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  • primal SexyCat

    well to start off with this is a journal about me and for me and I am making this public so maybe I can get different opinions about what every I feel like writing about.

    So onward....
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    Good luck to you! I just started a journal too. I think your goals are good ones; please yourself and it will all fall into place... best wishes to you! L


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      oh yes my food day

      breakfast : scotch egg (homemade sausage and boiled egg cooked together)
      coffee cream

      snack: celery almond butter
      tiger spice tea

      lunch: uncured applewood turkey hot dogs
      sweet tater fries (olive oil,himalayan salt and pepper)
      green food smoothie (powder and almond milk)\

      dinner: cheeseburger no bun (processed mayo) lettuce onion pickle
      white potato fries

      small piece of chocalate christmas coal candy
      coffee cream


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        damn it! lost a whole post in just a split second ,now don't have time to redo it so this will have to be abbrieviated.
        I need to put down what is the MOST important things to buy organic because I can can't buy all organic.
        Dirty Dozen
        sweet bell pepper
        collard greens

        Plus: start looking for organic coffee or fair trade and organic chocolate

        moving on friday and have been so busy, can not wait to start my new book.Most people say the new chapter but this time its a book! (long story lost out in the internet)

        I just seen my pic in the "in the making" page. I don't like it! I look old and tired, the stress of my past life shows on my face,and not in a good way.
        So now begins the new book titled- HOT the story of fat cat searching for the sex kitten inside!


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          B: two eggs fried in butter ,paleo bread chamomiale tea, raw honey
          S: half cup pineapple, half ounce 85% chocolate
          L: big add salad; lettuce,spinch,cucumbers,red
          peppers,scallon,blueberries,goat cheese,walnut crumbled,acv and evoo 4 oz sirlion steak
          Half oz 85% chocolate, decade tea and forgot slice of avocado
          Dinner tonight; mahi mahi,salad,asperagus,butter evoo,acv
          Supplements: glutiamine,b-complex
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            instead of editing my last post I will just add here.

            Ok so had seasnax seaweed snack not bad ,not bad at all seaweed,olive oil,sea salt and chilpote pepper..yummy!
            white tea w/mint ok but wont get it againl.
            Dinner is: mahi mahi asperagus evoo and cucumber with acv and evoo and italian seasoning yummy
            trying not to drink coffee thing I am doing goood so far...


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              welcome to another primal cat!
              ad astra per aspera