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Tats last stand against the gods of old age

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  • Tats last stand against the gods of old age

    I suppose i`d better chuck in a bit of background info.
    I`m 40yrs old & on a comeback to bjj.
    In the past i`ve competed in lightweight strongman, boxing & bjj.
    At the moment i`m weighing in around 85k down from an average weight of 110k.
    1 of the areas that i`ve always lacked in is diet.I dont like the taste of many of the
    foods that you need for your average diet.
    Hopefuly the people on this board will help me gain a better understanding
    of what i need to be eating to get me in the shape i want to get in to ?

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    In a nutshell....

    (In fact, it should be the backbone of your diet. )
    - Meat (preferably grass-fed)
    - Poultry (preferably free-range)
    - Fish (preferably wild-caught)
    - Eggs (preferably cage-free)
    - Non-starchy and/or green vegetables (preferably organic)
    - Avocado
    - Butter (preferably from grass-fed cows)
    - Lard
    - Ghee
    - Coconut oil
    - Coconut milk
    - Olive oil (but not for cooking)
    - A berry (up to a handful)

    (Throw it away, unless it's a cleaning or stationery product, in which case use it for its appropriate purpose).
    - A legume (bean, pea, peanut)
    - A grain (wheat, corn, rice) or made of a grain (cereal, oatmeal, bread, cake, tortilla, pasta)
    - A processed food product
    - A "low-fat" manufactured food product
    - A "low-carb" manufactured food product
    - A "diet" manufactured food product
    - Anything with an ingredient that ends in "ose" (sucrose, glucose, fructose) or that contains sugar, agave nectar, honey, or maple syrup
    - Anything from the center aisles of the grocery store...

    - Dairy products (milk, yogurt, cream, sour cream, half & half) – whole milk (not low-fat)
    - Nuts (peanuts are not nuts)
    - A seed
    - A fruit other than a berry
    - A starchy or sugary vegetable (carrot, beet, winter squash)
    - A tuber (potato, sweet potato, yam)
    - A nightshade (tomato, bell pepper)
    - Coffee

    - You are trying to lose weight (for dairy, nuts, fruits, starchy vegetables, and tubers)
    - You are lactose intolerant (for dairy)
    - You are significantly inactive/sedentary
    - You are insulin resistant (for dairy, nuts, fruits, starchy vegetables, tubers, and coffee)
    - You want to go 100% evolutionary diet and avoid anything we aren't sure paleo man ate

    *Credit goes to Griff who came up with the original version which I tweaked a bit before giving it to my mother.


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      Thanks for your reply .
      Makes a load of sense.

      SUN 16/10/11

      A few sets of bench working up to 100k for a single

      5 rashers of bacon
      2 free range eggs

      pig in blanket
      1 roast spud

      1700 Slaughter
      step ups with 14k dumbells
      farmers walks with 25k dumbells
      1 arm row with 20k plate
      2k dumbell punches
      incline sit up with 6k med ball
      ground & pound
      all 1 min x 3 circuits

      bi curls
      front raises
      around the world
      tri extensions
      1 arm row
      front hold
      all 1 min x 3 sets

      Punching drills
      5x 1 min round
      5 x holding pad no rest

      db cross overs x 4 different weights
      db upper cuts
      db straight punches

      leg raises
      side bends
      heel touches
      incline sit ups
      sit ups
      3 circuits for 1 min straight through

      Its a hard session

      Recovery drink
      2 scoops protien powder
      100 grams mixed berries
      2 eggs
      150ml double cream.



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        MON 17/10/11

        Woke up this morning feeling tired already
        Decided i couldn`t be bothered to eat so just drank 2ltrs of mineral water through the morning.
        I work as a roof tiler & today we had to load the roof with the tiles.
        We have breaks at 10 & 1 .
        10 i put my feet up for 15 mins.
        1 i had
        125grms chicken
        microwave bag of veg
        bit of balsamic vinegar.

        t time i had
        5 rashers of bacon
        2 free range eggs
        150 grams of chicken
        4 brussel sprouts
        1 very small piece of brocoli
        cooked it in some coconut creme which wasn`t such a great idea.
        No exercise tonight as its food shopping day & a rest day


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          My BJJ instructor & myself (i`m the taller 1 )
          This pic was taken after a pretty hard no gi session


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            TUES 18/10/11

            150ml double cream
            100grms berries
            2 scoops pro
            2 eggs

            minced beef
            4 sprouts
            1 sml piece of brocoli

            Cooked the above with some added coconut creme & lets just say i dont think my
            body is ready for it yet lol.
            I`ll just drink some water tonight then start back as normal tomorrow morn


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              Suprisingly i made it through bjj last night & didn`t feel too bad.

              WED 19/10/11
              1 Suasage left over from last night

              Nothing but some water

              3 Sausages with a bit of tom sauce
              bag of crisps
              can of chery tango

              2 Sausages

              2 fried eggs
              4 turkey rashers (both fried in butter)

              I need to eat cleaner & be more consistant with my diet
              Did have a hard day at work tho
              BJJ training tonight so that`ll burn a bit more fat off hopefuly ?
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                Been trying to read as many journals as poss & am coming to the
                conclusion that there is no real `right` way to eat.
                As off next wk i`ll be trying to eat meat & veg for all meals except
                breki which i`ll be sticking to my breki shake.
                Dont know if what i`m doing now is helping or hindering me ?
                I`ll get it right in the end i hope ?


