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    Wow, it's been a long time since I posted! I do still browse the forum, but can't log in at work - and, more importantly, I didn't have much progress to report...

    Well, I suppose I have been maintaining my weight for a few months. Which is not such a bad thing - at least I haven't put any back on!

    I am still keeping fairly Primal, though the unusually hot summer has made me crave ice cream. I have been giving into that craving quite a lot, and I know it is the call of sugar. I sometimes have frozen berries topped with double cream, which freezes on them and the texture is very refreshing - much more Primal than bought Ben & Jerry's!

    I would like to lose some more weight, and reduce my belly which is still the biggest part of me. I lost weight all over, and the belly is still proportionally very big, though a good few inches tighter than when I started. I suppose I could do some abdominal exercises, really...

    No news about the fertility referral, or rather nothing yet. In the meantime they sent my case to a wrong hospital, where they closed my case and "discharged" me without ever seeing or even contacting me. The mind boggles!

    Oh, and, I actually bought the PB book. This website is so brilliant, I feel I already know everything about the PB, and the forum fills in the gaps, but I needed to say thanks to Mark Sisson for doing so much and being such an inspiration. So, thanks Mark, and I bought your book!


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      I'm not much of a journaller, clearly! However, I am a PB-er (Primal Blueprinter, not Peanut Butter) who has lost 16 kg (35 lbs) since I started in January. Now, most of that weight loss happened in the first 4 months, but in the next four I mostly maintained, with an occasional drop of a kilo at a time.

      Interestingly enough, I have recently had several people commenting on my weight loss since the beginning of the summer. When I had actually only lost 2 kg in that period! However, my body has clearly reshaped a bit better, maybe thanks to a beach holiday which included daily swimming in the sea. The new shape is noticeable in my clothes too (I had to invest in a couple of new skirts and a pair of jeans. OK, I'll admit it, I bought another pair next size down - still too tight to wear, but an incentive...)

      So, what have I been eating? (This sounds a bit like the Fast Show.) Well, in addition to the regular eggs and meat, I have slightly increased my fish consumption. If only by eating tuna, mackerel and sardines canned in olive oil... I have also been eating cheese (unpasteurised) and yogurt on a fairly regular basis - and even, occasionally, ice cream (again, good quality like H-D or home made, and yes - it is a cheat).

      I have slightly reduced the *added* fat in my diet, as I calculated some of my daily calorific intake to be over 3000 (butter was the culprit). As my metabolic rate is only around 2500-2800, that kind of eating would actually make me gain weight, and that is not desirable at this point! I have also slightly reduced (well, allowed myself not to feel guilty for not eating) insoluble fibre. Less nuts, less fibrous greens. That is due to certain problems on the, ahem, elimination side! I have been reading, thanks to whoever it was that posted that link on this board.

      My current supplements: prenatal multi, fish oil, Vit D, kelp (for iodine) and probiotic capsules. Oh, and magnesium oil spray! I still want to take some extra iron and zinc, and am looking into L-glutamine (for GI issues) and alpha-lipoic acid (energy and antioxidant). Ideally, I would like to lose another 10-15 kg. I don't know exactly, as I haven't been in that range in the last 20 years! What is much more important to me is health, body composition and looks... Well, I did admit to a vanity goal!

      That's about it for now. Oh, about IVF; they transferred me to a different hospital where we have to go through most of the tests again (because it's been almost a year since we had them - well, yeah, thanks to the hospital's incompentence!) We now have a serious (decision-making) appointment on 22 November. Fingers crossed!


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        OK, I'm back!

        Almost a year since my last journal post, almost back to square one with my weight . I had fallen off the Primal wagon with a vengeance from November till July, and was only able to restart the programme due to imminent IVF. It's starting after my next cycle, and I'm so excited!

        So, the last month I've mostly been eating Primal food. Actually, I got back to it through Tim Ferris and his 4 Hour Body (the "slow carb" diet, which includes an "indulgence day" per week). I found out that it works better if I only have one indulgence *meal* per week, and even then, I need to stay away from grains (otherwise my digestion suffers for days, and the weight doesn't really come off).

        Another thing that's helping me is following the gist of Dr Kruse's leptin prescription. I'm eating a high protein breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up (it's 20-30g rather than 50g, but it's something to aim for). I only eat 3 meals a day, no snacks. Also, I'm keeping it really low carb (just veggies on a daily basis; a portion of fruit, if that, only on the indulgence day; only very occasional small number of nuts as part of a meal).

        We've also bought a couple of kettlebells, and I'm using them 1-2 a week for swings - as recommended by 4HB again, and roughly compatible with Body By Science.

        So, in the last month or so, I have lost just over 5 kilos of fat - and I hope to continue in the same direction!