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    Originally posted by Jennerator View Post
    The 3 eggs were great! I used to be in the habit of eating breakfast, skipping lunch and eating dinner but these past few days I'm finding it hard to skip lunch (I think it's just because I've reconditioned myself to expect food in the afternoon) so maybe I just need to suffer through a few weeks of lunchtime hunger to get back into my old routine that was working for me pre-christmas. If I eat 3 meals a day I'm guaranteed to eat way too much.
    I did the spartacus workout again and it was much easier this time with less soreness!
    here it is if anyone's interested: The Spartacus Workout
    I still haven't managed 3 rounds yet but thatshould be achievable soon.
    I'm considering splurging on a few personal training sessions to get my form down and start lifting heavier weights.
    I'm just so hungry lately! So I'm eating a lot but keeping the carbs low, hopefully that should help. I don't expect any change at all in this month's measurements, hopefully February will be better. I think I will go whole 30 for feb with the exception of having a few drinks during reading week. (I'll be working a lot all of reading week but it's still supposed to be a fun break right?). My november whole 30 got me down to 121lbs without any exercise so maybe I can get back there next month with exercise!

    Oh man I am sooo hooked on coconut oil right now. My boyfriend just watches in disbelief as I eat spoonful of it hehe. It's so tasty!!!
    Oh, I am so with you on the coconut oil! Especially with some salted pistachios thrown on or some pecans, cinnamon, and a drop of stevia. Coconut butter is delish, too, btw.

    Glad the eggs are working out for you. If you're bothered by the munchies, you could try upping it to 5 eggs in order to get 50 grams of protein. That might get you down to two meals. If that seems like too many eggs, you can always whip up a whey protein (grass fed ie. Bluebonnet brand) smoothie with some almond milk, berries, and whatever else you like. Sometimes I throw in a few drops of almond extract and a couple of spoonfuls of sprouted flax seed powder.

    And, like you say, maybe a little "suffering through the hunger". Even going primal, I had to be hungry and not eat sometimes in order to lose weight. Not extreme hunger but situations such as going to bed (having had 3 meals through the day) without having the snack I was craving, or not having an aternoon snack when I wanted it. However, that was before I discovered the "Big Ass Breakfast" prescribed by Dr. Jack Kruse for his leptin reset protocol. Maybe things would have been a little different if I had?

    Will have to check out that Spartacus workout, though I admit I am pretty well indurated into my routine.


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      p.s. If you haven't already seen this, you may find it interesting. It's an infographic on High Intensity Interval Training. They claim that three 30 minute HIIT workouts is worth five 60 minute cardio workouts.

      The Complete Guide to Interval Training [Infographic] |