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    I finally clicked on one of those Ray Peat threads and read a bit. My preferred foods: dairy, fruit, coffee, ice cream and some meat - for good measure And thus, the latest bandwagon I'm jumping on: Ray Peat. For the last few years I have struggled with giving up dairy (for paleo) and fruit (for low carb) and ice cream (for low carb/dairy). Over the last few months as GI problems have worsened I naturally started avoiding veggies and choosing fruit instead. No improvements in constant coldness on low carb, so why the hell not try this. My perfect meal is a cantaloupe with a pint of cottage cheese. So now I will not give up dairy, nor fruit. I will eat less chocolate though because I've been enjoying it less and it makes me feel like a balloon is in my belly.

    Yesterday was an IF until about 5 PM as I waited for combination of orange and raisin gastric explosion to settle down. The raisin distress was due to quantity but oranges... that was a surprise. So, no more oranges for now. Except for clementines. They seem fine.

    Dinner was 1/4 oz grass fed burger with 1.5 oz low fat gouda and a super large bowl of fruit salad with cantaloupe, blackberries, grapes and strawberries. And a half bottle of white wine... Which made me feel great. No GI upset. Until I then ate 2/3 of a mint Endangered Species bar about an hour later - when I got all rumbly and bloated. This has happened before. It also kept me up all night. No more chocolate at night. I even bought fancy shmancy no additive vanilla ice cream yesterday. And FORGOT it was in the freezer? WTF?! I have NEVER forgotten about ice cream... I didn't even really enjoy the chocolate. Hmph. I'll keep monitoring. Its like every once in a while I have these moments of clarity where I can hear my body saying "don't eat this, eat this" and the stupid BED gives my body the finger and eats the crappy food anyway.

    Slept like crap from balloon like sensation in belly and caffeine. And dog sneezing. And garbage pick up. Sigh.

    However, this morning I had the closest to normal bathroom visit in a while. And I made it through my dog walk without a second visit to the loo.

    I wonder what it is like to not even pay attention to the amount/frequency/consistency of one's poop... must be nice Not carrying extra skivvies in the car must be nice too. And to be able to not have anxiety when wearing khakis.

    Fleece vest to cover stomach pooch status: not necessary.


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      H, Lori. Good for you for jumping on the Peat bandwagon

      I'm a reformed binger now thanks to the Peat way of eating. I've gone on restricting calorie diets about million times in the past which gave me the disorder. Low-carb was another disaster for me in terms of making my BED much worse and I'm still recovering from the very low carb diet, hormonally.
      Now my appetite and eating habits are what a normal person's should be like, and I'm ecstatic that I've managed to lose quite a bit of weight over the last two months and I'm pretty satisfied with how I look now.
      The Peat support group here is pretty awesome.

      Anyway, just dropping by to say hi and to wish you good luck!


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        After a coffee with h&h and gelatin I went to crossfit. Randy @55lbs. 7:55. Only 3 seconds faster than last time. We were outside though with no clock. Sometimes my 10-15 second rests get a little too long when I don't have a clock to enforce them.

        Wasn't super hungry still. Then TOM cramps started. I took 2 Aleve within 10 minutes and after 15 minutes or so they completely went away. For the last few years the cramps have been so bad that 2 Aleve and a few hours with a heating pad don't put a dent in them. I'm always so worried I'll be somewhere and not be able to leave when they strike that every month when it starts at home it is such a relief... however, the last 3 months the cramps have responded much better to just the Aleve. I believe last month they went away like this too. I've been eating a lot of dairy lately - so at least I have disproven the "dairy makes cramps worse" idea (for me).

