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    Originally posted by Shijin13 View Post
    Ok...since my labs aren't showing up let me post what I've got so far... I've posted my labs from 8/31/2011 and the labs from 1/25/2012 (yesterday) so the whole picture starts to show...

    hs CRP (8/31/2011) .65mg/L (1/25/2012) .18mg/L (Range 0.00 - 3.00mg/L)
    HbA1C (8/31/2011) 5.3% (1/25/2012) 5.6% (range 4.8-5.6%)
    glucose (8/31/2011) 89mg/dL (1/25/2012) 88 mg/dL (range 65-99)
    IGF-1 (8/31/2011) 178ng/mL (1/25/2012) 185ng/dl (range 109-284)

    TIBC (8/31/2011) 260 ug/dL (1/25/2012) 279 ug/dL (range 250-450 ug/dl) For some reason chiro/NP is worried about this
    UIBC (8/31/2011) 196 ug/dl (1/25/2012) 196 ug/dl (Range 15-375 ug/dl)
    Iron serum (8/31/2011) 73 ug/dl (1/25/2012) 83 ug/dl (range 35-155 ug/dl)
    Iron Saturation (8/31/2011) 30% (1/25/2012) 28% (range 15-55%)
    Ferritin Serum, (1/25/2012) 33ng/ml (13-150 ng/ml)

    TSH (8/31/2011) 2.77 mUI/mL (1/25/2012) 4.12 uIU/mL (range for 8/31/11 .350-5.50 mIU/ML; range for 1/25/12 .450-4.50 uIU/mL) Chiro/NP freaked out by this
    Thyroxine (T4) (1/25/2012) 7.4 ug/dL (range 4.5-12.00 ug/dl)
    t4 Free (8/31/2011) 1.12 ng/dL (range .6-1.6 ng/dl)
    T3 uptake (1/25/2012) 38% (range 24-39%)
    Free Thyroxine Index (1/25/2012) 2.7 pg/mL (range 2.0-4.4 pg/mL)
    T3 (8/31/2011) 85.6 ng/dl (1/25/2012) 74 ng/dl (range for 8/31/2011 : 60-181ng/dl; range for 1/25/2012: 71-180ng/dl
    Free T3 (8/31/2011) 2.5pg/mL (1/25/2012) 2.7pg/mL (range 2.0-4.4 pg/ml)
    Reverse T3 (8/31/2011) 265pg/ml (1/25/2012) - WAITING ON RESULTS (range 90-350 pg/ml)
    TPO ab (8/31/2011) <6 iu/mL (1/25/2012) <6 iu/ml (range 0-34)
    Antithyroiglobulin AB (8/31/2011) <20 iu/ml (1/25/2012) <20 iu/ml (range 0-40)

    testosterone, serum (8/31/2011) 29/ng/dl (1/25/2012) 55 ng/dl (range 8-48) Chiro/np freaked about this
    Testosterone, Free (8/31/2011) .55ng/dl (1/25/2012) waiting on results (range .1-.85 ng/dl)
    %free Testosterone (8/31/2011) 1.9 (1/25/2012 ) waiting on results
    estradiol (8/31/2011) 51.8pg/mL (taken on cd 16) (1/25/2012) 91.1 pg/ml (cd 4) (range: follicular phase 12.5-166; ovulation phase 85.8-498; luteal phase 43.8-211.; post menopausal <6-45.7)
    Progesterone (8/31/2011) .5ng/mL (take on cd 16) (1/25/2012) .5ng/dl (cd 4) (range: follicular phase .2-1.5; luteal phase 1.7-27; ovulation phase .8-3; post menopausal .1-.8)
    LH (1/25/2012) 6.1mIU/mL (range: follicular phase 2.4-12.6; ovulation phase 14-95.6; luteal phase 1.0-11.4; postmenopausal 7.7-58.5)
    FSH (1/25/2012) 5.3 mIU/mL (range: follicular phase 3.5-12.5; ovulation phase 4.7-21.5; luteal phase 1.7-7.7; postmenopausal 25.8-134.8)
    DHEA-S (8/31/2011) 196.0 ug/mL (1/25/2012) 169.7 ug/dl (range 60.9-337.00)
    Pregnenalone (1/25/2012) waiting on results
    SHBg (1/25/2012) 67.1nmol/L (range 24.6-122)

    Vit D3, 25 hydroxy (8/31/2011) 116ng/ml (1/25/2012) 64.6 ng/ml (range 30-100) need to get back on the 1000 IU/day!
    magnesium, serum (1/25/2012) 2.0mg/dl (1.6-2.6)
    Magnesium, RBC (1/25/2012) waiting on results
    Vit B12 (1/25/2012) 1812 pg/ml (range: 211-946) Chiro/np wasn't worried about this - guess I need to back off the Bvit?
    Folate, serum (1/25/2012) >19.9ng/ml (range: >3; indeterminate: 2.2-3.0; deficient <2.2)

    Renal panel, phosphorus, serum (1/25/2012) 3.5mg/dl (range 2.5-4.5)
    Hepatic funciton, bilirubin direct (1/25/2012) .08mg/dl (range 0.0 - .40)

    I'm still waiting on my NMR, RT3, Pregnenolone, Homocystine, Magnesium RBC, insulin, AA/EPA ratio, salivary cortisol, GI FX & I need to transcribe my CBC w/Diff and my metabolic panel.

