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  • Primal Challenge Journal (OrangeGirl)

    Boy, did I pick the perfect time of year to start this journal ... the very beginning! December 29th was my last full day of vegetarianism, and then I re-embarked on that meaty path ... and I'm loving every minute of it! What a wake up call!

    January 2, 2010


    3 eggs, fried

    3 pieces of turkey bacon

    1/2 cup strawberries & blueberries


    About 20 mixed nuts, excluding peanuts

    Medium Golden Delicious apple

    Ocean Spray Cranberry Grape Juice (Diet ... no sugar, but still not the best choice. I'm trying to get away from it!)


    Romaine salad w/balsamic dressing

    Peppers, onions sauteed in olive oil

    Chicken breast cooked in olive oil



    Couple more mixed nuts

    Big handful of blueberries

    So, I ate a little more than I did yesterday, but I tallied up my counts on fitday (love that site!) and it came out to under 1400 calories, and about a 50/25/25 ratio with fat, protein, and carbs.

    I've felt like randomly exercising today, which was never a case when I was eating almost exclusively grains and legumes, and buttloads of sugar. I felt a little weird going from pretty much vegan (I started eating eggs this past June, before I didn't for two years) to going primal ... but I feel like I should've checked this out a long time ago. Better late than never, right?

    Honestly, I was sooo paranoid about eating fats; I'm talking I would take a napkin if I was eating at a restaurant and "soak up" any excess oils on my foods ... I am eating more fat in one day now than I would probably eat in a week, if not two weeks. I was obsessive about counting my calories and fats, but was it helping my insane blood sugar problems? Not until I cut out oatmeal and bananas did I realize that sugar was my big problem. Since I cut out all the bad stuff the other day, I've had no lapses in energy and no intense jitters and hunger.

    I went meat shopping tonight and bought my favorite cut of steak that my grandmother used to cook just for me. I'll have to call her tomorrow and ask her how she prepared it; hopefully nothing bad!

    My primal goals:

    1. To work out like Grok as much as I can - with a varied work schedule, it'll be weird, but I know I can do it. Very inspired by the videos of people sprinting around; I can do that at a local park.

    2. To become less obsessive about my calorie and fat intake. I was borderline eating disorder with the level of obsession I was at in my veganism.

    3. To get my BUTT out of the computer chair and do some activities that make me grow as a person!

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    Welcome OrangeGirl! I too struggled with counting calories. Dismissing it has made eating fun.


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      Welcome to the Tribe, OrangeGirl!!


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        Thank you very much, erstad & kuno1chi! I don't think I've ever been so positive about a lifestyle change ... and what a great support group!


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            High five!


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              YAY for less obsession. I&#39;m loving that feeling of freedom so much. And good goals.

              But may I ask... WHY turkey bacon? Why not real bacon? Turkey bacon is weird stuff and has a super-high ratio of omega 6 : omega 3 fats. Not good.

              Eating lots but still hungry? Eat more fat. Mid-day sluggishness? Eat more fat. Feeling depressed or irritable? Eat more fat. People think you've developed an eating disorder? Eat more fat... in front of them.


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                Actually, I caught that about the turkey bacon today here on the forum. I went out and bought the real thing this evening, along with some other more primal meats. Thank you for asking, I&#39;m glad everyone on here is so knowledgeable about the difference between meats!

                You are right about obsession ... it&#39;s such a stressor off my back. Really, food was all I thought about. I&#39;m still working on it but it&#39;s way easier and I&#39;m not nearly as hungry as I used to be.


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                  YAY for real bacon. You will be so happy...turkey bacon is kinda gross. hehe.

                  When I first started eating this way I was obsessed with not being obsessed...if that makes sense. But that passes too and you&#39;ll feel such a sense of peace.

                  Eating lots but still hungry? Eat more fat. Mid-day sluggishness? Eat more fat. Feeling depressed or irritable? Eat more fat. People think you've developed an eating disorder? Eat more fat... in front of them.


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                    I found the turkey bacon to be really good, but after not eating meat for almost 3 years ... ya know! It was all good at that point!

                    I totally understand what you&#39;re saying about obsession. I already feel more "one with the world" by participating in the circle of life and look forward to even more positive mental changes.

                    I don&#39;t know what time it is where you are ... but I better get to bed so I can whip up another delicious primal breakfast in the morning! Goodnight!


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                      I think that today went great!

