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    One week in... I started the week at 195.5 lbs, and today weighed in at 192.5, so 3 lbs down. It's a decent start.

    Good: I always took nuts and dried fruit with me, planned a menu ahead of time and cooked enough each dinner to provide for lunches the next day. I got in the habit of setting up the coffeepot the night before and always had breakfast casserole ready. Neither of us needed to stop for food at any point.

    Not so good: I went overboard on dairy, did not exercise, and didn't get nearly enough sleep. Most of the week I got ~5hrs. Some of the sleep issue I can correct by being more efficient with my time, some is due to the baby.

    10:00am - coffee and milk, bacon and eggs
    3pm - hardboiled eggs, turkey, cheese, pecans
    8pm - Dinner out - California Pizza Kitchen (yeah, I know, but we had gift certificates and decided to call it a treat night) - Avocado egg rolls, fish tacos, butter cake

    Rode today - good long hack, lots of trot and canter

    11:00am - coffee and milk, bacon, eggs baked in tomatoes
    3pm - Went out for Thai - lumpia, hot basil pork (no rice), clear soup
    7pm - Sauteed spinach and shrimp

    Riding lesson today, W/T/C and jump. Could really feel it in my muscles when I got home.

    1/9 - 192 lbs
    6:30am - coffee and milk, breakfast casserole with salsa
    11:30am - 2 cheeseburgers (no buns), milk
    4pm - turkey and cheese
    6pm - Totally amazing salad - pecan crusted chicken, diced pears, fig balsamic vinaigrette and Wensleydale with cranberries, all over greens

    In class all day today, then in front of the computer working on papers for 2 classes all evening
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      6:30am - coffee and milk, breakfast casserole with salsa
      11:30am - more Totally Amazing Salad
      2:30pm - turkey, pepperoni
      7:00pm - Spaghetti squash with meatballs
      9:30pm - coffee and milk

      Rode today - not a great ride, but I had to work hard. I really needed that, since I'll be again in front of the comp all evening working on a paper.

      Stayed up waaaaaay too late working on a paper
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        6:30am - breakfast casserole with salsa, coffee with milk
        11am - dried fruit and nuts
        12:00pm - leftover spaghetti squash and meatballs
        1pm - bottled frappuccino (yeah, bad choice, but I was in desperate need of something to keep me awake in class)
        6pm - white chicken chili

        Barn time canceled due to rain


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          I suck at keeping up with journals! Fortunately I've been keeping up pretty well with Primal eating and the other things I wanted to focus on. I'm down to 187lbs this AM. Not much lost, but I feel a lot better, and I can see a difference in the mirror. My face isn't puffy and my stomach is flatter. The weather has been warming up a lot so I've been spending more time outside. Riding horses, taking the baby to the park or for walks around the block, getting my garden ready. I got some Fivefingers and have been wearing them on walks and when outside. My poor crunched-up little toes are starting to look less crunched-up. The first few days actually hurt.

          I've been getting a lot more sleep, which has been a huge help. I finally just reset my bedtime to 9pm. Now, I go to bed at 9, get woken up by the kiddo about 3am to nurse, then fall back asleep until 5:15. I get 6 uninterrupted hours of sleep plus a couple extra and I don't hesitate to take a short nap in the evening if I need to. I've also been doing a much better job of prepping lunches and breakfast the night before, so my mornings can be relaxed and I don't just go buy lunch. Hospital cafeterias are not the healthiest places to buy food.


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            Down to 185.5 lbs this AM, after trying to eat well over the past couple weeks. It hasn't been easy with my schedule, and there's a possibility that I had Chik-fil-A yesterday, but overall I'm doing well. I realized that while I'm almost exclusively eating ok foods, I'm just eating too much of them, and I'm not active enough. I'm feeling good, and I'm not gaining weight, but I need to stop snacking so much, even if those snacks are "good." I alternate days spent sitting in class for 5 hrs with days spent in the hospital, on my feet, for 10 hrs. The hospital days are great from moving slow and lifting heavy objects perspective. I decided to add back in my beloved workout videos. I just am not at the point, motivationally, that I can do a home workout. I need someone, even a video, telling me what to do and exhorting me to keep going. I'm in such awful shape right now that anything is better than what I'm doing.

