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  • xxHuggieBearxx gives up french fries

    Ok just a wee journal to track my attempt to follow the primal way of living. We shall see if 1) I can follow it successfully and 2) if I actually lose some weight.

    First, some quick stats about me:

    Age: 38
    Gender: Male
    Weight: 194 Pounds
    Height: 5'11"
    BMI: 27.1

    Currently, I am technically overwieight and have been for about, oh, three years. I need to lose exactly 15 pounds to pierce the technical "standard weight" threshold at 179 pounds. But, I know my real appropriate weight is more like 160-165 pounds, so I am probably hustling around a full extra 30 pounds of fat.

    Here's the thing - I have tried pretty much everything over the last three years to lose the weight with very little success. I am down about 10 pounds from my all time high through basic calorie counting using an online food diary, but it's just not getting the job done (actually, I'm not getting the job done). I was also an executive at one of the leading commercial weightloss companies and had discounted access to their weightloss solution, on which I also failed and didn't lose more than 10 pounds.

    I will define success on this diet as reaching that 179 pound mark by end of January 2012. That gives a little over two months which should be more than enough time

    While my current situation isn't bad by most peoples standards, I know I am sliding inexorably toward a fat and miserable later life. At this rate, by the time I am 50, I will be fighting technical obesity rather than just being technically overweight, and I will be suffering the attendant health problems.

    So, let's hope this marks the beginning of a life long journey that will lead to a fuller, healthier life not filled with "stuffed" regret.

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    Progress update:

    It has been a full 8 days since I began going primal, plus a few partial days before that. Of the 8 days, I have been pretty pure primal on 7 of them. On the 8th day I went full AWOL and had a pizza.

    Of the 7 days where i was pretty good, I did cheat a bit. Main cheats consisted of barbecue sauce, diet soda once or twice, a little fake sweetner in my coffee, maybe a couple of other odds and ends. But, on those 7 days I did not eat any rice, wheat, bread, pasta, potato nor any other complex carb.

    All in all, I have felt pretty good during this period (except i had a bad cold a few of the days). The main thing I notice thus far is I am never ending up "stuffed", which is such a nice feeling. I hate being stuffed, and no matter how hard i tried before, i always ended up stuffed after a meal at a restaurant. Not so with this approach.

    I have not had a scale during this period. I will return to my home in 3 days and will have access to a scale. So I will weigh in after 10 days of pretty good adherence, and will post a weight loss update.

    During this 7 day period, I have been way low on calories some days and clearly high on a few of them. I can't tell if I'm losing weight. If i had to guess, i might have lost a pound or two. We'll see.

    I have not worked out at all because of a few reasons which will be rectified over the coming weeks. In any case, I am giving the process to the end of January and will reevaluate based on how i feel and how the weight loss progress is.

    Meanwhile, I just ate a can of sardines right out of the effin tin, no condiments. Shit just got real.


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      Originally posted by xxHuggieBearxx View Post
      Meanwhile, I just ate a can of sardines right out of the effin tin, no condiments. Shit just got real.

      I have yet to get that awesome!
      "There is a cruelty in life which we must accept with stoicism as the inevitable." -Mizora


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        It was somewhere between semi-enjoyable and catfood-ish. The intersection of those two is a scary place to be


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          Finally got home where I could weigh in. This is the first test/validation of the primal approach to eating.

          So, after 10 days of primal (9 where i followed it and 1 where i didn't) I weighed in at 189 pounds. This is a 5 pound weight loss in 10 days.

          This is significant because i have not weighed in below 190 pounds in almost 4 years. Because i have already been "dieting" for about 4 months and was down about 10 pounds from my peak at 205, this is pretty significant. I was having problems piercing 192 and eating primally did the trick. Because i was already dieting, this is likely almost all real fat loss and not water loss.

          Iam now only 9 pounds technically "overweight", so my next major goal is piercing 180, where I will then be "normal" bodyweight. I am focused on end of January and would be satisfied to lose 10 pounds over the next 6 weeks.

