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  • 21 Day Transformation

    I've been doing this for a couple weeks though I am going to call this week the first week (Day 6) b/c last week went so poorly. My kitchen is pretty clean b/c my daughter and I are both dairy and gluten free. Though I do have butter sometimes. My husband doesn't eat this way so he still has his food... My daughter is 1.5, so she eats gluten free crackers and beans and rice sometimes. I haven't thrown all her food away. I make all the meals and do all the shopping though so I can always make dinner (and lunch and breakfast) primal.

    I had a breakdown emotionally--along w/ the flu last week. This is not like me. I'm not sure if the emotional freakout was just carb flu too? I felt like I might be pregnant...though I don't think that I am. It almost stopped me from continuing. This was just this past Thursday night. All is better now. and I feel good emotionally and mentally etc.

    The flu was a mean sore throat and sinus infection and achy -- not sure if that's the carb flu or if I was genuinely ill.

    B: 2 pcs bacon, Apple I had to eat on the run

    Exercise: Ashtanga Yoga Class (hadn't done that in years)

    L: Big Salad, 2 eggs, nuts

    S. Almond butter, coconut flakes, 5-6 nuts

    Dinner: Not great: Chicken burrito-no shell -- but I did have beans and rice -- could have picked around that.

    S: coconut milk (can), blueberry smoothie
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    Day 7

    Intuitive Meals
    Hardest Part: remembering to read this in the morning so I can do the intuitive meals. didn't re-read till bedtime. missed the BIG opportunity to eat intuitively. I'm VERY interested in trying this.
    Best Part: This is so kind. Listen to my body. Try not to berate yourself. Enjoy everything you eat. WOW. Novel idea!

    Grand Play outing
    Same deal: I took my daughter to the park. I did not run around. I made sure she was out twice today. Having trouble thinking up grand play ideas to do w/ a 1.5 year old.

    Daily Energy levels: 10
    Hunger between meals: B-L 0, L-Dinner 10
    Satisfaction w/ meals: B 10, L 6, D 4

    Struggles w/ primal meals: I didn't eat enough protein, i guess for lunch...though I ate a big salad w/ chicken and an egg. This made me a carb craving maniac this afternoon. I ate about 5 gluten free crackers. Then for dinner I ate two all beef no nitrate etc. hotdogs and some peas and butternut squash. I don't really like hotdogs and feel like I just succombed to being lazy and eating my daughter's food. I then ate a mini hershey candy bar -- leftover from halloween. I was very disappointed w/ myself.

    Benefits: I am way more awake and clear headed during the day!! I am less moody.

    Daily hi-lights: today was a beautiful fall day. I love being outside w/ my daughter.. I love the No Oats Oatmeal recipe I found. YUM!

    Daily needs to improve. I'd like to improve on my lunch and dinner so I feel more satisfied and less like continually grazing from noon till 8pm

    Week 1 success score: 8
    Diet Success score: 6
    Comments on diet challenges: I need to have on hand LUNCH protein OPTIONS! I have chicken breast in the freezer but I need to make it yummy. I'm already sick of chicken.

    Exercise success score: 0
    Comments on Exercise Challenges: I haven't made it a priority and therefore I feel like I don't have time. When would I do this!? I have to really look hard at my day to find time. I already to yoga for about 40' a day and I feel hard-pressed to incorporate anything else...though I know I need to do some more intense work.

    Lifestyle success score: 5-6
    Comments on Lifestyle challenges: to be honest I don't know what this means? was I less stressed...did I do less computer stuff before bed (as I type this in my bed...)... I guess I need to figure this out!

    Weekly highlights: I made salad I think, every day for lunch. I made breakfast AND dinner AND lunch Primal!!
    Needs to improve: I ate too many snacks. I did not do any primal exercise. I wasn't clear what lifestyle meant after reading the book and going through one week of the challenge

    Specific steps to address "needs to improve: 1) Eat more satisfying dinner and lunch 2) plan better lunches!!!! write things down, look up recipes etc. 3) plan when in the day I could do the exercise 4) I just looked up and cleared up what "Lifestyle" meant.