                      Woke up a little late from staying up too late last night. So I woke up, had a glass of water and took my probiotic, and made my breakfast which consisted of:

                      Breakfast (10:30 am)

                      3 fried eggs

                      4 strips natural, uncured, nitrite free bacon

                      1/2 cup strawberries & blueberries

                      Went to work and took a medium sized apple to snack on there. Did a couple sprints around the store before I opened it up (I work at a video store). It&#39;s also a good job because there is literally nowhere to sit at my job. Got home later and had a good sized handful of cashews and almonds to hold me over until dinner, which was:

                      Dinner (6:30 pm)

                      Romaine salad with balsamic

                      Chicken breast sauteed in EVOO

                      Broccoli, carrots, water chestnuts

                      It&#39;s pretty much the same thing I&#39;ve been eating ... being vegan and avoiding so many other foods, I really trained myself to eat the same thing day after day, which I realize isn&#39;t healthy. I need to learn that it&#39;s okay to switch it up, and make time to do it. I rely on routine to feel in control.

                      I plan on having an orange later if I&#39;m hungry. I just LOVE feeling FULL. I never felt completely full with my style of eating ... I NEVER had food left on my plate. This time, I still had quite a bit of veggies left!

                      Hope everyone had a wonderful day!


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                        Okay, I know I haven&#39;t updated this in a few days, but I decided to keep my food journal on Fit Day. I love that thing! Plus, I generally eat the same thing everyday. I haven&#39;t slipped up, but I&#39;ve been a little tempted ... especially when my husband had cocoa puffs this evening o_o Cereal was my big downfall before.

                        I&#39;m also happy to report that I have lost a pound or two since becoming primal last week! You guys have no idea how paranoid I was about eating a high fat diet ... but things are going really well so far! I feel so much fuller ... I still want to snack at night ... but I think it&#39;s helping regulate my body - I feel tired at night now when I SHOULD feel tired, instead of having had a ton of sugary, high-carb snacks after dinner and being on a sugar high til 2 am ... yay!!


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                          Bleh ... feeling kind of crummy the past two days ... I bought some low-carb ice cream to eat for my husband&#39;s birthday ... now I&#39;m craving it like CRAZY. Luckily, it&#39;s only 14g of carbs per serving, but ya gotta eat at least 2 servings at once to make it last longer than a minute ... so I&#39;ve had like 3 servings already. *sigh* I am such a sweets addict. But on the plus side, I had my first steak in over two and a half years at Longhorn Steakhouse today! *drool* It was perfect!


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                            I know I haven&#39;t posted in a while. My life has been crazy busy lately! Nothing bad. My husband and I have had four foster children (watching one kid for a few weeks for another couple) and now our house has finally calmed down. I can proudly say that I have not eaten anything that&#39;s not primal, but I can&#39;t say that I haven&#39;t overindulged in primal foods. Like today I had waaaaay too many fruit carbs, like 125. And, I did start chewing some sugar free gum for my TERRIBLE bad breath. I guess that&#39;s not primal. But my mouth has just been tasting really gross ... I guess that&#39;s a good sign though!

                            I&#39;ve not been real physically active until the past few days. I think I was suffering from the "induction flu" thing. I introduced more carbs and more protein and I think I&#39;ve found a good balance.

                            If only the sun would come out here in northeast Ohio, everything would be dandy!


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                              Wow! So my husband and I just went away to a waterpark resort (Kalahari in Sandusky for the locals) for a couple days, and I think I did really good. I ate a lot ... but it was 90% primal! Although I did have some cheese on my omelets. My only indulgence was the most delicious ice cream I&#39;ve ever had in my life, real Wisconsin cream based ice cream. "Zanzibar chocolate" by Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream. I didn&#39;t have a lot - it didn&#39;t take as much to satiate me as it would&#39;ve when I was a sugar addict - and it was worth it. I didn&#39;t feel sick, I felt satisfied, and that was it. Oh, I also tried a mini corn dog. I used to LOVE corn dogs and I was vegan before going primal, so ... I hadn&#39;t had one in almost three years. I couldn&#39;t resist!

                              But now we&#39;re back, and I&#39;ll eat a little lighter, but it felt good to indulge after a month of being good ... and I don&#39;t feel guilty, either!

                              Got PLENTY of exercise going up and down the stairs on the water slides, so I didn&#39;t feel too badly there either!