            So, for today...
            Breakfast: coffee with whole milk, scrambled eggs, sausage
            Lunch: Had to get something in the cafeteria - I got an italian chicken sandwich and ditched the bread. Grilled chicken, sliced tomato, basil, provolone, and added a small salad.
            Snack: raw milk cheddar
            Dinner: Chicken in an italian sauce with tomatoes, peppers, and olives, with roasted cauliflower.
            8 oz beer - amazing stuff we get in growlers from a local brewery. I've mostly given up on alcohol, but this stuff is worth it.

            12 min workout video - and even that little bit had me puffing and left me tired. Baby steps, baby steps...


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              185.5 again today. The baby slept all night! Well, until about 5:30, but that's my usual wakeup time anyway. I feel so refreshed, and I realized I probably haven't slept 8 hours at a stretch since sometime in the 2nd trimester.

              Breakfast: coffee with whole milk, scrambled eggs, bacon
              Lunch: quick stir fry with sea spaghetti on the side

              Barn time this afternoon!
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                While I suck at updating the journal, we've actually been staying on track with food! So yay for that, and it's time to add in exercise. I'm setting myself a challenge to do something active every day. Yesterday I went riding, then came home and worked on the garden. Today - we'll see!


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                  I've been keeping up pretty well with staying active. Husband and I have been biking with the little one in a trailer, now that he's finally big enough. I make it to the barn 2-4 days each week, and I've been doing exercise videos on days that I can't get out of the house, even if it's just 10-15min.

                  My vegetable crate arrived today - butter lettuce, green onions, kale, cauliflower, tomatoes, bell peppers, broccoli, apples, cucumbers, snow peas, strawberries, raw honey, milk, and handmade smoked mozzarella. I need to do some menu planning and hit up the butcher for meat and the grocery store for a few things to fill it out.

                  Breakfast - Coffee with milk, kale sauteed in butter, 3 eggs, slice of smoked mozzarella.
                  Lunch - Leftover coconut chicken curry with cauliflower rice
                  Snack - Latte (whole milk, no sugar or flavoring)
                  Dinner - Tarragon Chicken with mushrooms & greens, broccoli

                  Exercise - Barn time! Rode ~20min, W/T/C
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                    Breakfast - sauteed kale, 2 eggs, slice of smoked mozzarella, chicken-apple sausage, coffee and milk
                    Lunch - salad topped with lemon thyme chicken
                    Snack - piece of dark chocolate
                    Dinner - salad topped with chicken, bacon, and smoked mozzarella

                    Exercise - 30 min walk
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                      Breakfast - bacon, kale/scrambled eggs/onion/smoked mozzarella, coffee with milk
                      Lunch - Burger with avocado, lettuce, tomato, onion
                      Dinner - Broiled salmon and leeks, sauteed zucchini
                      Snacks - strawberries, carrot, dark chocolate

                      Exercise -Bike ride, ~15 min. The wee one can't handle being in a helmet for a long time yet, so our rides are short treks around the neighborhood.
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                        Breakfast - Coffee and milk (woke up too late to cook breakfast)
                        Lunch - Mexican restaurant - Chicken fajita salad
                        Dinner - Salsa chicken over salad
                        Snacks - Dark chocolate

                        Exercise - Riding lesson canceled due to thunderstorms. Need to dig out a video workout.

                        I've started using "Lose It!" to track what I'm eating and give me a realistic view of how my meals play out. For some reason, knowing that I'll have to input everything I eat makes me pay more attention. I also love that I can use it on my phone, so I don't have to wait until I get home to put it in.
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                          Found out yesterday that I'm pregnant! Slightly earlier than expected - last month we stopped actively avoiding, but hadn't started actively trying - and there ya go. I shouldn't be too surprised. I carried my son to term with an IUD in, so I doubt I have any fertility problems. I'm only 5 weeks in, so we're not getting too excited yet. We'll consider it real around 8-10 weeks. This is definitely making me more determined to eat well and keep exercising though!

                          Breakfast - Coffee and milk, chicken and apple sausage, 2 eggs, kale, salsa
                          Lunch -
                          Dinner -

                          Exercise -