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Primal Journal (LuluButtons) - Weight loss as goal....the rest is a bonus!

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  • Primal Journal (LuluButtons) - Weight loss as goal....the rest is a bonus!

    Hello, after the obligatory "meet and greet" post, I feel it's time to start a primal journal.

    Weight loss is my main goal as I have some 50+ lbs to lose.

    Current weight is 195. I'm a 35 year old 5'6" female with the ongoing goal of looking fabulous by my 36th birthday at the end of May.
    I am on 50mg/day of Lexapro for depression. I 've tried to go off the meds several times (with the help of my doctor) all to no avail. This is pre-primal of course. But the struggle with depression has been lifelong and once I started the meds it was a major source of weight gain.

    I have been paleo for several months but due to slip ups and cheats, i havent' really lost more than 10lbs. I seem to go back and forth with that same 10 lbs more than I care to admit.

    After reading Primal Blueprint, I'm trying to stay in the sweet spot of 50-100 carbs per day. I have always tracked my food (in a hand written journal) but never my carb grams.

    Any and all help is appreciated.
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    December 9/12

    -fasted until 12pm
    -baby romaine salad with .5 oz slivered almonds, some cherry tomatoes, 1 carrot, and about 6oz steak (with some mushrooms thrown in there)
    -dressing of balsamic vinegar and 1 oz olive oil.


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      Good luck Lulu! I know what you mean about going back and forth in between a few pounds. I'm only starting to take it more seriously now. But, primal DOES work thought if you give it the chance.

      Great job with the fasting too!


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        I keep forgetting to update this. Weekend wasn't great since I was sick with a fever of 103 for the entire weekend and my throat feels like I swallowed golf balls. One thing I do notice is that pre-primal this kind of "sick" would've had me down and out. Now I truly feel like my body is fighting whatever this is and I'm nowhere near as incapacitated as I used to be. It feels good, in a weird sort of way, to be sick because I know my body can fight it.

        -1 celementine
        -salad with baby romain, cherry tomatoes, slivered almonds and olive oil/vinegar for dressing
        -leftover roast with carrots


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          I'm confused about what supplements i should be taking.

          I'm finally completely off my depression medication (Zoloft 75mg). I have dabbled with a probiotic but have not found any difference in taking it. I also bought a bottle of Vitamin D but keep forgetting to take it. Now the Omega's is where I'm really confused. Do I need Omega 3, 6, or 9?


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            How do you explain to people the way you eat?

            I am taking a lot of flak for it with a friend who is "super healthy" as he says.


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              Okay let's get this going again. I still track every day but forget to come online. But I'm committed to making this happen.

              Back on the horse. July 31st weight = 193

              - 3 slices of bacon
              - 1 egg with Frank's Red Hot
              - coffee with almond milk (unsweetened) and honey