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    I went Paleo in August 2011. This is the story of how I got here.

    When I was a kid I grew up with my Dad and Mema (grandma). I grew up being taught about Adelle Davis, homeopathic remedies and eating whole foods. I was a relatively active kid, playing out doors, climbing trees, riding my bike while ruining my shoes to my Dad's furry. When I was 10 my Dad remarried and our diet dramatically changed. We now ate SAD, lots of sugar and treats. The next 8 years would have lots of bumps for me: Atkins (the no veggie but diet soda is ok version), bulimia, skinny fat, fat fat, athletic, exhausted ect ect. I covered all the dieting bases. Mema always reminded me that I need to eat better, and sadly I did not listen to her.

    In 2008 I moved from OKC to Norway. Prior to my move I was still eating SAD (but very little sugar, it upset my stomach) and was very exhausted due to working way to much and sleeping way to little. Norway was a breath of fresh air. I learned to be ok with relaxing and doing nothing a whole afternoon - it took me some time though to slow down, I would get ancy relaxing because we should be doing something. Man have they really figured it out here, relaxing helps so much! I started to learn that fat was ok thanks to my Norwegian boyfriend whom I moved to Norway to be with and that I had to eat a 'real' dinner .. not a tiny plate of food that would not fill a mouse. I learned to eat sugar again (which looking back was a bad thing), and we tried to stick with the typical Norwegian tradition of sugar, candy and soda on the weekends.

    In late 2010 I found out my thyroid had went bad. ek! I was put on synthroid and my doc told me it was for life and there was no way to fix it. Something about that pissed me off, I took it as a challenge. At the time I was not working (immigrations issues) and took to the internet. I read lots about WAPF and really liked it. It sounded alot like my younger childhood. I changed our diet a little bit and kept on with life. My thyroid medicine started working and I had energy again, I decided that it might not be so bad after all. Between the end of 2010 and May 2011 are abit of a blur - I got a new job and was in language class 8+ hours per week to learn Norwegian. What I do know is that sometime around May I read a book by Nina Planck called Real Food and it really was a turning point for me. It got me to thinking. And somehow through the book and WAPF I found MDA.

    I spent June and July 2011 reading everything I could here on MDA. I had read that many people with thyroid problems have a gluten problem too, so over the summer I started to phase out gluten. We traveled alot through the summer, So I decided that in August I was making the big change. Since then I have been trying to stay on target. I have only had gluten a small handful of times and am still working to cut sugar our all the way. I have seen great results though. I have lost 10kg and 20 cm off my waist which is great! The biggest thing is that I have come off my thyroid meds completely! My blood test show that I am doing very well and my doctor is shocked.

    I have decided to start a journal here for public accountability. I want to be more serious about eliminating these poisons from my life. This has gotten me to be serious - "If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough". So this year by the end of 2012 my Goal's/Dream's are 1) to be a size 40 in jeans (US size 10), 2) be able to do 10+ pull up's and push up's, I know that if I can do these 2 things that I am going to be much happier in life - plus the thought of them scare the shit out of me (in a good and bad way).

    Attached is a photo of me from May 2011, just before I went Paleo.


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    I'm right there with you - I want the size 10 too at the end of the year. At least you spent some portion of your life eating well. My mom pumped us full of sugar from the beginning to the end of raising us and was proud of it because her awful mother fed her vegetables. She's still like that! Anyway: I'd love to keep up with your journal. I think I have thyroid issues as well as a bunch of other things that probably aren't working right. But hopefully overhauling the diet, exercise habits and sleep schedule can take care of a lot of these problems.
    Starting weight: 225
    Current weight: 195
    Goal: One pull-up by December 31, 2012
    Method: Schwarzbein Principle II, program for insulin sensitive/burned-out adrenals
    My Primal Journey

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      Lex I am sure your dietary changes to the Primal Lifestyle will help with your thryoid like it did mine! It is exciting to watch it unfold before you!

      Glad we are on the journey together!


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        An update on my progress...

        Since November I have been going swimming 2 times a week, sometimes 3. The pool is 2 meters deep, so I can not touch the bottom while keeping m head above water. This is what I try to do everytime I am at the pool:

        10 normal breast stroke laps
        6 running under water laps without hands
        2 -4 backstroke laps
        tread water for 5-10 minutes with arms at or above surface
        Sometimes more - but those are my goals to reach and if I have time I can go further and do more.

        Then a nice 10 minutes in the sauna

        I walk to town everyday to catch the bus, then the bus drops off a 5-10(depending on the snow or not) minute walk to my work.

        I am taking everything in babysteps though. I know if I pile on lots of stuff that I will set my self up to fail. The idea now is that when I am comfortable with said addition I can add another. I am going to add in weight training in February! I am putting together that plan now. I am unsure why, but I am abit scared to lift weights - I know I am not going to get bulky, that part I understand. I think it is just getting into that I need to overcome then it will be ok


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          I have been reading like crazy! I have been keeping a list of the great articles I have read here for reference.

