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    I'm like a lot of folks, in that I tried everything from Atkins to Zone. They all worked to a point, but never over the long haul. I lost the same 35 pounds dozens of times. I must've lost 1,000 pounds over the decades and re-gained 1,100 pounds.

    About a year-and-a-half ago, I became aware of the Primal/Paleo ways of eating and exercising. I incorporated what I learned from the available info with other things I was doing. I saw some truly impressive results. From April of 2010, I went from 379 pounds to 259, this past December.

    I just turned 50, and I feel great - and look a lot better too. Now, I'm ready to go to the next level.

    I have the Primal Blueprint and just purchased the 21 Day Total Body Transformation and I'm stoked!

    When I started losing weight, I felt I'd like to get down to the 220 range. I thought I'd be comfortable there, but now I truly believe I can get below the 200 lb mark.

    So my personal goal is to go from 259 to 197 pounds

    My waist (around the belly) is 46 inches and want to take it down to 36
    My Hips are 45 and want to take it down to 36 as well.

    I'm eager to see how living Primalyl will change the body of this 50-year-old, and change my mindset and my life. I've come this far, you know I'm going all the way now!

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    Week 1 Update

    Without re-writing my entire blog post here, after 1 Week of Living Primally, I lost 7.5 pounds - or more than 1 pound a day.

    I now weigh 252. I have 55 pounds to go to reach my weight-loss goal.


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      At the end of Week 1

      1 Week Primal - Impressive Results


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        The Primal Goals

        Weight-loss goals for Primal Living


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          10 Days in:

          And the Lipitor Paradox

          10 Days Primal


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            Over 50 and Overweight in the Workplace

            Over 50 and Over Weight in the Workplace


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              Hi Werner! Lots of us 50s and 60s people here, and older too. My husband and I started this together a year ago - we're in our early 50s and we think this is the shit! Never felt better, we both feel youthful.
              Positively Radical Pigeonholes are for Pigeons!


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                Hi Gina,

                I agree, I haven't felt this good since my 20's. Looking forward to learning more and helping when and where I can.