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    ...I have just punched my food for today (and honestly, wont stray drastically from pretty much what I eat everyday!)

    Total Calories - 2030
    Fats - 92.8g
    Carbs - 70.1
    Protein - 235.4g (this seems really huge although I didn't have much protein yesterday so I guess it balances out?)

    Calroies burnt in Bikram - roughly 600-700

    I'm quite surpised to see how high the carb count is without breads & grains. My morning coffee + pistachios really accounted for most of my carbs. I will cut my coffee down to a small size to maximise the benefits.

    According to PB I'm within the 'sweet spot' for weightloss. It's really reassuring to know I'm on the right track!

    I'm not really following the exercise aspect of PB. I do Bikram Yoga most days and long slow bike rides on the weekends (usually both days) I'm enjoying not doing chronic cardio for once in my life and my body, joints and mindset are loving me for it! I think my plan will be to get the eating settled, comfortable and effortless and then introduce the weight bearing/sprinting aspects very slowly.

    In the meantime, I'm completely geared up and excited for the second last Bikram class of the 10 day challenge!!


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      I'm not sure if it's because we're close to the end of the year or if it's 9 days straight of Bikram Yoga but I am compltely exhausted today. Completely exhausted with just a hint of a headache.

      Experiment - Drink 3 bottles of water before lunch to see how I feel after I'm completely hydrated.

      Also - my boss gave me cookies for Christmas. I am going to do everything in my power not to eat them and give them to my boy as a little present


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        Day 10 of Bikram Yoga...I feel like it was a really massive achievement for me. Not necessarily physical but mental. It was a real mental challenge to get there everyday, eat dinner late and stare at myself in the mirror doing unflattering postures. I did it! I feel a bit sense of achievement

        Yesterday's food
        Breakfast - Coffee
        Lunch - Goat cheese/beetroot + rocket tart + salad
        Dinner - Taco salad (all the taco ingredients, just without the corn shells or wraps)

        This morning I'm going to be easy on myself

        Breakfast - The best granola in the world - 1/2 serving with blueberries and full fat yoghurt + green tea (no coffee today!)


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          2012 - I'm back on the Primal route after what was a predictably indulgent Christmas. I felt I finished the year off really strong with food + exercise so I'm looking to get back to where I was in the above posts.

          To start the year off focused, relaxed and energised I'm starting a 20 day Bikram Yoga challenge tomorrow.

          Food for the day
          Breakfast - Cup of tea with small dash of milk + 1 sugar...oh, and a very un-primal brownie! A little 'back to work' treat
          Lunch - Big Ass Salad with some kind of protein - probably chicken!
          Dinner - Salmon and BBQ vegies (eggplant, zucchini, tomato & mushroom)

          Exercise - a bike ride or walk on the beach, nothing too crazy before the challenge starts

          This year one of my resolutions is to get down to 55kg (currently 61kg)


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            I just had a piece of toast with peanut butter...dang! I think I'm too caught up in having 'treats' because of the Bikram Challenge that starts today. Honestly, my stomach is hating me right now!

            Day 1 - Challenge

            Breakfast - small coffee + 1 piece toast with peanut butter
            1 x mug of green tea.
            Lunch - Leafy greens + tomato + + cucumber + canned tuna
            Before yoga - 1/2 cup of mixed berries
            Dinner - Taco salad (ground beef, lettuce, tomato, avocado, cheese)


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              I was feeling a bit annoyed I ate toast this morning so put today's food through Fitday!

              Calories - 978
              Fat - 51.6
              Carbs - 41.7
              Protein - 86.9

              From a numbers perpective today looks like a great day for weight loss


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                I just watched Fat Head - wow, it really was succinct in explaining why eating primally is really the best for me. Particularly the below (which I will think about should I want to reach for another piece of toast!)

                Insulin spikes from carbohydrates & sugar, Insulin is the hormone that determines whether you store fat.

                After yesterday's terrible breakfast I started the day off really well. I'm not hungry at all either which is nice - usually I'm dying for lunch!

                Breakfast - 3 x eggs with heavy cream (scrambled) + half cup berries with heavy cream.

                So far we're working with
                Total Calories - 356

                Fat - 27.3
                Protein - 20.9
                Carbs - 7.9

                I'm not sure what lunch or dinner will look like just yet but will post the #'s tomorrow!


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                  Lunch of chicken + leafy greens + Bocconcini + Green Tea + 2 x squares 85% dark chocolate.

                  Here's what we're looking at for the day...

                  Total Calories - 946

                  Fat - 60g
                  Carbs - 25g
                  Protein - 78.2g

                  Looking like another good food day (although carbs are really low...could probably afford a few nuts but there's none here!) - woo! We're going to the pub for dinner tonight so I'm thinking a nice juicy steak and veggies will set off a good eating day. Unfortunately no Bikram today - planning to do a double on Saturday to make up for missing today...