          I have been talking to my dad alot about this new lifestyle I have. He is still not understanding me with the grains all the way - he gets it mostly, but still thinks it is ok to buy my little sister (12 yr) a loaf of garlic bread with her dinner. I just read this on Robb Wolfs site and it is great, I am sending it to him.

          The foods that are not part of a paleo lifestyle; grains, legumes, soy, dairy, etc, all contain proteins and/or anti-nutrients that our bodies were not designed to handle. Grains contain large protein molecules called ‘lectins’. The digestive system doesn’t have the ‘equipment’ necessary to breakdown lectins, which means, they just hang around in the gut. These ‘loose canons’ have the ability to bind to certain gut receptors and then act as ‘keys’ unlocking a door that lets them out into our bodies. Unfortunately, lectins were ‘born in a barn’ – not only do they not close the door as they leave, but they also damage the gut on the way out. This is how the gut gets ‘leaky’ and it doesn’t end there. Since the lectins are not part of the ‘normal’ environment, the body doesn’t recognize them and the immune system, standing on guard, initiates an attack on the strangers creating antibodies against them. The antibodies made have a striking resemblance to other proteins normally found in our systems. This leads to an autoimmune response (the body attacking itself). The story is similar for legumes and dairy both of which also contain proteins, anti-nutrients and protease inhibitors that irritate the gut in much the same way as lectins. While many may feel exempt from the whole process, claiming that they feel fine – this may not necessarily be the case. While some may be more sensitive to these foods than others, it is likely that removing them will have positive effects across the board. [via]
          I was also reading about having a treat or a cheat, not sure where I read this - to many articles swirling around in my head now. But it was saying that sometimes we really want to have a treat, lets say a slice of chocolate cake. While we could make it Paleo, lots of people say if they are going to cheat they are going to do it 'real'. The problem is 2 fold though. 1, if you actually have a issue with gluten (like I do, thyroid issues) then you are recking havoc on your body. Even if you dont think you have a issue with gluten - it can stay in your Gi tract for up to 30 days.. causing issues. So if you have been working to get a healthy gut flora and then have a 'cheat' piece of cake once a month or so you are just undoing all your hard work. 2, many people tend to downward spiral when they have a 'real' cheat. Something triggers and that one piece of cake turned into the whole cake + 2 candy bars+ ect+ect = a tummy ache from hell, a 'hangover' feeling the next day (or more) and cravings for more. And lets face it, when you are feeling bad and have cravings you are weaker!

          I really get this though pattern and am making sure to not have any real cheats. I think that having a piece of almond and coconut flour cake is really tasty. Also, I am really starting to hate the smell of flour - it is really appalling to me. Now sugar on the other hand I still need to get out of.. I am still allowing it in sometimes. But I am working on it and consciously know it needs to change.


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            I think in general it's best for people who feel really sick to just stay off the gluten and dairy for as long as they can because, yeah, a lot of what I've read indicates that one gluten meal can bring back inflammation it took you a month to heal from. With dairy I get huge acne flare-ups and it's only obvious how much better my skin can be if I eat zero dairy for weeks at a time - one dairy meal alone can mess up my face. It's a good experience to see how much you can heal when you stay on track for as long as you can.

            But if we're just talking about going off diet a bit, it doesn't mean it'll be horribly hard to get back on again. One of the major pitfalls of cheating, I think, is that we tell ourselves we can just let loose on anything after we've messed up because we're already in the "messed-up zone." But if you really do only eat that one thing and cut it off and then try to compensate for it with some exercise, it doesn't derail you. At the beginning of this month, I said okay to doing a high tea with my friend, for example. She was super-excited when I said yes, so backtracking would have felt really lame. I thought if I called ahead I could switch around the menu a bit to be better for me - deviled eggs instead of sandwiches - but the lady who cooks for them wouldn't hear of it. She wouldn't even help me stay dairy-free! So I did it anyway and actually felt fine with the small portions until I ate one super-sugary mint-chocolate cupcake. It was just a sugar headache. But then I went home, got dressed and went for a five-mile hike. I was afraid that if I ate all that junk all my insulin sensitivity would go out the window and I'd be fighting intense cravings again, but I ended up avoiding that trap completely.
            Starting weight: 225
            Current weight: 195
            Goal: One pull-up by December 31, 2012
            Method: Schwarzbein Principle II, program for insulin sensitive/burned-out adrenals
            My Primal Journey

            Created by - Nutrition Facts For Foods


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              Yeah I agree, it is really easy to think that way - I already fell off the wagon.. might as well take in all I can. I really have to tell myself that if I do 'cheat' that it is ok, and just to keep going.. not to keep cheating.

