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    Since being diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome last December, I've really tried to step it up health wise. I deal with cystic acne and a few other things that relate to my elevated levels of testosterone and DHEA, but not obesity. Starting 4 months prior to my diagnosis, in my best efforts to 'detox' my body for my acne problem (not realizing the insulin factor of my syndrome), I started eating A LOT of fruit along with higher amounts of carby nuts in my diet, (with no actual exercise), and started trying to cut out meat. The result? Around 10 lbs of weight gain in since. Starting the beginning of this month, I decided to cut down on the fruit and nuts. My efforts have been consistent with the types of food I've been eating and have been exercising frequently, but I've noticed I've been eating heavier meals too frequently, so my weight hasn't budged. I need to make a declaration of my intentions to start intermittent fasting on tuesdays and thursdays every week to give my digestion a break and to start trying to get back in touch with my natural hunger and move along in my recovery.

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    If it helps, I have a nightmare with fruit myself - it really screws up my hunger signals, gives me a huge sugar rush and in short, is a BAD thing.

    Good for you for announcing your commitments here - let us know how you go, there's grest support to be had, that's for sure.


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      I'm in a similar situation myself, in that I'm chubby rather than obese, but have pcos and associated troubles.

      I've found that although I've not lost weight, my waist has decreased, so I'm moving from an apple shape to a normal shape! I'm much happier in myself, stronger, and suffer less from the acne.

      The main thing that shows I'm on the right track is the monthly cycle (well, every 6 weeks or so!) when before I had none.

      Anyhow, please don't be disheartened if weight loss isn't as miraculous as some people get.

      In my case, learning to listen to my body has been the most valuable lesson, and it must be telling me the right things!

      Also, don't force the IF. It kinda came naturally to me as a side-effect of just not being hungry. Learn to tell the difference between:

      "oh-my-god-I'm-going-to-die-unless-I-have-that-mars-bar" (= carb withdrawal, safe to ignore) and

      "maybe time for something tasty, when you've a moment" (=genuine hunger)

      Good luck and stick with it


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        The 10lbs I gained only put me at 22% body fat (still leaner than most women nowadays, but still skinny fat)

        I think another problem of mine was that I talked myself into an idea that the more nutrients I consume, the faster I'll heal. Obviously, that's a fallacy... but I also think I just started eating more because I was using food to cope (control issue, and de-stressing) with my life.