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Sooze Primal Recovery (Success Story in the Making)

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  • Sooze Primal Recovery (Success Story in the Making)

    I leapt in, late, to Success Stories in the Making.

    ME: 56 years old. Cancer survivor. Lyme Disease Recover-er. Person with Autoimmune Spondylitis. Wife, mother, caregiver to a disabled adult child. Lots of chronic stress.

    I am 5'7" tall. I weigh 210 lbs. My C-reactive protein is 2.9 (high risk). My sed rate is 40 mm/H (<30 normal). My waist circumference is 40 inches (yow!) And my fasting blood sugar is 107. (<100 normal).

    So, okay. I suffer from inflammation, fersure.

    Here are the things I can control:
    1. What I eat.
    2. How I move.
    3. How I relax, pray and play.

    I've been pretty ill but I am currently as "stable" medically as I've been in 5 years, and it's time to own life. So I'm diving in.

    I will be reporting my efforts to eat, move, relax and play primal. At the end of the challenge period, I hope to see a change in my weight, waist, and inflammatory markers.


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    Today's meals:

    B: nada
    L: 2 small loin lamb chops, green salad with broccoli sprouts, olive oil.
    D: 4 oz. pork loin, spinach with olive oil, baked potato with butter, 1 orange.

    1584 cal., 68 gms. carbs

    Tomorrow is lifting things.



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      Welcome Sooze! I hope primal goes really well for you. You deserve it.
      Ancestral Health Info

      I design websites and blogs for a living. If you would like a blog or website designed by someone who understands Primal, see my web page.

      Primal Blueprint Explorer My blog for people who are not into the Grok thing. Since starting the blog, I have moved close to being Archevore instead of Primal. But Mark's Daily Apple is still the best source of information about living an ancestral lifestyle.


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        Thank you, Hedonist! I appreciate the cheer.

        Today was great. I am now off antibiotics for Lyme and Bartonella and treating any infection left over with herbals: Japanese knotweed tincture and teasel tincture, plus a general tonic that I made myself. The tonic is made from shitake mushrooms, ginger, garlic, and cilantro. It supports detox as well as immune function. I had NO fatigue today, was able to exercise and do a lot here and there.

        B: 2 eggs on a bed of raw greens, sauerkraut, 2 brazil nuts, 1 tsp. cod liver oil, 2 tsp. salmon roe, 1/4 c. salsa.
        L: beef broth with veggies and winter squash
        D: 1 glass white wine, 5 oz. salmon in butter/stock sauce, plateful of greens.

        1302 calories 64 gms. carb

        Feeling GOOD today!

        Exercise: 30 min.: 5 minutes of pushing it on the treadmill alternating with strength exercises for a total of 20 minutes. on the treadmill. I prefer walking outdoors but I'm a cold wimp and it was 0 degrees and windy today. 2 months ago, my doc sent me to physical therapy because I had clinical weakness in my left leg. The physical therapist had me doing squats into a chair (basically sit down and get up without using hands) and I could only 4 sets of 5. Today I did one set of 30! Go, me! My legs are getting stronger.


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          Ok, I haven't posted much, but I have been working The Plan to the best of my ability.

          My follow-up mammogram is normal. No cancer anywhere. I am out from under the crushing fatigue of Lyme disease. My doc, treating me for Lyme, says he doesn't see too many people recover as quickly as I have. I attribute that to diet. (Thank you, Mark!) I am off antibioitics now for about 4 months, and I am taking herbal antiseptic meds: japanese knotweed, sida acuta, and teasel root. So far, so good.

          I can sleep through the night.

          I've lost 10 pounds in two months.

          I can walk for 40 minutes's the day I push that to 60 min. (Move around a lot slowly) I have a loop in my neighborhood that is 20 min. per loop. Today I go for 3 loops.

          I can do 60 minutes of spin class, which I totally enjoy. I do this about once or twice a week and count it as my sprints. I tend to up the resistence up high and decrease the cadence, which builds strength in the legs. I don't see the benefit of sitting there spinning fast at low resistence-----doesn't accomplish much of anything.