        When I came home I ate:

        - handful of tomatoes from the garden
        - 4 small rice cakes with 1 tbsp butter
        - 1 can of smoked oysters - didn't love them but think I could eat them once a week for some nutrient overload
        - big bowl of fruit salad with cantaloupe, blackberries, grapes (about 1 lb total)
        - 3 fried eggs in CO (<tsp)
        - black coffee

        Felt quite full. Ran some errands and got a little light headed. Not sure why. Yesterday was a pretty low calorie day. Maybe residual. So I ate:

        - 16 oz 4% cottage cheese
        - 80 grams raisins
        - 1 banana

        Holy moly I love eating this way Eating all this fruit is like a dream come true! And so far... still no beach ball feeling... Tomorrow I need to go a little lower on the fat though... The eggs and butter were too much I think. Such a change from constantly trying to add fat in. Tomorrow I want to have some fat "left" for ice cream though I'm thinking I'll saute up some apples with cinnamon to put on top of the vanilla ice cream... yummy.


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          Thanks GrayCat! Still looking 6 months pregnant... but I've eaten just 1 serving of ice cream the last two nights without proceeding to eat anything I can get my hands on... so that is good

          Felt moderately bloated all day yesterday. Low temps the few times I took them. Food was:

          Coffee with 1 tsp sugar + gelatin
          Whole cantaloupe + 16 oz cottage cheese + 80 g raisins
          Grapes, strawberries
          Another coffee with gelatin
          Huge baked potato with 1 tbsp butter and a lot of salt
          5 oz grass fed burger
          1 serving quality vanilla ice cream with no fillers

          I did a pretty tough crossfit WOD in the AM too

          Today I did things a little different. I usually have no appetite in the AM so after a temp of 96.2 about an hour after crossfit yesterday (this was about noon) I decide to actually eat this morning. I actually felt hungry, so that was good.

          So today was:
          8 AM - coffee with 1 tsp sugar and gelatin, 1 banana, 1/2 c 1% cottage cheese
          10:30 crossfit - tough WOD again - more lifting today though, which was nice
          12:30 - homemade chocolate milk - 1.5 c 1% milk, 1 tbsp cocoa, 1 tbsp powdered sugar (my goal was to take this right after working out, but it was about 1.5 hours later - stayed around chit chattin' too long after the WOD and then had to go to the store to buy ingredients
          2 PM - 1.5 c cottage cheese, 80 g raisins
          4 PM - small bowl of fruit
          6 PM - 5 oz burger, big baked potato, butter and salt and 1/2 gelatin pack + 1 serving ice cream

          I felt pretty rumbly right after eating dinner. Sigh. Temp was 97.0. So far this certainly isn't a magic end-of-GI-issues kind of thing. Interestingly... I listened to my bowel sounds after dinner compared to hub's (he had eaten about 2 hours earlier though - so not really a well controlled study!). Given that I felt bloated I assumed my sounds would be hyperactive compared to his... but it was the opposite - if anything I was hypoactive compared to him. I don't know what this means. But I'm noting it, in case it matters in some way

          Back to school tomorrow. Grumble.


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            Yesterday was a GI disaster. Breakfast was 2 HB eggs and 4 dehydrated bananas. I felt super. It was great. I went 4 hours without bloating or gas... and then I ate a cantaloupe and 16 oz of 1% CC for lunch. Ugh. So bad. Like 7 months pregnant bloating bad. I have had this same exact meal before with no problems. Dinner was plain rice cakes, some butter and a little too much cheese... I was way to hungry and just ate too much. Which didn't help the bloating feeling. Got nauseous too. Awesome. Bright side: day 3 of totally normal dessert. Actually, it was none last night but the two nights before I had 1/2 ice cream and nothing else. And I didn't really *want* anything else - which is the real win. So, hey, small victories

            Today I had 2 cups of coffee with 1 tsp sugar each and a gelatin pack between the two. Didn't have time to eat until 12:30. 16 oz 1% CC with 80 grams of raisins. Feel pretty good. Crossfit at 4 so I'll wait to eat anything else.