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                    I ate more food yesterday than I'm used to eating and for the first time in a LONG time cleaned up absolutely everything on my plate at dinner with absolute rigour...perhaps I'm becoming more like a cave-lady every day

                    Don't you hate when you ask for your dinner 'without chips' and they throw them on your plate anyway? I'm pretty sure I could see the fat chef sniggering from the kitchen! I know you have a choice about what you eat but I'd honestly eaten them before I know I had...I was THAT ravenous!

                    Dinner was steak + Chips + Soda water + Salad

                    Total numbers for yesterday...

                    Total Calories - 1625

                    Fats - 99g
                    Carbs - 45g
                    Protein - 136.2g

                    It's more calories than the past couple of days but obviously my body needed it (given I gobbled up more food than normal!). I'm not happy with the chip consumption but mainly for the oils, not the potato. I can definitely fit the chips in my 20% for the week.


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                      I feel fantastic this morning - I think it must have been from what I ate yesterday. My little nephew was born yesterday so I couldn't make it to yoga instructor just emailed to tell me that I can do a double session on Saturday to make up for it...It's going to be ass hard but I'm quite excited about the challenge of it (I've wanted to do it before but was a bit I can't wimp out!)

                      Food for the day...

                      Breakfast - 1/2 cup of mixed berries + Full fat cream. 8oz full cream coffee.
                      Lunch - 1/4 chicken + leafy greens + bocconcini + tomato + green tea + 2 squares dark chocolate

                      I have been finding it really useful to track my breakfast and lunch to see how I'm going and will usually determine what to eat for dinner to get to where I need to be. I wont do this forever but it's really helping me understand what food combinations work and what might tip me over the edge.

            's the numbers broken down for breakfast & lunch.

                      Total Calories - 788
                      Fats - 43g
                      Carbs - 34.4g
                      Proteins - 67g

                      I've got Bikram Yoga tonight and so with a dinner of meat + veg or salad I should be having another great day eating primal...small victories = big victories!


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                        I said in an earlier Journal entry that I wanted to get the food going strong before I go primal with the exercise (...will continue with my Bikram & slow bikeriding habit until then)

                        Here's my primal resolution;

                        January - Get the eating under control and in the weight loss sweet spot for most days (not going to beat myself up if I'm not 100%) + Complete the 20 day Bikram Yoga Challenge.

                        February - Start with the heavy lifting aspect of primal

                        March or April - Start with the sprinting 'once in a while' (aiming for March but could be April depending on how my messed up knees respond to the heavy lifting...sprinting generally = dislocated knees so I have to make sure my knees are strong enough first!

                        May - Add a little cardio - beach running!


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                          I felt like I had a really great week last week and am very happy to report that I was 95% Paleo on the weekend (first time in, well...probably ever! a Can of Coke as a little treat last night) The only disapointment was that I was meant to do a Bikram double on Saturday...unfortunately I just couldn't do it and I completely crashed out for a nap in the afternoon (very unlike me). I can feel my body fighting some kind of a cold/flu/throat infection so I'm planning to look after myself and hope I can do the double next Saturday

                          My goal this week is to drink more water - at least 1 litre per day while I'm sitting at my desk.

                          Breakfast - 2 x eggs + heavy cream + smoked salmon

                          Total calories - 235
                          Carbs - 2.1
                          Fats - 17.6
                          Protein - 17.0

                          Lunch - 1/4 chicken + leafy greens + bocconcini + tomato + green tea + 2 squares dark chocolate

                          Total Calories - 511
                          Fats - 32.4
                          Carbs - 15.0
                          Proteins - 40.8

                          I'm not sure what's happening for dinner yet but it will likely be meat + BBQ vegies following day 6 of the challenge!

                          Total Calories - 746
                          Fats - 50g
                          Carbs - 17.1
                          Proteins - 57.8


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                            I've decided what I'm having for dinner tonight so I plugged my daily intake into's my numbers for the day.

                            Dinner - BBQ Vegies (trying to fight off the cold and no time to pick up protein before Bikram!)

                            Mushrooms + Capsicum + Eggplant + Zucchini + Tomato + 2 squares super dark chocolate

                            Total Calories - 895
                            Fat - 58.3
                            Carbs - 40.1
                            Protein - 58.3

                            Exercise - Bikram Yoga (Day 6 of the 20 day challenge)


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                              I just did a few 'googles' and calculations and discovered I need about 1500 calrories to lose the weight I want to...seems I'm going pretty well so far, it's now all about consistency!


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                                Feeling RUBBISH today, I think I've skipped the begining stages of the cold and it's heading straight to my chest - great to have missed the start and hoping Bikram will sweat out the rest with a few more sessions - remaining optimistic

                                I couldn't have dinner after a tough Bikram class last night so I indulged in a little IF - this means though my calories for yesterday was only 746, half of where I need to be to lose weight. I think I should be eating a little more but I don't really feel like eating at the moment!

                                Breakfast this morning - 1/2 cup Berries + full fat cream + 80z full fat coffee