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    I got my blood pressure taken yesterday at the doctor's office and it was 110/70 woohoo! I've never been one to have high blood pressure, but I've been primal for 3.5 months and eating at least 3 eggs and lots of red meat every day. And I'm 50lbs overweight. In your face CW. Tonight I am hoping to move into a hotel. I've been living with my in-laws for about a month. My MIL has been super cool about cooking me primal food, but I've been finding it hard to stay organised trying to live out of suitcases. And there's lots of cookies, ice cream, and chips in the house and its driving me slightly insane trying to stay away from it.


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      Easy Pregnancy when Primal

      Since everyone else is doing it... lol

      I'm starting the 21 day challenge again. I have 40 days left of my pregnancy so we'll see if I can do it. I've been mostly primal the whole pregnancy. I will usually go about 6 or 7 days before I give into temptation and eat something like bread, pizza or chocolate. I've been mostly non-dairy since 6 months into it. I've been drinking almond milk to help boost my calcium. I've had an extremely easy & healthy pregnancy. (This is my first).

      My blood pressure is always perfect - except for the day I did my gestational diabetes test! One hour after drinking the glucose drink my blood pressure was elevated, but I think my one-hour plasma glucose level was 96 mg/dL. Anything under 120 means you don't have GD. During the first trimester I did have nausea, but i never actually threw up. It was zero in the morning but would slowly get worse over the course of the day and was bad at night. My husband would make me steaks and make me eat it even though i had no appetite. I found that sugary foods and rice made the nausea go away so I ate rice a lot with meals and candy bars sometimes and 3 milkshakes during those few weeks. You really just have to do what you can during that time. I tried to stay primal but up my carbs with things like sweet potato. I ended up gaining 20 pounds, which is all the weight I lost the previous year. The rest of my pregnancy my weight gain was right on track.

      As long as I stuck to the primal blueprint, the rest of my pregnancy has been so easy (considering). Since I go off it fairly regularly it is really obvious which pregnancy symptoms are caused by the foods I eat. When on the PB I don't get heartburn, I have zero swelling or bloating, no weird cravings, no food aversions, smells don't bother me, fatigue isn't an issue (I still get tired but it isn't much different from when I wasn't pregnant), no dizziness, leg cramps only when I haven't been drinking enough water, no constipation and no anemia.

      If I eat bread or sugary foods for more than one day i get heartburn and swelling, constipation, and fatigue. I have also noticed that when I eat dairy like cheese and milk I get congested and stuffy and cough up little bits of phlegm.

      I've been taking the PB supplements (Damage Control, Primal Flora, Vital Omegas, and Vitamin D). I got approval from my doctor at my first appointment.

      When I got pregnant I was 195lbs (5'6" tall) which puts my BMI in the obese range. I was really worried I'd be having a giant baby because my husband was born 9lbs 8oz, and there were so many articles out there saying obese women had big babies. Well my baby has been exactly average sized the entire time. At 30 weeks he was about 3lbs (the ultrasound tech's guess, since they don't worry about the baby's actual weight/size unless you're measuring big for it's age). It goes to show that it's not necessarily your size that makes the baby big, it probably has more to do with how much sugar you eat.

      I do have a lot of weight to lose after the baby is born which sucks. But most pregnant women do. I'm feeling confident that I'll be able to get back into shape within a year if I stick to the Primal Blueprint. Unfortunately I have the holiday season coming up so I'm going to be around tempting holiday food all the time. I'm hoping the need to be able to run around after a toddler in 14 months will help motivate me to stay on track.

      I think that's it for my experience being primal and pregnant. If I think of anything else I'll add it to this post.
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        Yippee. Well I need to get back on track too. I am still totally avoiding wheat, but definitely going a bit heavy on the dairy and starchy veggies. Good plan!


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          I went into labour at 40 weeks and 2 days. Baby was born 7 lbs 10 oz, 21 inches. I weighed 250 lbs by then! I have an extremely happy and healthy baby so I don't care about my weight gain. He was born towards the end of october so I've had a really hard time staying primal. I was good on Halloween but my husband didn't listen to me and give away all the chocolate that night. Plus his mum gave us little treat bags with chocolate in them. So even though I managed to NOT eat any candy on halloween, the next day I ate a fun size butterfinger and then from there I kept eating junky candy for about two weeks. Along with other stuff like pizza. Then thanksgiving came and mother-in-law dearest sent my hubby home with a plate of desserts! Cheesecake, brownies, and apple pie. Which he didn't touch (nor did I - for a whole week!) then eventually I ate the brownie, and then the cheesecake a few days later. Then it was my birthday, then my husbands, then christmas, then NYE.
          I've been primal enough to not gain any weight, but i want to be losing.

          So I gave up alcohol for my resolution. I stuck to it last year, until i forgot after the baby was born. Any time I've been successful dieting is when i stopped drinking.

          I've been 99.9% Primal since Jan 1st - 10 days! Usually I get one week down and decide to have a cheat day that lasts two weeks.

          The only non primal thing I ate was Johnsonville Beer Brats. I knew they had corn syrup but it was the only meat in the fridge i didn't think it was a big deal. the next day I had to take off my wedding ring because my hands were so puffed up. I didn't know why at first but then it hit me - Beer! I felt so stupid. Wheat anything always makes me swell up. I also gained a pound but it was probably only water weight. I'm back to normal now.

          My weight today is 218. I've been losing about two pounds a week without doing any exercise.