              I am a total sucker for chocolate, the darker stuff. Sometimes I realize I have eaten way more then 1 piece... but I am not going to yell at myself over it and stress myself. Just move along and keep eating good and working out.

              I am doing the whole30 with my dad starting on the 1st. That will be good for me to finally get over these chocolate cravings. I know it is going to be great for both of us and our health. It will be nice! I am hoping it will help me in essence reset my hormones ect and help me feel better. I have been getting sick abit more then normal these days.. but thinking on it I can link it all to sugar. Time to kick the beast to the curb!


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                Originally posted by fondalashay View Post
                I am doing the whole30 with my dad starting on the 1st. That will be good for me to finally get over these chocolate cravings. I know it is going to be great for both of us and our health. It will be nice! I am hoping it will help me in essence reset my hormones ect and help me feel better. I have been getting sick abit more then normal these days.. but thinking on it I can link it all to sugar. Time to kick the beast to the curb!
                That's awesome you're doing the Whole 30! That's a great head start. I looked it up recently and basically it's the diet I want to keep myself on for a lot more than 30 to lose weight. I find it stressful to eat sugar because, if I do, I know my blood sugar levels are going to have vicious fights with my brain about what I should eat for the next few days. It's relaxing to just avoid the fight completely. But, hey, why start on the 1st? Get a head start on your head start and just start eating that way today!
                Starting weight: 225
                Current weight: 195
                Goal: One pull-up by December 31, 2012
                Method: Schwarzbein Principle II, program for insulin sensitive/burned-out adrenals
                My Primal Journey

                Created by - Nutrition Facts For Foods


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                  The only non whole 30 things I eat are chocolate (w/ sugar), dairy and the occasional drink. I do really poorly with sugar, it has always been a issue with me. I get shakey if I eat to much, I get headaches, toothaches ect along with just feeling blah. I am going to be thrilled to finally kick it!

                  I really like dairy, I do just fine with it but I am very interested to see how it will effect me after the 30. I will not change much besides the dairy (if I can handle it ok then) and some alcohol after the month.

                  I think I will start early! I have been cutting things out all this week (sad to see the cottage cheese go from my salads)


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                    Since I have not really keep this journal as a food blog, I thought I would upload a few photos of the dinners I have remembered to take photos of this month. I am going to try to take a photo of my dinner everyday next week and post them all up at the end. will be interesting to me to see what a week of dinners look like. Breakfast and Lunch are almost always the same, so there is not fun in those photos. B: Bacon and Eggs with cheese. L: Bell pepper, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, avocado, roast beef, turkey (sometimes), cottage cheese, hard boiled egg.
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                      Officially started the whole 30 today with my dad. I guess it is a version of, because we are both allowing stevia in tiny amounts (a pinch here and there). I think of stevia like I think of mint leaves that are growing in my window. A spice. Just a pinch with the finger worth when used. No heaping spoons! We are looking for flavor not sweetness overkill. I think we are all so used to sweet taste that we never taste things for what they really are!

                      So for the next 30 days I am eating Meat, Fish, Eggs, Vegetables, Fruit, Nuts, and Seeds. I will try to write in everyday/every few days (hopefully I remember and have the time) what I have had for the day.

                      B: 3 eggs, spice tea
                      L: Large Salad with roast beef, scrambled egg and EVOO
                      D: 1/2 a roasted chicken, roasted veggies in coconut oil (broccoli, onion, zucchini, red bell pepper)
                      Snack: coconut milk with a spoon of cocoa powder, pinch of stevia, spoon of berry mash and squeeze of lime mixed up. It made a ton since I whipped it, so I took a sauce dish of about 1/2 cup. (right after dinner - so not sure if it is really a snack?!)

                      Walk to town in a mad dash to catch the morning bus - 10 minutes
                      Walk to work from bus, 10 minutes more
                      Running errands at the mall - 1 hour

                      I am going to sleep soon, but checked in with my dad (time difference is fun, He has lunch about the time I go to bed :P) - he is really wanting to avoid snacking so his body can get rest in-between meals - along the leptin reset lines. I am glad he is doing this! He says so far the day is going great, he does not miss snacking but is annoyed by the habit of wanting to go get a snack. He was super excited about it and took a t-bone steak with grilled veggies to work for lunch - I am sure the other guys are jealous!
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                        Day 2 Whole30

                        Slept from 11:15 to 7:15.
                        I (creepishly) woke up like 1 minute before my alarm, sat up to see what time it was and my alarm went off. Was super cool, my body just knew I love how much better I have been sleeping since I started to take magnesium. Read up on it if you don't know. Here or/and Here.

                        2 hard boiled eggs and a cup of tea for breakfast.

                        Walk to town/bus/work. Which was hell to put it nicely - it is -6C here and not the way I like to wake up.