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                  I`ve added flaxseed capsules 1000mg & omega 3 1000mg caps to my
                  diet as well .I take them with my shake at breakfast.
                  Weighed myself today & i`m 84.2k which is roughly where i normally am.


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                    THURS 20/10/11

                    1hr No GI Grappling .
                    We drilled knee bars tonight then sparred them for 20 mins.

                    Went straight to the gym after no gi for a swift pressing sesh.
                    PUSH PRESS
                    20K X 5
                    30K X 5
                    40K X 5
                    50K X 3
                    60K X 3
                    70K X 2
                    80K X F
                    80K X 1 (just)

                    BW 6 REPS X 5 SETS

                    Pressing is still real poor but i want to get 100k overhead & soon

                    ZMA pre bed to help my sleep.


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                      FRI 21/10/11

                      BAR X 3
                      60K X 3
                      100K X 3
                      130K X 2
                      150K X 1
                      160K X 1 (nailed depth as well0
                      170K X 1 (not deep enough for me)
                      170K X 1 (better)

                      DEFECIT DEADS 4"
                      BAR X 5
                      60K X 5
                      100K X 5 REPS X 3 SETS

                      HILL SPRINTS

                      Hard little sesh , will be achey in the morning

                      Food has been shocking today as i`ve been so busy at work.
                      Had my breki shake then all i have had since is a scoop of black powder
                      before i trained & 2 packs of veg & a pack of ham for t.
                      Off rolling in a min. Bit of no gi or gi what ever is the general opinion.


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                        SAT 22/10/11

                        3 hrs sleep

                        75 mins rolling at bjj
                        Fairly much non stop at a pretty good pace.

                        Off to bed for a snooze now then off out for a meal for my wedding


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                          Re: the "right way" to eat, that's true. There is no one perfect diet that works for everyone. But the general rules--eating lots of whole animal and plant foods; avoiding grains, processed and industrial food, seed oils, and added sugar; and prioritizing the flesh of animals that were raised as closely as possible to their natural environments and inclinations--pretty much work for everyone. But within those rules there is a ton of variability in terms of how much starch, protein, fat you eat, how often and at what time you eat, how much, etc. Just make sure you are eating real food and shunning artificial food, and do what feels best for you, and you'll do great.
                          Today I will: Eat food, not poison. Plan for success, not settle for failure. Live my real life, not a virtual one. Move and grow, not sit and die.

                          My Primal Journal


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                            Thanks for the reply.
                            Yeah its finaly sinking in that there is no right/wrong way to eat.
                            I`m just so used to being told `do this` .
                            Starting my final prep for the british open bjj comp tomorrow.
                            I`m having 1 last night then its a 5 wk run up to the comp which will
                            include cleaning up my food & upping my cardio.
                            God willing it`ll all fall into place & i`ll be the best i can be on the mat.


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                              SUN 23/10/11

                              Had a lie in today after my night out last night.
                              Ate my way through a fairly large indian last night & few beers
                              Ended up shopping all afternoon for a light for the living room.Was so hungry
                              in the end i had to have a mcd`s.
                              5 oclock saw me off to the 1700 slaughter.Very low turn out tonight,just 2 of us.

                              15K DUMBELL STEP UPS
                              BENCH HAND ON JUMP OVERS
                              ELBOW MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS
                              2K DUMBELL PUNCHES
                              6K MED BALL SLAMS
                              STEP HOPS
                              6K DUMBELL CURLS
                              45 secs,30secs,10 secs. Straight through

                              45 SECS ALL OUT
                              10 SEC REST
                              30 SECS ALL OUT
                              5 SEC REST
                              20 SEC ALL OUT
                              EXERCISE BIKE
                              45 SECS ALL OUT
                              10 SEC REST
                              30 SECS ALL OUT
                              5 SECS REST
                              20 SECS ALL OUT

                              PUNCH OUT 1 MIN
                              10 SQUATS
                              PUNCH 1 MIN
                              10 PRESS UPS
                              PUNCH 1 MIN
                              10 SQUAT THRUSTS
                              PUNCH 1 MIN
                              10 BURPEES
                              PUNCH 1 MIN

                              BODY PAD PUNCHING
                              2 MIN ROUND HOOKS ONLY
                              1 MIN BAG
                              1 MIN BIG PUNCHES
                              1 MIN BAG
                              1 MIN HOOKS
                              1 MIN BAG

                              100 BIG PUNCHES

                              50 KICKS EACH LEG ON A KICK SHIELD

                              2 MINS ON THE PADS

                              20 PARTNER LEG PRESS
                              30 PARTNER LEG PRESS
                              40 PARTNER LEG PRESS
                              50 PARTNER LEG PRESS

                              NEAR DEATH

                              Found it real tough tonight .
                              Took under 60 mins to get through this lot.
                              I`m hoping this should keep my cardio improving ?
                              Time to put feet up & watch telly now
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