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    Another week. I have finished my antibiotics, but don't feel better at all. I guess there is still a lot to do, and maybe even more antibiotics. Lyme Disease can be a really nasty thing
    Yesterday I visited my SIL at the hospital. They had to remove her whole right breast and several lymph nodes. I was surprised to see that she got cake and pudding with her lunch!
    Last weekend we spend at my parents home (another weekend not at home...). My mom eats low carb, but still doesn't get how important it would be for her to skip grains completely with all her autoimmune issues. It's amazing how much better she feels after going low carb, and I am convinced that she could get even better without grains. But she's over 60 and it's hard for her to rethink and reorganize her eating. She still believes she misses something when she can't eat SAD. But in the end I am happy that she is able to cook again, has the power to create photo albums and she even drives a car again! Half a year ago she was rarely able to do the most basic homeworks.

    @Marianne: thanks a lot for your kind words regarding my weekend situation! Yes, I can bring my own food, but I am trying to find a balance between my food and their food. I can get eggs and yoghurt, and in a few weeks I can get salad and tomatoes and carrots from the garden. Until then I bring some salad, canned tuna and other stuff for lunch and breakfast. We decide all together what to eat for dinner, so I can get something almost primal and eat the same things the rest of the family eats. Sometimes he even bakes a carrot cake with almost no flour, or a cheesecake. I eat both of them, otherwise I just get some applesauce (homemade from our apples) with whipped cream I guess they think that I am going overboard with my eating style (and they don't want to understand why I do it), but in the end they are OK with that.
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      Back from my doc. We had to talk about what to do now, after the antibiotics. First she was excited about my cholesterol numbers and told me I can eat whatever I want Then she suggested fresh juice from beets, apple and carrots to boost my immune system, a probiotic for my gut health and breathing exercises that I should do on daily walks. She's not primal, but I like her suggestions.
      On my way home I stopped at my poultry farm to buy some eggs. They had goose eggs, and now one of them is waiting here to become my lunch! I never ate a goose egg, I am curious how it tastes.
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        I feel good without the antibiotics. Not perfect, but good. Might be the sun, too, which is shining a lot over the last days!

        Friday the weather was so warm I was able to go on a barefoot walk. Wonderful feeling! I overdid it a little bit as I got a blister on my heel, but I don't feel it anymore right now.

        Saturday the sun was gone, but I went for a hike in the hills near my FILs house. Saw some mice and deer, I love that!

        Now everything is ready for a trip. I am going to visit the severe weather congress in Hamburg. I love this town! And I am going to meet people I only see once or twice a year. Plus a lot of interesting lectures. I hope I can get eggs and bacon at the hotel for breakfast (it's a cheap hotel), and find some primal foods around. I packed some tuna, nuts and dried fruit, and made primal energ bars (which turned out too dry, but I will eat them anyway). After that I spend the weekend at the coast. I love the sea and the wadden sea!

        So the next days will be exciting!
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          Another two weeks have passed! Spring has finally arrived, and allthough the temperatures dropped again under 10 C (we even had frost last night) everything outside turns green, everywhere flowers and blossoms. And after dinner there's still light outside!

          Sunday I worked in our greenhouse. Not only radices, spinach, onion, salad, kohlrabi and carrots start to grow, the weeds start to grow too. After that I looked for wild garlic in the back of the garden (where the weeds are allowed to grow) and found a few leafes big enough to eat for dinner

          I increased my walking (my longest walk was 20 kms last week) but couldn't go for my favourite walk in the hills yesterday because my leg hurt. Don't know what it was, but after 2 days it finally feels OK again.
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            Last week I saw a documentary on TV about fasting. They mentioned that fasting helps a lot with arthritis, rheuma and other diseases. They said they don't know yet why it works, but I guess just removing grains from the patients diets made the trick. Best thing was that they mentioned that research on fasting would be problematic because no one would give money for such studies, because with fasting no one can make money out of it!

            I try to do some IF now and then. Next friday (Good Friday) I am planning my first 24 hour fast. It was a tradition to fast on that day, so it seems perfect for my first attempt. I am at my FILs house anyway, and when fasting I don't have to worry about what to eat. FIL agreed on my fasting and said he would do it, too, but then he said "As long as there is enough cake and cookies for me!" Well he is old enough to care for himself...

            Did I mention that on our window still tomatoes, peppers and different sorts of cabbage are growing? And I have some salad growing on the balcony, but it is too small to eat from it yet.
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              Oh, time runs so quickly I forget to write about what happened!

              My first long fast was a success. I ate a good dinner on thursday, and then fasted until saturday morning. Friday I walked 10 kms in the hills and after that worked in the garden. No problems with energy, and hunger came in the evening, but it wasn't that bad that I couldn't sleep. I will do this again every now and then!

              Last saturday I made a long hike. 35 kms in the hills around FILs house. I am not sure if I ever walked such a long distance. Maybe many years ago, but I doubt it. My legs were tired in the end, but if I had to, I could have walked more. And the next day I wasn't as sore as I expected. It was a great experience. Saw some deer, several mice, and a weasel.
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                35 KMs -- wow, that's quite a little walk you took! It's so wonderful to be outside for such a long time and experience all that you saw and felt. Sometimes I think that I'm not making any progress in my Primal fitness/life but then something comes along (like that hike for you) to show that I have indeed improved. Always nice!