                        Lunch was my typical salad (which the guys at work asked if I was sick of yet because it looks so boring. I had to laugh at them because for the last year they have all eaten open face sandwiches with margarine, ham and cheese. Daily. Now that is boring! I get to mix up the veggies/meat/dressings ect)

                        Return walk to bus/town in the still frozen north. Some errands through town. Tested out a pair of vibrams! Will be buying some my next payday!

                        Swam for 30 minutes, 10 minutes in the suana too. Then walked home, taking the killer 4 stories of stairs to get home from the pool!

                        Dinner was paleo shepherds pie. No mash on top, but cauliflower in it's place. Had another cut of my whipped choco-coconut cream after dinner too!

                        Side note: I had a really bad tooth filing when I was younger that is really bothering me now. I think I am going to have to go to the dentist. Which I am not to happy about. I am really big against using tooth paste and flouride. I wrote this huge thing on it on my blog here if you are interested, not going to repeat it here. But I just am not looking forward to the arguments that might come from it. Otherwise my teeth are great, just this stupid 'bad work' as my dad said that was done back in the day.

                        Point of this is, besides cloves.. does anyone have any tips they have used to help pain (I have done plenty of googling, looking for tried and tested).. my upper gum is very slowed around this molar. Cloves work for me, but are abit messy at work :P


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                          Such a lovely idea to post pictures of your meals I took pictures of my meals a few months back during my first attempt at primal but I stopped doing that because my boyfriend thought I was crazy
                          Forgive my ignorance, but where is OKC? It will be -4/-6 here for the rest of the week so I feel your pain/cold.
                          Do you have some more info on the magnesium? I think I might benefit from it (anything to help me sleep less restless) because I used to be such a chocoholic (= source of mag.) and I'm having none now. But I don't want to take a million supplements either, because I already have the birth control, SSRI, and iron/folic acid supplement I always take during exams, and I bought this big box of omega3 fish oil the other day. I feel like an old lady popping all those pills
                          Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. ---George Bernard Shaw
                          When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.


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                            Hope your tooth is feeling better! At least you've been doing great at keeping up with your Whole 30 thing. Glad that on top of people on the forums, you've got your dad going in on it too.

                            And, yeah, Tricia - I totally get people looking at me like I'm an old lady with the pills. But at least I'm eventually getting a better sense of what's most necessary. We all need the Omega-3's and I think some of us might need some extra magnesium.
                            Starting weight: 225
                            Current weight: 195
                            Goal: One pull-up by December 31, 2012
                            Method: Schwarzbein Principle II, program for insulin sensitive/burned-out adrenals
                            My Primal Journey

                            Created by - Nutrition Facts For Foods


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                              Haha, by boyfriend laughs at me when I take photos now - but in a nice way. He says I get this look on my face and he knows it means it is photo time :P

                              OKC is short for Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in the US - I lived there for the 11 years before I moved to Norway (the years before OKC were in Arkansas). Where are you, your temps are going to be the same/close as us here in Norway!

                              I take magnesium and K2 - articles linked below. I take those 2 because I know I am not going to get enough through my food. However, we eat lots of fish, so I dont take any cod liver oil. But I have some around incase we miss fish for awhile. I used to take tons of supplements. Stopped taking them and did not feel a difference. I did/do feel a difference when I eat foods with lots of vitamins in them. I do think that supplements have there place if you are fixing/healing/or have a extreme deficiency.

                              Steve's Original: Paleo Kits, Paleo Diet, Zone Diet, Paleo Diets, Gluten Free
                              Are You Suffering From Magnesium Deficiency? | CHEESESLAVE
                              Vitamin K: The Missing Nutrient
                              Beyond Paleo: Get More Sleep

                              OK Whole 30 day 3

                              The first half of my day was typical (and how the rest will be probably :P - except weekends). Up, mad dash to town, bus, walk to work, 2 hard boiled eggs, cup of tea. Work, Lunch's typical salad.

                              Wednesdays I have Norskkurs (School to learn Norwegian). So I went to a cafe between work and school, normally dont have spare time between the two but will for a few more weeks. Had a mixed green salad, with evoo and chicken. Double check to make sure there was no gluten hiding anywhere in there - the lady said no, we can make it gluten free. They served it with 2 slices of gluten free bread. While they looked good, I know they had grains in them - so I left it on my plate. This cafe has long open tables where you share with others - like when you were a kid in the cafetria. There were people that looked at my funny for leaving my bread, even the lady remarked when she came for my plate. But the place is know for their really good bread - so i get that.. While I ate I read this great new book I got called 'Wheat Belly' - I highly recommend it! The science and facts and stories in it are amazing! I just can't seem to put it down!

                              No work out today, I am in school 3 hours after work so wednesday is my 'rest' day in that sense. Oh also slept the typical 8 hours last night.
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