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    Back on track.

    Successfully followed a modified primal diet for about 5 weeks, then Halloween happened, complete with hosted party that took 3 days to prepare food for. Then family decided to visit for a week afterward, unannounced. Not making excuses, simply setting the stage for future comparison should I find myself facing a slip up again. Life has since returned to normal for the past few days and yet I've found myself really struggling to get back on the proverbial wagon of primal eating. Surprising, but then again, I did consume wheat and grains a plenty for nearly 2 weeks, what could I expect?

    Yesterday was my first successful day on the downside of Halloween. Today will be the 2nd, tomorrow, the third. So on and so forth. I felt SO much better after about 3 weeks of eating primal. I lost maybe 6 lbs in the 5 weeks, which admittedly was disappointing, but it caused me to do some serious soul searching as to why I care so much what a # on a scale says. I avoided weighing purposely to keep things in perspective, until a visit to the doctor gave me the measuring stick I used to beat myself up with.

    Nonetheless, I'd already lost inches off my waist and was feeling (and looking) thinner. So, reevaluating what constitutes 'success' with this WOE also. I had never felt better with any other way of eating, yet I felt as though I must lose # for it to 'count'? I'm not that foolish. Back to primal eating it is. I'd like to get a good week of routine back under my belt before I start (again) on ditching splenda. I've got liquid splenda but it seems to take quite a bit to sweeten, and then ends up bitter. Will work on this. I know from the past experience that my taste buds will change and saying goodbye to sweeteners will get easier.

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    I've learned something: if I eat processed food, it makes me want more of it. I know the stuff isn't good for me, and I feel the consequences of ingesting it, yet get a little bit on the tongue and bam, I crave it all over again. There's no 'cheat day' or 'all things in moderation' clause here for me, not without retreating back to 'induction flu' and heavy cravings for a few days. So far the symptoms of eating wheat hasn't been as bad as that very first 3 week period, but I hate them just the same.

    So, I have this (obvious) epiphany a week shy of Thanksgiving. Sigh.

    Yesterday I got up 30 min early and fixed a Big Ass Breakfast: eggs, cheese, bacon. Had 2 cups of coffee with heavy whipping cream instead of the usual 1. Delicious, not as hard to do as I thought (getting up and cooking in a dark house), but I couldn't eat all of it. WTF? I LOVE a giant breakfast on weekends, but I don't get up at 5:15am then either. Stomach hurt, felt nauseous, just couldn't choke it all down. Ate 29g protein, saved the rest for lunch.

    Went to the hockey game last night and was out late so I did not get up for breakfast today. Threw off my eating/sleeping schedule, but it was great fun. However, cream in my coffee before leaving for work this morning and stomach discomfort. So it makes me wonder, is there a dairy issue here? Please say no. I thought I was fine with cheese, but now I'm wondering if maybe the cream and cheese in yesterday's breakfast wasn't part of the reason I couldn't eat near 50g protein. I love cheese, everything's better with cheese. I've never had a great friendship with milk, but cream is like nectar of the gods. Will have to test this with coconut milk for the next few days and see what happens.

    Really wanting this WOE. Going to get the sleep apnea issue back on track by the end of the year, hopefully.


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      Er, um, hmmm, here I am again as I sheepishly peek into the forum. I've been here a time or two in the last 6 weeks, but not as much as previously. I've had a few sporadic days of primal eating, but the addition of a part-time job and the holidays blew all my hard work out of the water like a giant wheat bomb. Alas, I know more now than before. Things on the back burner are better than in the trash, I say.

      Now that the excuses are out of the way, I'm ready to get started again. And I have what I think is a new motivator to propel me in the right direction. I started supplementing with iodine about a month ago in an effort to help with thyroid symptoms. Within days, I started having issues with my scalp - rash like. Lovely to discuss this sort of thing here, but this is my diary so why not. Nonetheless, I didn't put the two together because who the heck is allergic to iodine?? I blamed it on shampoo, even though nothing has changed in my routine. The doctor looked very stumped, gave me an antibiotic (which I refuse to take), a cream (which does nothing), and suggested a dermatologist. Sigh. Good ole Google, however, turned up some interesting info on dermatitis herpetiformis (DH) and iodine...except that the reaction only occurs in celiacs who consume wheat. As long as they don't consume wheat, iodine supplements are no problem. But if they ingest wheat, bam, a breakout occurs.