                And congratulations on the fasting as well. Did you consume anything at all during your fast period? Water? Coffee? I toyed with fasting about a month ago and was pleased with how it worked, but then I got distracted with other things and didn't continue. Now I am regularly eating all my food in a reduced time window (usually around noon to 7:00 p.m.) and don't even think about any "missed" meals or snacks--it just feels totally normal. I would be interested in expanding to a longer fasting period every now and then, but it still feels a little harsh for me. But I guess the only way to try it is to, well, try it :-) I'll let you know!

                It's definitely spring here in Northern California, too. All of our homegrown lettuce is exploding -- huge salads, every night. Yum!
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                  Hi Marianne,

                  I had water and coffe with a little milk during my fast. Nothing else. 24 hours were easy, after that I started to get hungry. Just try to skip lunch one day, and you have a 24 hour-fast! At home, when I don't have to leave for work over lunch, I skip breakfast, too. When I am working over lunch I usually have a bigger breakfast and just a snack in the afternoon. I guess it would be no problem to skip that snack, but I don't need to lose more weight, so I just eat some nuts and dark chocolate and feel good about it

                  Currently I am on holidays on the coast. The rest of Germany suffers from the first heat wave of the year (up to 32 C yesterday, and 27 C at home), and we are freezing with temps under 10 C and a strong wind. But I get lots of sunshine on my face!

                  The first week of my trip I wasn't able to stay primal all the time. For breakfast I got curd with applesauce and eggs while all the others had their bread. For dinner I just skipped the side dish (potatoes, fries etc.), which was easy because it was served seperately and not on the plate. Lots of fish for me, but not much vegetables. I had some cake, too. Couldn't skip that, it was homemade and tasted phantastic. I was able to buy 30 pastured eggs to take them home with me. They have pastured, grass-fed galloway beef, too. But the last one was already eaten, and I couldn't get any.

                  Now I am staying in a holiday home, and eating gets easy for me. Friday we ate at an italian restaurant, and I had gnocchi. Thought it was a good alternative to pasta and pizza. Tasted great, but I felt so stuffed and bloated afterwards that I won't eat them anymore!
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                    Wow, about 3 weeks of silence here. Not nice...

                    The holidays were great. I love the coast, and the wadden sea. Staying on a Hallig is really relaxing. Nothing to disturb your mind. Just a tiny bit of land, lots of birds, and the sky and the sea.

                    After my holiday I crushed into work. I had accepted a few extra assignments, but due to the many holidays we have in May it turned out to be quite stressful. But now most of the extra work is done. Next week (with another holiday) will be the last one with extra work. But I don't want to complain, it's just that I am not used to work full time every day anymore! And I am so glad that my health allows me to do that. A year ago it would not have been possible!

                    I did another loooong walk. 42 kms in total. In the end my knee hurt. Other than that I had no problems, so I am looking forward for my 100 kms hike next friday. I am pretty sure that I can do it when I look at my overall fitness, but my knee worries me some. I just try and see how far I will come! To prevent more pain I eat as clean as possible.

                    We have really nice summer weather right now. At the beginning of the week a few bad storms hit Germany, but we were not affected. I like thunderstorms, but I hate the thought that hail could destroy the garden!

                    Oh, the garden. We already ate the first kohlrabi, salad, and radices. The first carrots are ready to eat, too. Peas and potatoes are growing nicely (not that I care much about them, but the rest of the family loves potatoes and peas... Last sunday FIL insisted to have peas in the lasagna!), and tomatoes and bell peppers grow in the greenhouse. The strawberries are not ripe yet, but should be next week (when I am not there to pick them up ) We planted three new blueberrie bushes, each one should have ripe berries in another month!

                    Here at home we have two tomato plants, two pepper plants, two strawberrie plants and lots of herbs. The herbs are the only thing that is ready to use, everything else needs some time until the first harvest. I got a stevia plant. Looks nice, but I am not sure how to use it.

                    That's just a quick update. I hope some of you are still reading, thanks!
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                      I remember you mentioned a 100km hike. Definitely possible, so long as you don't injure your knee.


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                        Yes, that 100 km hike starts on friday evening. Looking back at the 42 kms hike I did and how I felt afterwards it is possible, as long as my knee doesn't hurt too much. My kneecap isn't aligned properly and can irritate the rest of the knee. Nothing serious, but very painful!
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                          Sorry for not writing anything for another 3 weeks! Busy with work, another week at the shore, the wedding of my cousin, and of course the 100 km hike all kept me busy and I didn't feel like writing. And I don't have much time today for a longer post...

                          But just a quick report from that long hike! It was a phantastic experience, and I made it without getting tired through the night. After 50 kms I gave up because I had serious pain in my left foot and leg. Without that pain I could have continued to walk (I felt surprisingly fit after the 50 kms), but I am glad I quit. The foot hurt for about a week, and I don't want to know what damage it would have caused to continue. And wow, I walked 50 kms, something that I have never done before (and had only 3 months to prepare for), and I did most of it at night, and most of the night I walked alone because I was so slow compared to the others. Especially walking alone at night was a great experience!
                          I will try again next year. And then I'll be better prepared!
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