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  • magical journal of spughy's amazing willpower

    A few weeks ago I read an article about the famous explorer, H. M. Stanley. That guy was pretty bad-ass, pushing himself to do nearly impossible things and staying sane and civilized while he did it. I need some of his mojo. I've been having problems with willpower since the holidays. I'm pretty sure I've regained all the weight I lost during my low-food-reward experiment. I'm not happy with myself right now and I need to fix it. I LIKE losing weight and feeling in control and on top of things, and I don't like feeling crappy and bloated all the time. I don't need to lose a huge amount of weight - 25 lbs MAX - but I do want some of it gone.

    I don't want to do extreme low-reward any more - if I didn't have a family to feed it would be fine and I'd do it in a second, but it's just too hard to prepare two meals (or more) all the time even if one just does get shoved in the nuker. Also, I don't want to lose too quickly because I've also got some strength goals I'm working on and I don't want to jeopardize those. I'm just going to be straight primal - no starch, no sugar - and sticking to the 2-3 sessions per week of LHT, 1 sprint, and everyday walk/jog at 55-60% max heart rate for over an hour.

    Stanley made public commitments to his goals, in writing, and reaffirmed them with little rituals every morning. His involved shaving - but I'll give myself a little talking-to every morning and go back to weighing myself frequently. Don't worry, I won't bore anyone here with daily reports or Jack Handy-esque daily affirmations. I just need this pressure. Having this journal here and knowing that other people are reading and watching will help me silence the little voice inside me that says if I use the loo at Starbucks I have to buy something, or that "my daughter" needs a treat for after school, or that the folks at the little grocery need more support from me than just buying their coffee.

    If I don't post regularly, I deserve mockery and name-calling. Hunter-gatherers regularly used that sort of thing to keep folks in line, and I might as well go all-out primal. Go ahead. Subscribe to the thread - and feel free to call me all sorts of names if I'm not posting at least every other day. In order to assist with the name-calling, here are some of my flaws you may wish to expand on:

    - I'm short
    - I'm nearly 40
    - I'm a stay-at-home parent with a part-time job that involves getting paid to cuddle babies
    - I grew up in the boonies
    - I like haggis and I'm not even Scottish
    - I have a BA in English

    That should be plenty for starters.

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    Well I keep forgetting to weigh myself in the morning (scale is stashed somewhere...) but otherwise all is well. Worst thing I did yesterday was put a drizzle of maple syrup on some plain yogurt I had for dessert. Otherwise food was all good, despite the voices of indulgence telling me that since I was getting a crappy start to the day yesterday (poor sleep, no time for workout) I might as well go and have one last Bubby Rose's cinnamon bun. But the voices of reason and goodness prevailed, and I did not have a cinnamon bun, and then I felt good about myself all day. Which is much better than the 2 minutes of deliciousness followed by a day of recrimination and bloating.

    This morning I am suffering a bit from an overdose of cabbage - both raw and cooked - and maybe some more citrus than my wee innards are accustomed to (ever try a shaddock? AWESOME) but I feel less bloaty and more on top of things. So yay.

    (Edit to add: see? cabbages? How could you resist?)
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      The cool thing is, sticking to what you need to do can make an amazing difference in one month. It's human nature to wake up every morning and think "I ate well yesterday, why do I still feel and look like this?!" I'm on day 26 (I'm going for a minimum of 30 days) of hard-core primal compliance, which has already removed all of my holiday excess poundage and makes my skin glow. It's so tempting to throw some nuts in my stir-fry, but then I remember NO NUTS FOR 30 DAYS and have a fried egg instead.

      I think not weighing every day is good. Once a week removes all those wiggly ups-and-downs which just confuse me.


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        I thought I wrote a post between the last one and this one, but it seems to have evaporated. Oh well, I don't think I said anything of import.

        I weighed myself and things were not as bad as I'd thought, and I'm down a pound now from when I weighed myself and now I will put the scale away for a week. Tuesday I rocked out an AWESOME workout with 5 sets of 5 reps @ 120lb squats, followed by assorted other things including something over 60 pushups and some good dynamic lunges. Yesterday I did an hour and a half hike, followed by a distressing lack of stretching (worse than no stretching, actually - sitting in the car for an hour) that made my afternoon somewhat painful. But good pain! Except for the part where my snug boots didn't want to go on my calves because the muscles are all poofed. Today I will do a gentle hour walk and tomorrow it's sprint time! My tummy is shockingly flatter, too. Horrifying how distended it gets with crappy food.


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          Keep working hard! You are giving me inspiration to get moving!!