          Off to a great start, and optimistic about being able to sustain this going forward, since I do eat when Iam hungry.


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            Originally posted by xxHuggieBearxx View Post
            I am down about 10 pounds from my all time high through basic calorie counting using an online food diary, but it's just not getting the job done (actually, I'm not getting the job done). I was also an executive at one of the leading commercial weightloss companies and had discounted access to their weightloss solution, on which I also failed and didn't lose more than 10 pounds.
            Really. You didn't fail. You were just on the wrong roads.

            The day I trade french fries for straight sardines, I will look in the mirror and wonder who the hell I am.


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              An update on my journey:

              I am now 19 days in...during this 19 days i've been pretty good on all but about three days. However, i have not been strict - for example, i have eaten barbecue sauce with barbecue, i have an occasional diet coke, etc. But I have been pretty adherent to the no complex carbs aspect -- no rice, pasta, wheat, bread, etc.

              I have not exercised one bit...have not broken a sweat in those 19 days. Not proud of that fact, but for various reasons i havent been able to.

              Anyway, I weighed in yesterday at 186. Down about 8 pounds in 16 days. Pretty good, and approaching my low weight of 183 from about 4 years ago.

              If I break through 183, I will be approaching a weight i havent seen in about 7+ years.

              I'm really not trying very eating delicious food, I'm eating till i'm full and again when i'm hungry. It's been so easy i don't expect the weight loss to continue...but we'll see.


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                Weight: 185 Pounds
                Days Primal: 30 days/1 Month
                Weight Lost: 9 Pounds

                First, let me start by saying I believe I will eat primally the rest of my life. Sure, i have only lost 9 pounds in 30 days, but that is after already losing 10 pounds dieting prior to that, and only being about 20 pounds over weight.

                Second, it would be hard to call what I am currently doing "dieting." When I am hungry, i eat, and i eat until I am full. For about a year before this, i was doing calorie counting and inevitably was left hungry all the time (if i wasn't cheating). Calorie counting works, but is miserable.

                I have lost 9 pounds during the most difficult dieting time of the year. I have eaten like a horse. I have drank wine probably 75% of the days (maybe 3 -4 glasses). I have eaten apple pie and ice cream on three of those days.

                But, I have been pretty true to the diet otherwise. Meaning, I have not indulged very much in the way of complex carbohydrates, nor very much fruit. Mostly fatty meat and vegetables. Lots of beef.

                I know this...i get hungry, i eat well, and then i am full. BUT I AM NEVER STUFFED.

                It is truly amazing.

                My goal was to hit 185 by end of 2011. I have achieved that.

                My next goal is to hit 179 by end of January. 179 will give me a BMI that is technical "normal weight", or said differently, "not overweight."

                Already, at 185, I am at my lowest weight in 4 years. When I hit 179, i will be pushing back closer to 7 years.

                My ultimate goal, beyond 179 at end of january, is 165 or so, but I will not assign a timeline to that. It will come in time, i know that now. This way of eating, everything about it, is clearly "right." Deeply, primally, "right."



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                  Congrats on your successes and may you have many more!
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                    Thanks for commenting! Looks like we both had sushi and wine tonight! But i had mostly Sashimi, so did pretty good! Did have a bit of spicy tuna roll tho!

                    Looked at your whole 30 thread -- sheesh! Not sure i could survive that! Luckily I seem to be fine with a little wine, some occasional cheese, and the infrequent tomato.

                    I even have greek yogurt twice a week!


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                      Congrats on your great success. I think people who just accept the primal way and roll with it the best they can are sometimes the most successful. I think your somewhat relaxed approach means you really can eat this way forever

                      I am about 1.5 years in to primal eating, and I maintain well below my original goal weight, just by happily eating delicious primal food whenever I am hungry. Hard to imagine giving that up!

                      Hope to see more updates from you. Good luck!!
                      Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )



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                        I always mix up the names of the rolls... I had maki, technically. It was tasty. I didn't use any soy sauce so unless there was some in the making of the maki I got, it was just a bit more carb heavy (from the rice) than usual. Better option than pizza anyway!
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                          Let me start by saying - I believe my life to be permanently changed, forever.

