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    Tara, 29
    SW 231.8 lbs 11/7/11
    CW 213.2 lbs 1/12/12

    My goals are to make the change permanent, be healthy, be stronger, weigh a lot less (ideally under 140lbs), not be constantly injured (no more tendonitis & plantar fasciitis), feel refreshed when I wake up for once in my life, not get depressed clothes shopping, play more without fear of getting hurt), be comfortable wearing shorts (I picture a sweaty overweight woman at the beach wearing jeans came up with the idea of capri pants), and enjoy having my picture taken. I could go on but ultimately I want to truly enjoy life as much as I can without health and physical limitations. I want to be a success story.

    Please send me a private message if you've had inflammation issues go away after taking omega-3 supplements. I'm trying to determine if they truly work for the -itis conditions. THANKS!

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    Background Info

    I grew up always weighing more than other kids my age, self conscious of my weight/appearance. Didn't have the best role models for healthy eating (not even a "healthy" SAD). Cereal and pasta were favorites, as were chocolate and other sugars. I could nibble on a package of saltines with a bottle of water watching a movie. The only vegetables I liked were corn and potatoes and fruit roll-ups or fruit snacks were my fruits of choice.

    I wasn't an active kid and in my teens I discovered I was easily injured and it took forever to heal. During this time, my mom was battling with her weight and tried SO many different diets/fads that resulted in her weight fluctuating over the years. In her own way she tried to help me but her guilting/nagging me about my food choices (that she brought home) helped me form an unhealthy relationship with food.

    In middle school, high school and college I had months of great success where I was on the right path but something in life derailed me. Whether it was a family member dying, eating crap food on graduation day (after months of eating strict SAD diet), or injury. Unfortunately the weight came back and then some. It didn't help that once I started buying my own food I was buying junk food (by SAD standards) and drinking Jamba Juice as a healthy snack

    When I met my husband (after I turned 20), after witnessing my injury patterns he gave me the nickname The Unbreakable (after Samuel L Jackson's character from the movie Unbreakable) On the plus side, I was being introduced to some vegetables and occasional fruits (fruit=TOO SWEET but candy=greatness). I could still go days without eating real vegetables or fruit, but there were less of those. I wanted to do better, lose the weight for SO MANY reasons...I was weak/lazy/discouraged so I would feel guilt and shame when buying the food I knew I shouldn't. I would even hide the "stash" and that is REALLY messed up.

    Over the last 10 years, I have been in a broken state for all of them ranging from minor annoyance to I can't get out of bed. The list includes (most likely leaving out some): Drum Roll....

    I've had multiple soft tissue injuries lasting 6+ months each, tendonitis in both wrists and feet (3 out of 4 at the same time), plantar fasciitis, debilitating muscle tension headaches (which started while getting my free training session at the gym), allergies, sinus infections (I've had sinus problems continually since June), after 2 car accidents approx 10 yrs apart I've had neck/shoulder/back pain, muscle & joint pains lasting months, ear aches,loss of equilibrium for a few days, breathing noises annoying my husband while sleeping, dry eyes, a month long case of bronchitis/pneumonia/secondary infection closing off airways (came close to going to emergency room a couple times, spent a week on couch trying not to move because breathing was REALLY difficult), easy to bruise (a LOT of times not knowing how I got them), and I'm sure I forgot something.

    I've tried traditional doctors, naturopathic doctors, prescription drugs, OTC drugs, Ice, Heat, ultrasound (which helped quite a bit with the tendonitis in my wrists), and supplements (which gave me hope and less money in the bank).

    Not only is this painful/stressful/depressing for me, but my husband was also frustrated with having a broken girlfriend/wife. I do my best to not let it interfere with my behavior/personality/activities but it does happen. I don't like not being myself...come to think of it I don't really know how much more fun I'd be if I wasn't in some sort of pain or discomfort, not to mention always feeling lethargic (could almost always be ready for a nap) and never feeling rested and alert after 6-10hrs of sleep.

    The most recent weight loss was in 2009 where I went from my heaviest ~250 lbs down to ~170 lbs with the help of chronic cardio (where I discovered the joy of tendonitis), "healthy" SAD (LOTS of carbs from whole wheat), STRICT calorie counting using fitday & food scale, and grumbling stomach. I did feel better about myself but I was frustrated that I was being slowed down by the injuries that EXERCISING was causing. It also seemed as though my mind was always on food/exercise/weight. Also didn't like cooking for 2 because it was harder to be accurate counting calories.

    Well...I got off track for a tiny bit, then was getting back into the swing of things when we moved and it all went downhill from there. Packing boxes/moving/unpacking boxes = pizza & beer, and other fast food. I gave into "peer pressure" and was eating what/when others around me were. A month straight of easy, quick fast food undid months of being super strict and I liked the freedom once again of eating what I wanted, when I wanted and how much I wanted. And by October 2011 I was back up to ~235 lbs and ready to do it again! Towards mid-Oct my husband came across the Primal Blueprint on the Lew Rockwell Blog and sent me the Amazon link for the 21 day book along with MDA website. I saw what I would be required to give up and my initial reaction was to say "Forget this shit" and move on.

    A few days later I looked at the book's Amazon reviews and decided it would be worth at least reading the book and doing the 21 day challenge. So I ordered it with the intention of reading it over the next month or so and then starting in January. Well, I got the book and a couple chapters in I HAD to skip ahead and started figuring out what food I could no longer eat. For a day or two I was weeding out certain foods but then went Primal 11/7/11 weighing in at 231.8 lbs (pic of me standing).

    It was an interesting month for grocery shopping and purging the house with the help of food donation, pawning off food on friends/family/neighbors/dogs and the trusty trash can. My husband was slow to start so the purging took longer than I had hoped BUT I stayed on track.

    I will admit that I still have my bad habits, but I've limited them to dark chocolate (started out with dark chocolate chips, then 80-90% cocoa, and now snack on unsweetened cocoa) and coconut. I am amazed by all the coconut products there are. I LOVE coconut milk, oil, flakes and the flour, vinegar and aminos are also good. These are what got me to stick with the Primal Blueprint when I went out my childhood friends (cereal, pasta, crackers, chips, etc). It also helped that the 1st week I was down 6 lbs! I kept that in mind when cussing at an advertisement for Buffalo Wild Wings and other forbidden poison.

    I've been using our Precor Elliptical machine for convenient regular movement & sprints, and until 2 weeks ago I was lifting heavy things before my arms entered the famous "broken state" after working on turning compost pile . Yesterday I started taking Omega-3 supplement in hopes that will help with some of my issues. I desperately want these to go away and for me to have the energy I read others have gotten since going Primal.

    It's been a little over 2 months and I'm down 19 lbs. The biggest difference I notice (besides looking a little better) is I feel better about myself and what I'm putting in my body. I don't feel ashamed when grocery shopping anymore. I am beyond surprised by how my taste buds have changed, they are sensitive to sugar. Plain pumpkin no longer needs tablespoons of sugar to be edible! I tried to do a primal cheat with a coconut macaroon that had honey in it and I couldn't eat 1/4 of a single macaroon. I had also tried to eat a Naked Coconut Bliss Bar, same thing happened

    If you've made it to this sentence you've earned yourself a prize...go take a walk because you've been on the internet too long
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      it's few months girl. where's the update?