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    The picture is of me is from December 14, 2011, the day my husband and I closed on our first house. We're sitting there at the title company, about to sign on the dotted line. Without revealing my actual age, let’s just say that we’re a tad on the older side to be buying our first home. I was also a late bloomer on getting married; late having children. Late on discovering the primal way of living (compared to some of you lucky young folks)! Hence the handle, Late Bloomer.

    I’m 167.4 lbs in the picture, and I’m 5’ 7.25” in height. Yes, had to put the extra quarter of an inch on there! So on that date, I was outside the “normal” range for healthy BMI and ~8 lbs into the “overweight” category. Well, according to my height, I have a BMI range of 119 to 159.6, which is a 40 pound range! Unless one is an incredibly muscular person, I think the lower to middle part of the weight range is right area for me, and probably for most people my height.

    One of my goals for 2012 is to start asking for more help when I need it instead of waiting for the help to magically appear. I’ve always been the type to try to “do it all” myself. That worked for a long time when I was single and had no responsibilities, but it’s not working for me now. I will ask for more help from my husband to watch the kids so that I can fit in workouts, source and cook primally, and get enough sleep.

    Since I had my kids later in life, I feel extra responsibility in wanting to live as long as possible to be there for them as adults starting their own families someday and also to stay healthy so that I do not become a dependent on them due to my own ill health. I guess I’m gazing pretty far into the future because they are respectively, age 5 and 7 months right now. But longevity starts now! I cannot expect to trash my body for a few more decades and then clean up my act at the last moment and cross my fingers.

    I lost my dad this past summer to Type I diabetes. It was the autoimmune and insulin-dependent type. I watched him slowly deteriorate over 3 decades. He made some valiant strides to improve his health in many ways, but other times his own beliefs about food and the pleasure that it can provide led to destructive eating practices that both shortened his life and decreased his quality of life via poor health. I also have some autoimmune issues, but I’m encouraged by the idea that by aligning my behavior with my genes, that I may be able to reverse those autoimmune tendencies before I get anything big/bad. AND enjoy fantastic health and energy!

    I’ve been ‘dancing with Primal’ since 2009. Implementing it sometimes but not all the way. I own the Vibram FFs, just haven't put 'em on in awhile. With some major life events behind me now in 2011 (birth of 2nd child, death of father, purchase of first house), I plan to make 2012 the year that I can begin to really focus on myself, which will in turn enable me to be a happier and more energetic wife, mother, and –eventually—provider. Besides getting more serious about eating primally all the time, I’m finally shifting my five-year-old daughter to doing so. It was a struggle at first but she’s starting to get used to eating what I make available to her, and what I make available is primal foods! As for the baby who started solids about a month ago, (and who is the spitting image of my father both in looks and in temperament), I’m proud to report that nothing non-paleolithic has reached her lips! It’s like seeing my father as an infant and getting to press the ‘reset’ button on his life events. Imagine: Same genes, different outcome. How I wish he could have lived a bit longer in order to know how much she is like him!

    For now, my immediate goal is to keep my carbs at 100 grams per day or just under. I implemented this on December 29, 2011 (so 13 days ago), at the starting weight of 166.2 and so far, so good. My only deviation to date was the night when I had to pick up my husband and eldest daughter at the airport late at night. Was getting sleepy on the freeway and realized that the only way to wake myself up was to have some caffeine (diet soda, I don't drink coffee), and some chocolate (diet soda alone isn't enough to keep awake a nursing mother). I figured, staying on exactly 100 carbs for the day wouldn't be worth it if I ended up plowing into the divider and killing myself, my whole family, or another hapless passerby. However, the SKOR bar only cost me 25 grams that night and I'm happy to report that my 13 day average stands at 101.7. (Tracking on FitDay is key; I had no idea how many little carbs add up here and there and are present in various foods. I thought eggs and avocados were completely carb-free!). I'm also happy to report that I’ve lost about 6 lbs. and saw 159.6 on the scale. My size 12s are already loosening up! My plan is to stay at 100 grams per day until my daughter turns 1 year old in June, and then re-evaluate how it’s working for me and go from there. Meantime, I will also incorporate more and more exercise into my week. Working out every single day is probably too ambitious of a goal at this point but I can certainly manage several mini in-home PEMs and a hearty walk 3 – 4 times a week. (Outside if the weather isn’t too bad or on my mom’s treadmill if it is).

    Another oddity: I am not usually one to put anything about myself out there on the internet. I’m quite private by nature and do not even have a Facebook account. So why go public now? In short, I crave a community of like-minded people. No longer am I content to sit on the sidelines and just read Mark’s blog when I have time. I need the interaction of supportive friends, even if they are cyber-friends, as I don’t have anyone in “real” life that I can discuss the primal lifestyle with right now. My best friend is doing her own diet thing (something overly restrictive calorie-wise that I’m afraid is doomed to failure, despite her best intentions). My husband recently referred to the paleo style of eating as “crap” (then later sincerely apologized with a hug, after I brought to his attention that I don’t agree with his vegetarianism but have NEVER criticized his belief system, and I support his wishes by cooking vegetarian foods for him). My mother recently asked me if it was okay to get rid of my old size 6/size 8 clothing and I said that I planned to fit back into them soon. Her haughty and derisive snort was the final straw. Primal community, here I come!

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    Hi LB- first off, sorry to hear about your father's passing.

    Second- it can be hard on a relationship when the couple has different views on health and nutrition. Sounds like you have a solid marriage so the best way to prove your point is with results!

    All the best to you on your journey!

    Self-realization. I was thinking of the immortal words of Socrates, who said, "... I drank what?"