                          This is my end of January update. During these months I have lived well - i drink mucho wine, because i love it, i eat till fullness. I indulge in a small bit of dark chocolate most nights. I have had more cheat nights than i care to count, mostly all involving pizza.

                          I have indulged, and I have lived well.

                          On the other hand, I frequently skip breakfast now, or just have a boiled egg. Most days i eat only primal and mostly just meat. But, I am always satisfied and I do not feel like I am dieting. And I rarely feel unpleasantly full. But always satiated.

                          But with all that said, here is where I stand:

                          Age: 38
                          Gender: Male
                          Weight: 182 Pounds
                          Height: 5'11"
                          BMI: 27.1
                          Total Weight Loss: 25 pounds (took 1 year with painful effort)
                          Primal Weigh Loss: 12 pounds (took 2 months with little effort)

                          I had targeted 180 as my goal for end of January, and I missed by a bit. But I indulged tremendously during january, and yet still made progress toward my goal.

                          My new goals are as follows:

                          By end of February, I hope to hit 178 pounds.

                          My ultimate weight loss goal is around 173....and I give myself to end of april to hit that. Once achieved, i will turn my entire focus toward physical fitness in combo with primal eating. I think my long term appropriate weight is probably 160-165, but I wont worry about it once i hit the mid-70s. I'll just try to be more active.



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                            Age: 38
                            Gender: Male
                            Weight: 179 Pounds
                            Height: 5'11"
                            BMI: 25
                            Total Weight Loss: 28 pounds
                            Primal Weigh Loss: 15 pounds

                            Well, I have continued to be "primal" over these last couple of months, but have put little focus on "weight loss." I have continued to eat filling portions, fatty meats, etc. I cheat about twice a week, and I drink more wine than i probably should.

                            But, nevertheless, yesterday I weight in at 179 which is a major milestone for me. First of all, tomorrow i turn 39, and I have not seen a 170s number on the scale since i was at least 29. I have been trying to lose weight for nearly a decade with nearly no success, and now i am doing it nearly effortlessly.

                            179 is important because it marks my reentry into the world of "normal weight", from a BMI perspective. I think my long term (very long term goal) is to average around 170. I have a feeling I may continue to lose a half pound per month or so until I hit my "should be" weight.

                            In any case, there is little chance that I will ever revert to a diet other than primal. When I do have a non-primal meal, the aftereffects are horrific. The feeling of being stuffed to the gills post-pizza is horrendous (although i do love pizza) and the feeling of getting hungry again WHILE YOUR STOMACH IS STILL FULL is just as bad.

                            Keep chuggin folks...more updates in a month or so!


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                              Age: 39
                              Gender: Male
                              Weight: 178 Pounds
                              Height: 5'11"
                              BMI: 24
                              Total Weight Loss: 29 pounds
                              Primal Weigh Loss: 16 pounds

                              Still going strong on primal after six months. I've now lost almost 30 pounds total and am firmly (well, by a hair actually) back in the "Normal Weight" BMI category.

                              I am losing about a pound per month at this point, which isn't bad since I don't at all feel like I'm dieting. I believe my target weight should be 165 pounds or i've got 10 - 15 pounds to go. If it takes me a year to lose that weight at the rate of one pound per month, i'm ok with that.

                              An interesting side note -- i began running again recently and i am quite meticulous about tracking heart rate and running speed. I found that my performance was off by 10%+, a quite noticeable and very concerning elevation in my heart rate. And this is versus my previous 20-pound heavier self. I was expecting a 10% performance INCREASE but was seeing the opposite.

                              Initially, I was concerned that I was dying. But, it turns out that being so low-carb was dramatically impacting my performance in a negative way. I found that when I ate a "carb" meal the night before my performance was better than ever.

                              Really interesting, because I only run about 3 miles. Anyway, I am going to start drinking OJ before my run...not primal, but the effects on my running are too serious to ignore.