    Overall comments: READ THE DAYS CHALLENGE THE MORNING OF THAT DAY!! Doesn't help the night before. I don't remember!!! Then the day is gone!!!!! I miss the opportunity!!!


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      Day 8

      No Labels Challenge
      Hardest Part: Again, didn't read this in the am and totally forgot this part. ugh. but I don't do much w/
      B: 2 eggs scrambled in duck fat, pancakes made from butternut squash and almond butter, cantaloupe
      L: (NOT GOOD) Almond Butter and Blueberry Jelly on Gluten free bread (my daughter's lunch), Apple
      D: Sausages w/ onions and peppers, BAS
      S: Walnuts, Sips of Daughter's Almond milk

      Comments: skip the bread and almond milk
      I've been having a bad headache for a couple of days and I jump for some carbs or old favs to curb it...

      Sprint workout: Score: 10.5
      Location: right out my front door on the street
      Activity: Run
      Reps: 6 Duration/distance: varying but about 20-30"
      Comments: WOW!! That was so much fun I CANNOT believe I haven't done that in years!!! THANK YOU!!! HOW FUN WAS THAT! to really feel that speed again!!!!!

      Barefoot world:
      Total time spent barefoot or in minimalist footwear: 80% or more. I'm a stay at home mom w/ barefoot I'm either barefoot or wearing my minimalist shoes. though I wore some trail runners to the park early this morning w/ daughter b/c it was cold!

      Hardest part: I could go barefoot outside all the time (when it's not cold)...I just don't b/c I haven't figured out how to feel totally comfortable w/ other's comments...not proud of this

      Best part: I remember being barefoot about 90% of the summer when I was a kid. loved it! I love feeling that again!

      Summery: Energy: 6
      Hunger between meals: B-L 0, L-D 10. I'm still struggling w/ lunch to dinner. I'm starved and I feel starved right through dinner until I stop grazing...
      Satisfaction w/ meals: love B and L, hated Dinner. I hate sausage but knew it was a good option, was in the fridge and my husband loves it.
      Struggles today: I think I'm blowing the low carb things b/c I feel like crap I keep sneaking some in...and I don't sneak a lot and I can feel myself getting yucky or cloudy headed and I stop... this is an improvement...but ... I have actually gained about 5lbs so far. not happy w/ that. Can't sleep still!!! UGH!!

      benefits noticed: much less groggy mentally, more motivated to do things

      Daily highlights: SPRINTS!!

      Daily needs-to improve: recording total carbs


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        Day 8

        Track Macronutrients
        Protein: 118
        Carb: 111
        Fat: 92
        Total Cal: 1,582
        Areas to improve: I feel like I ate constantly today and overate. Stuffed
        Worst part of results: Too many carbs for the goal 50-80g
        Best Part: I didn't consume as many calories as it felt like.
        Comments: Did I write everything down?

        Ways I increased movement today:
        1. I did a lot of landscaping.
        2. I kept moving by just doing laundry, cleaning, cooking, staying on my feet all day -- All day! From about 6:30 till 8:30pm
        Hardest part: Exhausted, feet hurt
        Best part: got a lot done!
        Comments: I like breaking up sitting w/ moving. I need to break up standing w/ sitting....b/c I crushed myself today.

        Daily E Levels: 10 (until after dinner: 4)
        Hunger btw meal: 0, 4
        Satisfaction w/ meals: 8
        Struggles w/ Primal: Staying below 80g carbs
        Benefits of primal: moving more! Eating less junk than I used to
        Daily Highlights: Getting the landscaping done!! Getting good sunshine in the process!
        Daily needs to improve: must track more carefully and be more mindful of carbs!!!! if I want this to work
        No headache!!


