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    I'm starting this thread while (impatiently) waiting for Mark to post my "In the Making" before photo! My goals are to lose at least 50 lbs. and to LOOK HOT for my oldest daughter's wedding later this year! (And then lose more weight and undercover my inner lioness.)

    Starting stats (1/18/12):
    Age: 52
    Weight 225.0
    Height: 5'6"

    I'm excited about the "In the Making" journey and am looking forward to posting my progress. All comments and suggestions are most welcome!

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    Things have gotten off to a slow start, but when I realized this morning that I only have a mere 10 months before my daughter's wedding to accomplish what YEARS of trying have failed to accomplish, it's as if I lit a fire under my butt! Time is of the essence! It's time to get off my butt and MOVE! (I'll be renewing my bodybugg subscription as soon as I post this message. When I first started tracking my activity, I was shocked as to how little I actually moved - something like 3,500 steps a day and not even close to the minimum recommended 10,000 steps.)

    I hate the challenge of eating in restaurants, especially when I don't get to choose the restaurant. I had to do that yesterday (Cracker Barrel) and ended up falling off the Primal wagon big time. My intentions to order a salad went completely out the window! What's up with that???!!!

    Besides getting off my butt and moving, today has been better with eating Primal, too. Breakfast was an omelette with two omega-3 eggs (love those bright yellow yolks!), kielbasa, and sauteed mushrooms. Mmmm!