          Strength---not so much. Because my spine is in such awful shape from the ankylosing spondylitis, I am afeard of Lifting Heavy Things. Here's my plan, though: for the next five weeks, I will be living in a hotel room in Plattsburgh, NY. The bad news is the hotel room only has a refrigerator and a microwave. The good news is on site is a full gym. I plan on hiring a personal trainer for half-hour strength building sessions twice a week. Between that and daily long walks, a spin class once a week, I should be able to continue my progress even though I am away from home, away from a full kitchen, and working an 8 hour day.

          My food plan?

          1. To keep in my room:
          coconut oil, coconut milk, kerrygold butter, olive oil, good vinegar
          fresh fruit
          snackable veggies
          canned salmon and tuna

          2. Plan for Breakfasts:
          eggs, cooked vegetables, fresh fruit

          3. Plan for lunches:
          Big Ass Salads made the night before
          Vegetable Soups

          4. Plan for dinners:
          I have a meal allowance that permits me to eat out for dinner. My plan is to find a restaurant that will cater to my needs----fish broiled in butter or olive oil; lots of veggies, cooked and raw. There are a couple of restaurants I think will serve me well: a seafood place, a steak house, one Thai and one Himalayan restaurant, one Greek (for lamb!) and that should do nicely.

          I'm looking forward to the challenge of staying Primal while away from a full kitchen.

          I get my next physician checkup July 19th. That gives me almost 4 months of Primal to see how far down I can get my inflammatory markers. I still have moderate amounts of spine discomfort that tell me I still have a process going on, but it's better.

          This may just save my life!


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            67 minutes of brisk walking, go, me!
            B: 2 eggs cooked in coconut oil, a few prunes
            L: raw carrots, a few pieces of herring (more like a snack)
            D: Lacto-fermented red cabbage, a bit of canned salmon

            Really feeling good today; very little pain on my walk, even though I added a full loop.



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              Sounds like you are doing a great job--
              My husband had Lyme and he was down much longer than you.
              Glad to hear you are sleeping. Get a mask if room is too light and earplugs perhaps.
              It isn't easy to deal with long-term stress, but you are clearly taking positive good steps to heal yourself.

              please post your markers so we can all cheer :-)


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                Thank you, Miss Blue. My Lyme doc himself couldn't believe my response. I had suffered from crippling plantar fasciitis for 18 months, attributed to the infection in the connective tissue of my feet. That resolved after 3 months of antibiotics. I'd been sick for about 5 years before being diagnosed and treated. The last two years, well, I was down for the count.

                Today is our Passover seder. I made a brisket tzimmes: large grassfed beef brisket slow-braised with carrots, onions, garlic, and sweet potatoes. I will eat along with a large green salad and a piece of gluten free matzoh for ritual purposes.

                Tomorrow I am off to my new situation. I'm looking forward to the challenge of living Primal in a hotel that has only a microwave (don't use) and a refrigerator.

                Should be an interesting adventure.



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                  Been a difficult week. I've been away for work (one week down, four more to go).

                  I've been living in a hotel suite that has a miniscule microwave, an eensy refrigerator, and a tiny sink. That's it. Also, I only get a half hour for lunch at work and sometimes not even that. This past week was not a good one for primal living.

                  Now that I've had a week of this under my belt, it's time to re-think the problem spots and make this week better.

                  PLAN: I need to eat a bigger and better breakfast, since mid-day eating is iffy at best.
                  ---For in-room breakfasts: smoked wild salmon, nuts and berries, whole milk organic greek yogurt.
                  ---For restaurant breakfasts: veggie omelettes! with fruit!

                  Snacks for the work day: Lara bars, cut veggies. (Any other suggestions?)

                  Dinners: A glass of wine. A salad, veggies with butter or olive oil, fish or steak.

                  So today the plan is to go to the market and buy smoked salmon, yogurt, nuts, frozen berries, lara bars, maybe some good cheese.

                  This week will be better. Luckily, there is a steakhouse where I can get all kinds of meat, fish, seafood, a baked potato, and a salad bar. I think that will be my hangout this week.