM. Such a great exercise.

            Did 3 sets of 5 at 20 lbs., then got really jacked and politically/emotionally charged to System of a Down and pulled 3x5x40lbs. Anger makes great fuel.

            Threw in some more BW circuits there. Next week I start up XFit again (I hope), and I cannot wait!

            Food today:

            Had an egg cooked in bacon greese for lunch, along with some steak salad left over from last night&#39;s dinner.

            For dinner, a mess load o&#39; ground grass-fed beef cooked in onions, peppers and mushrooms with lots of butter.

            Snacking on some locally made labneh yogurt (this is what FAGE is) that my buddy at the Mid-East grocer down the street makes - it&#39;s amazing and has a blueberry aftertaste that I can&#39;t quite describe but man do I <3 it.

            All in all, feeling pretty good. Need to get back to The Vegetarian Myth and my vocal training though!

            OH! Finished another blog post, the first PRIMAL one: - please to check it out!


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              Snow day at work. Again. Which was nice, but I need the $$$

              Breakfast - IF

              Lunch - pan-fried sirloin (butter) and a poblano pepper. Stopped by Salim&#39;s (local Middle-Eastern grocer and Really Cool Guy) for his homemade laban (thick FAGE style yogurt - soooo good!)

              Dinner - had some more laban, finished my steak from earlier with another poblano. My brother and I fried a very small banana and shared it - yummo. Going to finish off with a small Indian sweet potato (almost done baking) smothered in butter, allspice and happiness.

              Working on some blog stuff - getting FIRED UP and inspired as hell by &#39;The Vegetarian Myth&#39;, so much so that I am exploring local activism avenues.

              Good stuff.


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                Whew, not feeling too great today.

                I only got 5 hours of sleep; pretty girl invited me over last night and we ended up watching movies and I serenaded her with my guitar and such. Gotta love when someone starts showing interest... especially when they have a boyfriend. *sigh*

                Regardless, was a good time.

                Food was good today, though:

                Large spoonful of laban this morning; felt the need to get my vitamins early, and wanted to make sure all the fat-soluble ones got absorbed.

                Lunch - BAS with plenty of pasture-raised eggs, alfalfa sprouts and peppers on mixed greens. Topped with a shitload of riccotta cheese, hotsauce on the eggs and an olive-oil/dill dressing that the Co-Op makes from scratch (one of the few with no canola, thank goodness). Finished off with my daily kombucha.

                Dinner - More eggs, deep friend in a mess o&#39; Kerrygold. Followed that up with more laban and ANOTHER salad, with spicy spicy peppers, EVOO + raw apple cider vinegar.

                I have not been very physical lately, though I am walking a lot and "lifting" roughly once a week... Insomnia has afflicted me, and though SAD has not debilitated me in the past, I&#39;m still feeling a bit drained by the lack of sunlight and the cold. Bleh.

                A real date would cheer me up. Thinking about OKCupid again - bar scene is -not- my thing anymore. Eh.


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                  Aww... lack of sleep sucks. I feel ya there. At least it was for a good cause!

                  Isn&#39;t ricotta pure heaven? You have daily kombucha too? That stuff&#39;s great. Mine isn&#39;t fizzy like the store stuff though. Wonder why...

                  Two thumbs up for real sunlight. Sometimes when I get in a deep winter funk I actually go tanning- not so much to get tan, but because I always feel chipper afterwords. It&#39;s only a couple bucks too.

                  Real dates are nice. I been on and have gotten a few good dates there. This is such a small town so I have 3 options.

                  1) Friends of friends.

                  2) Bars.

                  3) The internet.

                  Friends of friends is ok, but it only goes so far.

                  Bars... not the best selection there, especially if you don&#39;t drink.

                  The internet. Not great, but it does work occasionally. At least there you have a better chance of not finding somebody married, and you can weed out undesireables- lol. (For me, it&#39;s men with kids. :P)


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                    I love, love, love laban! Didn&#39;t know Salem&#39;s carried it, will look for it when I go there next. I used to buy food from the Co-op cafe when I lived in Squirrel Hill and I liked what I tried. It&#39;s all vegetarian though right? And how very sweet of you to serenade the girl with guitar - very romantic indeed.

                    I wanted to lend my copy of the Vegetarian Myth to every vegetarian I knew, as soon as I read it. But wasn&#39;t sure how to do it subtly w/o offending them. Keep us posted about the activism. Hats of to you for being so passionate about spreading awareness.

                    ETA: I read somewhere, maybe Nourishing Traditions, that alfalfa sprouts or not fit for human consumption. Have you read anything otherwise? Let me look at my NT and get back to you on this.


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                      I had not heard that - please let me know what you find!

                      Hehe, I thought it was very romantic too - too bad she has a boyfriend. Why are all the smart, beautiful Indian girls taken already? Alas, alas.

                      It is a vegetarian cafe, BUT it does have hardboiled eggs and cheese - the expensive pasture-raised HB eggs. So I just have a salad covered with 3-4 eggs and tons of dressing and cheese.

                      My recent ex is a raw vegan. You have no idea how tempting it is for me to try and get her to read this book. Would never happen though. Oh well.

                      Can&#39;t fix crazy.


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                        Check out the 12th question in this FAQ Aaron:



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                          Looks like I&#39;m on my way to an arginine deficiency.

                          Thanks sooo much maba - this is why I love our community

                          Will cut out the alfalfa sprouts from hereon out (never really liked them, was just CW "SPROUTS IS HEALTHY" crap from my vegan days lingering).

                          Wondering if other types of sprouts are good, though - now that I think about it, I doubt it. One thing I was made aware of from TVM is that plants DON&#39;T WANT TO BE EATEN, and eating them as babies isn&#39;t going to make that any less true.

                          Something to research!


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                            Hey, Aaron! Just wanted to say hi. What is arginine, btw?

                            Start weight: 250 - 06/2009
                            Current weight: 199
                            Goal: 145


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                              No probs Aaron, I&#39;m always learning something new from all of you and I&#39;m thankful for that.

                              I loved that chapter on plants in TVM, especially the part where she talks about them being sentient creatures. I hear you on the CW Sprouts are healthy BS. I used to buy alfalafa sprouts (and they don&#39;t come cheap) and force myself to eat them although I hated the smell and the taste of it, thinking I was getting some superfood into my body.