      I've not been diagnosed with Celiac disease. The blood test showed nothing, and I didn't elect for a biopsy nor did my doctor want to schedule one. During this time, the dr. gave me pills for IBS and suggested I remove wheat. I did so successfully for a couple of weeks and my IBS went away. It's what led me Dr. William Davis's blog and the world of low-carb, paleo, and wheat-free. But then I got cocky, life got hectic, and I began eating grains again. The symptoms did not come back, thankfully. I stayed on a regular regimen of probiotics for many months. But in the back of my mind, I've wondered whether I truly have a wheat allergy.

      Now I realize that most of us probably do - that the stuff isn't something we should be eating. That is can wreak havoc in many ways, and that those without problems now are gambling that they won't have bigger problems later. I see these symptoms, I know how much better I feel without grains in my diet, yet like an insane idiot, I sit here on the edge of denial refusing to see what is pretty clear: I shouldn't be eating wheat. I don't want an official diagnosis, but then again, I do. This latest 'motivator' has really been an issue though - causing intense itching and patches that show around my hairline which are difficult to hide. It's cropped up to behind my knees also. WTF.

      So today is the first day of being wheat-free in 2012. It's my fresh start. If wheat is causing me to break out in hives, then so be it. What would make my body suddenly do this after not doing it for so long? I have no idea. But it sucks. I still feel like I can't tell people that I won't eat their cake/pie/breaded steak because I'm celiac unless a doctor has told me that. Silly, I know. Since when did I need a doctor to tell me something? And since when did I listen if they did? Ah, Denial, hello, old friend.

      Switched to a different part-time job so instead of 70 hrs a week, it will be more like 50-55. Hoping that will be easier to prep food. Convenience has been my downfall, time and again.

      That, and, well, pecan pie.
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        Yeah. I've found that it's actually easier to be more strict than to allow the occasional indulgence. A battle against cravings I really would rather not deal with ensues for psychological and biological reasons.
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          Agreed. I don't do well with cheat days (or cheat months, as it were). And we are not alone in this!


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            This cold is kicking my BUTT.

            Before work: instant coffee w/cream, chicken broth

            Brunch?: 3 scrambled eggs (w/zucchini, spinach, and cheese), 5 slices bacon, and 5 oopsie-sized cream cheese muffins.

            Dinner: egg nog, maybe, or more eggs.

            Guzzling O.J. like mad though and taking Nyquil tablets.


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              Breakfast: coffee w/cream & splenda (I know, I know, taking it a step at a time)

              Lunch: pot roast w/carrots and lots of broth. 5 Cream cheese muffins also (cream cheese, eggs, vanilla)

              Dinner: pork sausage, sauteed spinach and red/green peppers

              Going to cook extra so I'll have leftovers for the week either tonight or tomorrow. Cold is gone and now just the hanging-on cough. Starting to feel better too (is this a wee bit more energy?) almost a week after cutting the grain out. DH is not really any better, but research tells me it make take awhile for the antibodies to leave the skin.


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                Three weeks of modified primal and wheat-free. Still trying to kick sweeteners. VERY hard, harder than I thought. I expect my taste buds will change though as I've started using less and less and am getting by just fine. Questioning whether it's better to sweeten using honey instead of a splenda-like sweetener...I finally made some coconut/chocolate bark that is heavenly. Finished the last of it this morning and it got me through some chocolate cravings. LOVE the stuff and will definitely make it again when the cravings hit.

                My son's birthday came and went and I did not have any birthday cake. I wasn't even tempted. It wasn't hard to avoid. The warm, buttered rolls at lunch were much harder to turn down! They looked delicious, and they spoke to me, seducing me with their loveliness. Ha. But I reminded myself that they are full of poison that will hurt me in so many ways, and I just pressed on with the delicious grilled fish. Take that, wheat, you little minx.

                Feeling better physically, but not super energetic or anything. The weather and situational things have got me down - January blahs maybe - and it makes me want to sleep more. I feel better than I would have had I been consuming wheat and junk food, although I don't feel like I could run miles and lift cars and all the things that I'd like to feel. Does any 40-something feel that way, paleo/primal or not??