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          Day 10

          Eating Environment
          Setting: Wednesdays are eat on the fly day. It wasn't good. I did sit to quickly eat two primal carrot muffins w/ my daughter this morning and some mango.
          Lunch was w/ my husband out.
          Pace: RUSHED!!! I REALLY NEED to work on the chewing before swallowing thing! I am so good at eating so fast so I can help Ella do her eating. She's 1.5. this mitigates a lot of mess. But it def puts me in the scarfing the food down category...
          Hardest Part: slowing down
          best part: this is a great reminder to slow down
          comments: need to work on the chewing thing too

          Primal WOW
          Success Score: 6 Location: Home
          Running distance: 80m
          Pushups: I didn't count but about 20 Squats: 100? Pullups: I can't do any so I did 10 modified Plank: I can do this a long time...but I didn't calculate: 3min? Advanced: I did one set of the advanced
          Comments: Loved it! it was fun and so NOT time consuming. My husband could do it too. We took turns watching our daughter and we could still eat dinner and get her to bed on time! WOW

          Other Exercise: I do Ashtanga yoga, primary series, everyday (40-50min)

          Email fast:
          This doesn't really apply to me. I check e-mail only twice a day already. I rarely reply. I actually need to do a better job. I like the reply w/ "yes, no, sorry or I'll have that to you by friday" thing... I need to actually reply to people... "help maintain positive working and social relationships."
          This has made me look at Facebook as well and I do the same. Only go 2x per day. 10min or less at a time. quick replies only where needed. This has greatly increased my productivity and time!

          Daily Energy: 4 (I was feeling exhausted all day) except right after workout
          Hunger between meals: 0
          Satisfaction w/ meals: 10
          Struggles w/ primal today: I ate Sundrops candy (they are the "natural version of m&m's peanut)...I ate a lot of them. I really felt like I fell off the wagon. This was after eating a GIANT lunch! Chicken w/ BAS. I was just so tired I think. Though I slept great last night?!
          Benefits noticed: my husband is working out too. he wants to know what I'm doing..eating/exercising etc. !!! I really like tracking my food intake on fitday. I don't feel like I have a clue if I don't hold myself accountable to what I'm eating. I just eat and eat and don't pay any attention. I can remember when I was younger "feeling" what I needed or didn't need to eat. I want to get back there!!

          Highlights: WOW I love the WOW workouts!!
          Daily needs to improve: no junk food, eat more slowly and mindfully, chew


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            "Speaking of tomorrow and the weekend, this Sunday I will have completed 21 days of the 21 day transformation ( I know I have to do a better job counting carbs so I can see where I am with that. I am feeling better, stronger, more energy, more awake and less foggy thinking etc. I’d like to continue forward w/ this. That would include eating more local meats, eggs, dairy. Eating more veggies. Keeping track of my goals on! Doing strength exercises a couple times a week and a sprint exercise once a week. Plus a couple longer aerobic fun activities. Also, just being less rigid about everything. Being kinder to myself. Relaxing. Having fun. Being more flexible.

            What this really means is trusting. Trusting the food will be there when I need it. The time to workout will be there when I need it. Trusting I will feel motivated. I can take a rest day if I feel like it – it doesn’t mean I won’t exercise again for months. Trusting, sometimes I miss a meal, sometimes I eat too much, it all works out in the end. Trusting myself. I’m not sure where I lost that trust and started trying trying. I know I can get there. It feels like climbing on the back of an alligator and rolling down the river w/ him. I have to trust he won’t drown me, eat me or leave me stranded. Instead, just go with the flow. It’s about trusting bigger things too–life, others, the inner voice, God, etc. I honestly know I can trust a lot of these things. My life has been pretty wonderful so far. Again, I’m not really sure where I lost the trust but I feel myself relaxing. Exhaling, letting go. Ahhhhhh It’s ok. It’s ok. It’s ok. I’m ok. I made it. It’s ok.

            I feel like I’m in a scene in Good Will Hunting.

            Ta ta!"

            I keep a journal about doing daily yoga on my blog at My Daily Yoga Practice. In the interest of time tonight (and in light of the fact I have been doing a bad job here journaling), I thought I'd repost part of what I wrote there tonight...since it's all about the 21 Day Transformation. Night night.


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              Ok I moved over to success story in the making! I have done the 21 day transformation twice. Now and the. Have been goin on my own for three weeks. No weight lost but far fitter/stronger! I sleep better and I'm not at al. As tired during the day. Sorry typing on phone! Not hitting the 50-100g of carbs! Really struggling w that!!!


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