            Had little breakdown last night because of the pain of the bloating. I guess it really isn't pain per se... its just a step above discomfort. But I've been living with it pretty much constant for a while now. I can't really remember exactly when it started - I think it was January. I feel like it worsened after I tried the SLD oil shots and had a few too many coconut oil laxative episodes - like I messed up the flora in my gut. But who knows. But its so annoying to be afraid to eat. I have eliminated so many things... and then things that were fine... cause an episode like yesterday. Just really frustrated.


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              Crossfit - felt achey going in after being on my feet all day and had pretty low expectations - but perhaps the 85 degrees and crazy high humidity which created a sauna-like environment helped - because I did much better than I expected. 105 lb clean and jerk. Which is really a clean and push press because my jerk isn't too good.

              Post WOD - 3 oz of Jarlsberg lite and a banana.

              Then I went to a Kombucha making class (very cool - took home a SCOBY!).

              Ate dinner late - 1/2 lb cod with some butter and 5-6 rice cakes with some butter. 1 cup ice cream and some honeydew for dessert. Strangest sensation being hungry in my belly (before dinner) but bloated and ick at the same time... Oddly enough I felt a little better after eating the ice cream... Maybe I'll try making a shake one of these nights...

              I did schedule a colonoscopy though. Who knows. Might as well rule out some sort of actual physical problem before my diet consists of nothing but cottage cheese and dehydrated bananas and ice cream Thought that doesn't sound all that bad!


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                Yesterday was bad. Bloated after nothing but water in the morning.

                CC + raisins.

                Smoked oysters, 2 oz jarlsberg lite and 2 small sweet potatoes with butter

                5 oz burger, bowl of watermelon, ice cream. Felt better after the ice cream

                However... this morning. Felt good from the start. Morning routine left me feeling good this morning.

                Coffee + gelatin + tsp coffee
                16 oz CC with 80 g raisins...

                No bloating... even by 12:30... yeah, yeah, yeah!

                8 oz kombucha, 5 oz burger, watermelon, bowl of garden cherry tomatoes... bloat 3:30... few sips of kombucha - all gone. WTF.

                Clearly kombucha doesn't help prophylactically... only once the bloat starts. And it is immediate. This afternoon it was only 5-6 sips that made me feel better. Hmph. Well, fingers crossed it keeps working!

                Off to crossfit.


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                  Bad day today. Out walking the dogs I had a stream of thoughts running through my head. Figured I'd jot some down.

                  Observations of Peat eating for the last 2 weeks.

                  - Cravings and binges are greatly improved. I've only binged once in 14 days. That is (sadly) excellent for me. I'm able to eat my one (sometimes 2) servings of ice cream a night - within nutritional goals for the day - and not be white knuckling the munchies after my dessert. I don't remember the last time this happened.
                  - I'm not miraculously better.
                  - When I'm very bloated and uncomfortable just a few ounces of kombucha helps. Immediately. I don't understand why or what to do with this information. Besides hope that my home brewing works because booch is expensive!
                  - Each morning I drink 2 tbsp of raw ACV with 32 of water. It helps get things moving.
                  - My breakfast meal hardly ever causes GI pain. I eat dairy (CC) and fructose (raisins) and feel totally ok. In fact, I usually feel a little better around 10 AM or so then when I wake up. Like I've de-puffed a little.
                  - I always feel bad after lunch and dinner
                  ---> does ACV first help? Maybe I have low stomach acid? Why would ACV at 6 AM make breakfast at 10 AM tolerable though? Too big of a window?
                  ---> Maybe the acidity of the booch is what helps me feel better. I drank it before meals today. It didn't prevent anything. [I just noticed I have written about this already... I will keep drinking about 16 oz a day for the probiotics but will remember to stop wishfully thinking it will help prevent something]
                  - I made 1/2 banana with 1 packet of gelatin after dinner last night. It was really tasty and satiating. I made it today with 1.5 bananas and 2 packets. I now have heart burn and a tight feeling in my esophagus (?) after swallowing. Too much gelatin? Too much banana?
                  - When I eat oysters they repeat on me for hours
                  - All I really feel like eating are grapes and Jarlsberg Lite cheese and ice cream