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    My body is the product of chronic cardio (Iíve run a couple of half marathons recently). In college I lifted weights diligently, and gained a nice amount of bulk and strength. While I was big and strong at the time, I didnít like the way I looked; I wanted to be lean and strong. So I began my journey into chronic cardio, and starving myself on a SAD diet.

    Gaining strength, muscle, and energy are my goals for this year. I have already been exercising and eating primaly for a week, and my energy level has skyrocketed; so, I already feel like I am on my way to achieving all 3 of my goals.

    Most of the success stories I have seen on the site have been about weight loss. If anyone reads this and has achieved success striving for the same goals I am, please let me know what worked (or didnít) for you along the way. I would appreciate it!


    Picture will follow later today.

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    Its pretty amazing how quickly some of the positive effects kick in, isn't it? Welcome and good luck from another newbie! L


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      Originally posted by primal4fifty View Post
      Its pretty amazing how quickly some of the positive effects kick in, isn't it? Welcome and good luck from another newbie! L
      Good luck to you, too! Thanks for the warm welcome.

      It is crazy how quickly my energy increased. It's a constant energy, too; no drastic crashes during the day.


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        I did my first set of sprints, yesterday. With having recently finished a half-marathon, I thought sprinting wouldn't be too difficult. I was dead wrong. After my 4th 20 second interval, I thought I was going to die. It took me probably 20 minutes to fully recover, but when I did I felt amazing!!!

        Tonight I will do some body weight exercises and try my hand at making primal cookies!!


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          Tonight, my wife and I cooked lamb (for her), bratwurst (for me), and bacon and brussels sprouts (for both). It was delicious!

          I am really proud and excited that she is trying this whole primal lifestyle with me. Hopeful we will be able to keep each other motivated.


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            .....oh and the primal cookies are amazing! There is only one left. I am giving the cookie its last rights, because it won't last through the night.


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              Still sticking closely with the plan. My wife is too. Nothing too earth shattering to report other than I feel great and can't wait until my next workout.


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                I removed my shirtless before picture because some of my coworkers are starting to frequent the site. I feel that it is in my best interest professionally to remove that photo.

                My wife and I, however, are still going primal. We try to follow the 80/20 rule which allows us 1 or 2 cheat meals a week. We mainly use those cheat days when visiting family or friends, or after an intense workout when our bodies are starving. We also have kept dairy in out diets, but I feel that we are still reaping most of the benefits of the primal diet. You can no longer find any grain in our pantry other than a bag of flower that we are keeping around in case of a zombie apocalypse.

                We are fortunate enough to work for a great company that puts health and well-being near the top of its priority list, so we have joined a boot camp that the company puts on 3 times a week. The workouts are high intensity and the personal trainer that conducts the camp is a big proponent of lifting heavy things until muscle failure. On our off days, the trainer does want us to participate in chronic cardio, but we skip that, of course. I am ready for the spring and summer so I can incorporate more sprints into my exercise routine; it is just too tough to sprint when it is cold and wet outside all the time.