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Primal Journal (and journey) by lizeroo

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  • Primal Journal (and journey) by lizeroo

    My primal blueprint journey began with the receipt of some really alarming lab results in mid December 2010. My GP had been pondering whether to add a statin to my regimen of prescriptions. He decided to have my CRP (hs) and APOB levels done. To my embarrassment (as a cardiology RN), I had only recently learned of the importance of these tests recently.
    The tests came back elevated on both counts, which is a valid predictor for a cardiac event in the next decade, along with my suspected metabolic syndrome. I spent the next few weeks reading, web surfing and researching healthy eating and a way to come to terms with the mess I had made of my health. A link to an article on Marks blog finally brought me here. And it all made so much sense to me!
    I have jumped in with both feet and have brought my husband along. My ten year old daughter is eating mostly primal with us and we hope she will want to go the whole way with us, soon.

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    Hi there. It is now Feb. 18 and we are six weeks into living primal. I have lost 16.5 lb and my husband has lost 14 lb. My knees and joints no longer ache. I sleep 7-8 hours without interruption now. I have stable energy throughout my work day and no longer have the carb crashes and cravings that plagued my days for many years.
    I have tried bread twice while out for dinner and experienced a lot of gastric distress. These experiences cemented my resolve to live truly grain free. Love, love, love this way of living!