                Struggling to schedule time for regular grocery shopping and meal prep, although the meal prep has gotten easier. I try to cook one thing to eat for dinner with enough leftovers for the next day's breakfast, and then also cook something else while that's going to take for lunch. But my recipes are getting stale and I'm getting tired of eggs...need something else. Feeling a little overwhelmed with the need to cook everything. I need to come up with some quick and easy meal ideas that I can throw together.


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                  Honey would be better than an artificial sweetener. They both elicit the same response in your body, so might as well do it naturally


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                    Thanks, unsuperb. I am trying to lose 50 lbs so I'm battling with the decision of what is best - insulin spikes from sugar or fake sugar. Neither is good, I know, and some say fake sugar causes a spike in blood glucose just the same. I haven't got a blood glucose monitor to test either. I like the idea of natural, hate the idea of fake, but also hate the idea of so much weight to lose...


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                      Third morning I've felt depressed in the morning and then gradually lightened up as the day went on. These short, dark days aren't helping. I long for spring.

                      Tried a modified one-minute muffin concoction last night using flaxseed was ok. Debated on the fake sugar or honey thing again, fake won. Felt pretty lame about it too. I was still hungry but had to leave for 2nd job so took sliced ham and layered it in a bowl with cheddar cheese, nuking the whole thing for a few min. in the microwave. Pulled it out, cut the whole thing up with a knife and devoured it - very good, quick, and protein-y. I bought frozen shrimp at the grocery and will try adding that to a veggie when I'm in a pinch.

                      I've been reading tons on the Leptin Reset thread - so confused. I've read so much at this point about so many people that I can't remember who said what or who is taking what for which. It's mind-boggling. I'd love a step-by-step thread, or a flowchart, something a little easier to follow. I'm sure I'm leptin resistant, no question, but where do I start? What's the point of starting if I cannot get to bed before 11pm 3-5 nights a week? Are there any benefits at all?

                      Also been researching iodine again and started supplementing again. One particular Dr. (Bowenstein?) talked about detoxification when taking iodine, and one of those symptoms is skin rash. Bromide leaving the skin and such. Wondering if that's what was going on with me. Surely not. I wish I could find someone with the same issue to pick their brain.


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                        Three and a half weeks of this and feeling much better than before. Supplementing with iodine again, more gradually, and that's working out much better too. Been using salt flushes here and there to help with the bromaderma symptoms - brilliant solution and almost invigorating the way I feel afterward. Wide AWAKE. Weird to get that from salt. Nonetheless, not seeing any difference in body size or waist, which is discouraging a little bit. I tell myself I will see changes as my metabolism heals, I WILL. But not seeing any signs at all right now. It is really nice, however, to eat real food and feel like a satiated, regular human being. No counting shit, just eating good food, and feeling good while doing it.
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                          Originally posted by Clabbergirl View Post
                          Thanks, unsuperb. I am trying to lose 50 lbs so I'm battling with the decision of what is best - insulin spikes from sugar or fake sugar. Neither is good, I know, and some say fake sugar causes a spike in blood glucose just the same. I haven't got a blood glucose monitor to test either. I like the idea of natural, hate the idea of fake, but also hate the idea of so much weight to lose...
                          What about Birch Tree sugar? Has no insulin response, good for your teeth and mouth and doesn't have that aftertaste. It has about the same sweetness as regular sugar. AFAIK it's the same kind of sugar that our body naturally makes when it metabolizes carbs ... or something. YEAH


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                            I have not heard of this, let alone as a sweetener. I'll check into it. Thanks.


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                              Four weeks in and I have notched my belt tighter by one bit. I *think* I can see a little bit of a difference around my waist when I stand sideways in the mirror, but not sure if that's wishful thinking or not. My friends remarked I look like I'd lost weight a few days ago, but they haven't seen me in months and I was wearing a coat. I don't bother with scales anymore so who knows. But I do feel better, although not terrific 100% of the time. Right now trying to get past migraines/sinus issues. WTF. Asked my ENT if this was going to be my life in the forever future...he said maybe as long as I live in this part of the world. That SUCKS. I also refuse to believe there's nothing I can do, and he's not the kind of doctor who usually says that sort of thing. Maybe it was an off day for him too.

                              But still managing to stay away from grains and keep the carb count low. This way of eating is so liberating after years of carb and calorie counting. I had a lb of bacon this morning and it was heavenly. HEAVENLY.