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Primal Jounal for Knee Health and Performance

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  • Primal Jounal for Knee Health and Performance

    Hi follow Primals,

    this is Paul from Germany. I use this Journal to track my progress in knee recovery and getting (very) fit after almost 2 years without running and jumping, just pumping. Have enough of this S**t. Wanna compete in one triathlon, one short distance run and powerlifting!
    Come along with me

    Just made progress

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    I started 2012 with a more radical Paleo approach. I cut everything out of my diet witch can be related to systemic inflammation. So there are no Tomatoes and Eggplants neither as Nuts, Dark Chocolate. For my goal to get lean i tackle my diet for 30 days without nuts and fruits. I made progress in my knee rehab. Yesterday i was able to complet 5x5 frontsquats with increasing load each set with in the end 60 kg. And today i have no knee pain. what a success.
    I supplement my diet with one wide spectrum multivitamin, 1000 IE Vit. D3 (but i think i will go for 3000 IE for one month) and 3 Tablespoons of fischoil. One tblsp to each meal.
    For leaning out i want to consume just 3 meals a day. but i am afraid i binge to much on those organic carrots.... them to yummy


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      Good luck!

      Hey just wanted to say that it's AWESOME that you are doing this, as the only dude I saw on all current 13 pages of the Success Stories in the Making who actually wants to GAIN weight/muscle mass. My husband and I are both underweight and when I saw this challenge it kind of made me laugh to think about us entering, for that reason. People always give us crap, but they don't really understand... I would like my college biceps back, and he wants to put on 20 lbs and major leg muscle. Just nice to see someone else with the same goals and guts to put it out there - good luck!


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        last comment of mine has been a while ago. My latest paleo experience was this one. I experimentet with intermittent fasting and a lot more cardio. But then i binged heavy on non paleo food. I even took the disadvantages of gluten containing sweets. Sounds like AKRASIA for sure. I even cleared the big (880 gramm) jar of nutella two weeks ago...
        The last two weeks were awful. Fasting and binging on non paleo foods.
        But i learned a lesson for my sake...
        IŽll use paleo/primal eating further. IŽll make it a ketogenic diet. And after 5 days of workweek and clean paleo eating iŽll eat a lot more carbs, semi primal: I look forward for sweet potatoe and white rice and of course more redwine and glutenfree Nutella!!!
        I think after trenous workouts my metabolism needs a bit more carbs... so iŽll give em.
        And im going to implement IF for 16 h fast finishing with my workout fasted and a good medium sized refeed. My bodyfetpercentage is about 13%, so i got leaner. But i gained weight. I am about 82 kg and working on a new benchpress benchmark.
        I look forward to my renewed primal Body and Mind.


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          I'm currently on a bit of a gain/fat loss also. I'm 6'3" and currently weigh around 175. I was 195 before starting the PB, but only really followed the diet, been doing that for about 9 months now. I've been doing IF most of that time (16 hours like you). I've finally started the exercise portion (recently got a power/squat cage). Actually, I did the Primal Blueprint exercises sporadically in the past, but now I'm doing "Starting Strength". I drew inspiration to do that program from LeanGains, as they recommend it for a beginner.

          I only get to work out in the evening (I'm not an morning person). So I eat about 20% of my calories around noon or 1 p.m. Then I get to work out around 6 p.m. or so (so my stomach is empty again by then). I've not started taking BCAA's as recommended by LeanGains, but probably should (and may even need to keep up my progress in Starting Strength). For workout days I go a bit heavier on carbs (generally white potatoes or sweet potatoes, sometimes white rice). I've noticed I don't get as many calories in as they recommend, in the form of protein or just overall. I'm just really not that hungry I guess. It may cause a stall in progress though, so I may just need to make the effort to consume more. My goal is to look like more like Chris Hemsworth in Thor (he's 6'3"). Or at least as good as I did when I got out of bootcamp around 11 years ago.

          Good luck on your progress!