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            Four weeks later and I'm steadily losing 2lbs a week with no exercise. I'm at 210 now. I still plan on getting some walking done every day but haven't made it routine yet.


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              I wanted to bookmark that success story because even the 'before' picture is impressive for 51 and it will help remind me that if I take proper care of myself I can look amazing!

              So a year later - no progress! It's my fault though. All last year I would try to eat paleo, then I would take a day off and it would be two weeks before I got back into it. This time, no days off! I'm doing 6 months straight. In two 12 week parts.

              I've been great for eight days. I lost 4 pounds this week. (I've put on 20 since October)

              My new incentive program is based on how many days straight I've been 99% paleo, instead of weight loss. Every week I stick to the plan, I double my money. At this point I've earned $2. Ten weeks is the limit. Then I'll start again at $2.


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                I'm back too!

                Hey Sketcha!

                Great plan, I think that makes a huge amount of sense. So hubby and I did some experimenting over the last year and found out that very low carb/ ketosis is terrible for me. My metabolism drops (including my body temperature) and I rebound and gain weight. For hubby though it works amazingly well, his weight just drops off.

                The best thing seems to be writing down what I am eating, but not monitoring macronutrients. This has been keeping my weight totally stable. I have been keeping a stash of sweet potatoes and potatoes in the fridge to eat with a pile of eggs after crossfit, then keep it lowish carb the rest of the day.

                And guess what - I did a pull up yesterday! It was a terrible one, granted. I sort of had to frog kick my legs to get all the way up. Once I can make it pretty, I'll post a vid on fb for evidence.


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                  ZOMG Mold Allergy!

                  That's so amazing about the pull-up! I forgot to mention it on the phone. It'll be fun going to crossfit together when we're in Perth.

                  I went to see an Allergy specialist yesterday. I got all the skin pricks for grains and dairy (and 40 other things). None of them reacted! Then they did about ten 'inject into the skin' tests, and the only one that popped was MOLD. It was a big reaction too. I'm a little relieved because it shows I wasn't crazy, but who knew there could be something worse than being allergic to wheat, and dairy?

                  This is my list of foods to avoid:
                  - Cheese
                  - Salami
                  - Potatoes
                  - Hot Dogs
                  - Most nuts
                  - Chocolate
                  - Sugar
                  - Anything with yeast
                  - Raw vegetables and fruit
                  - Saturated fats, including butter
                  - Garlic
                  - High vitamin A and high provitamin A beta-carotene foods - especially carrots liver and pumpkin
                  - Fruit Juices
                  - Refined grains
                  - Dairy

                  Pretty crazy right? Lucky I switched to Primal two years ago or I would lose my shit! The good news is it shows I have good instincts about what foods were affecting my health. I wasn't wrong about dairy, and wheat making me sick, just slightly off about the cause. And it's clear why I've been so happy with my diet after switching to Paleo. The only things I have an issue with are the raw vegetables, and saturated fats (the Dr. did clarify that this meant cooking fats, not saturated fat inside meats). Chocolate is a bummer, and most nuts?! I really don't want to give up almond milk. It sounds like coconut milk will do me good at least (Candida Diet & Coconut Milk | LIVESTRONG.COM)
                  It is also incredibly lame to have to give up salads right before summer starts.

                  My doctor told me to keep a detailed food log/symptom log for the next 3 months and then go see her again. I haven't implemented her advice yet. I'm still contemplating my food options. It seems like making a bunch of things in the crock pot and freezing them is one way to deal with it. And when I go out I could only eat grilled meat and steamed veggies I guess. I can omit almond milk for a few months, and use coconut milk more. I just tend to get sick of coconut flavour if I have it too often.

                  Oh! And as of today, I have been strictly non-dairy Paleo (99% - 1% for the unknown aspect of eating out) for 26 days straight! I only made it 21 days in February. After the 3rd week I got bad mood swings and my weight went up 2 lbs for no reason (except it was 'that time of the month') and I got depressed and started putting sugar in my coffee to make me feel better. I also ate some popcorn one day but I did manage not to eat any bread which is a first for when I've gone off the wagon. So this time, when I got to 3 weeks and my weight went up again and I got depressed and moody, I stuck to my guns and just ate a little fruit or an extra steak when I was in bad mood. I actually ate two T-bones for lunch the other day! I'm sure my body needed the extra iron. I haven't been craving chocolate much this time either! Even with all the Easter candy everywhere.

                  So I'm excited to be entering a new realm of Primal eating/living. I've never gone 30 days straight before so I'm hoping the next 30 days I will see some drastic changes in my weight and my motivation levels.

                  I'm also training to run a 5K on June 07, 2014. I miss our jogs around the Sydney foreshore.


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                    So I've made it through 4 weeks of 99% Primal eating! I've earned $16. And so far I've attended two toddler birthday parties and managed not to eat a single thing at one, and only ate some raw veggies at the other! I did a 45 min run/walk today as part of my 5K training. It was hard! I walked for 5 minutes to warm up, then jogged for 1 min, walked for 2 mins, and kept doing that for 45 minutes. I went 2.75 miles total. 18 minute miles. I'm hoping to get down to a ten minute mile before the fun run in June.

                    I've been keeping a detailed food & exercise log in my bodybugg app - today it said this:

                    "It is recommended to limit the fat in your diet to no more than 35% of your total calories. Today, you ate 49%. Try low-fat snacks that contain protein like hummus and carrots - the protein will help you feel satisfied between meals."

                    I think it said something similar yesterday. And I lost a pound since yesterday.