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    Starting a new Journal here.

    32y M, living in Bishop, CA.

    6'2", currently 193# @~13%BF

    Interested in Primal living, intermittant fasting, weight training, rock climbing, mountaineering, snowboarding, learning to hunt

    Goals for this year:

    -Body Recomposition: 185#, <10%BF

    Squat 225#x5
    Deadlift 315#x5
    Bench 180#x5
    Press 135#x5
    Pullups +45#x5

    -Climbing goals:
    Climb the Red Dihedral

    -Snowboarding goals:
    At least twenty resort days
    At least three backcountry days

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    Welcome! I was just in Bishop yesterday.

    I think primal philosophy and eating/moving is a great match with your goals.



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      Thanks RC! Were you out here bouldering? Im pretty excited to see what 2012 will bring.


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        I was out taking pics...But I hit a deer and bound up my door so I came home

        I love the Owens valley. Reminds me of home.



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          Hey been a while since I posted. Making it a goal to post here each day when possible.

          Been on a Leangains kick lately, trying to make it more Primal... It's totally doable.

          Spent the morning looking at potential houses.

          Two cups black coffee, one zero cal energy drink

          Lunch - 1 lb turkey breast, 8 oz mixed greens, one red pepper, 1/2 cucumber, 2 tomatoes

          Gym - Squats warmups then 200x6,190x6,160x7 - screwed up did too many reps on top set, too much weight on second set
          Overhead press - 105x5, 95x6, 85x7
          Pullups - +25#x5, +5#x6, bodyweightx7

          Dinner - 1 lb chicken breast, 1/2 onion, 1/2 red pepper, two tomatoes, half cup spinach, 8 oz mixed greens, three tortillas, small piece cornbread, one clif bar for desert

          Total macros - protein ~200g, carbs ~220g, fat ~20g