    So here's what I think is going on: I've still got some inflammation going on - hence the increase in my HbA1C. I still need to understand the IGF-1 and what that's telling me (got to go back and read Dr K's most recent explanation on that and SGHB). I also think the LR has reset at the Pituary-Thyroid axis - but the RT3 will verify this - the reason why I think this... is my TSH has jumped - so that means my pituary is telling my thryoid make more, where as before it was just content to sit at the middle range. Also my freeT3 has increased (ever so slightly). My Testosterone, Serum has jumped up... could be 1 of two things - now that my TOTM is starting to make regular appearances - my PCOS has reared its head again....or the 50mg of 7Keto DHEA converted to T (though I doubt that's it). Chiro/NP flipped out about this - and gave me some chaste berry extract (which I've been taking daily) My Estradiol has increased - and now appears to be in range for the cycle times (though I don't think its optimal); my progesteron is in the dungeon (regardless of cycle time) - so there's something that needs some work - and is probably 1 reason why my migraines have been making a regular appearance. DHEA-S has decreased - which is just one confirmation that I've still got pregnenolone steal occurring - but I'll get verification when I get my pregnenolone and NMR back. SGHB is on the low end - but I need to educate myself as to whats going on with that. Once I get the rest of my labs - I'll have a good starting point for steering. When I see the docs I'm scheduled to see beginning in Feb - I think I've got a good place to start...

    Here are the supplements I'm on:
    50mg 7-keto dhea (need to re-order)
    now prenatal caps
    EPA/DHA 2400mg O3, 1200mg EPA; 800mg DHA
    CoQ10 ubiniquol 100mg
    Vitamin C 2000mg
    Magnesium 1000mg
    B- complex 2x/day
    5-htp 200mg
    K2 (MK7) 30mg/day
    5000IU VitD3
    3mg melatonin
    100mg PS
    PQQ (just ran out need to re-order)

    Ok...what does everyone else think?
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    PCOS has reared its head again
    Your testosterone is still within range, that is the FreeT.
    That is thanks to somewhat elevated SHBG. Yours SHBG=67.1, dr K mentioned 51 as optimal.

    Because of high TotaT, you may want to use only 7ketoDHEA.
    Next time add Androstenedione to list of tests.

    Estradiol =91.1 pg/ml (cd 4), it is very high, should be ~30 on 4th day, consider Arimidex, start 1mg/7days, over your cycle use two pills only, one on day #1 the next on day #7

    Progesterone .5ng/mL (take on cd 16) ,,,,, .5ng/dl (cd 4)
    Your progesterone is not only low but it is flat throughout the cycle. Men needs 3x more progesterone than you have.

    Between the two, P/E ratio is real low ---->migraines

    Likely your pregnenolone is low,
    IIRC your morning cortisol, serum is low and you have higher afternoon cortisol, ie; bad circadian cycle

    Between pregnenolone and 7ketoDhea supplementation, you should be able to make good improvements.
    Fix preg/E2 problem first, but latter you may want to try additional pills of 7ketoDHEA.

    When are you taking the 100mg PS? I seen variety of opinions on when to take it.


    Your current TSH=2.77
    you are not taking any sthyroid hormone supplementals.
    You do not need to get involved in agonizing discussions about benefits of iodine supplementation because you are low on antibodies.
    selenium first, 20-50mg iodine (per dr Brownstein)
    Note, high estrogens inhibit T4--->T3 conversion.

    When your cortisol gets in better shape, I see 1-2 grains of THYROID-s


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      Originally posted by Shijin13 View Post
      Jan TSH is 4.12 uIU/mL for the test earlier this week... 2.77 was last august - so something has changed.

      As for the whole P/E ratio and the High T -(I'm still waiting on the Free T) ; just further confirmation of PCOS for me... Hoping these labs will convince 1-2 docs that I need bioidential hormones to address the issue... srsly considering Duzgan

      Salivary cortisol should be in by the end of next week - I'm confident that I've reversed the circadian rhythm of cortisol - as I'm waking up before DH's alarm goes off at 515; and the only time I'm crashing is when I have a bit more carbs w/bkft than normal...

      for selenium i'm eating 1-2 brazil nuts/day

      I've been supplementing 50mg of 7Keto Dhea for the past 4 mths; I know I'm gonna need pregnenelone (but hoping for a rx from a doc so I can buy it using my FSA)

      I'm taking the 100mg of PS at night w/my 3mg of melatonin, and 1000mg of magnesium

      btw can you post the chart showing optimal ranges again? also the one showing the steroid hormone cascade?
      TSH 4.12
      I wish you hurry up with raising preg/prog/corisol/selenium/iodine/DHEAs

      It does not make a sense introducing HC because you want to use natural thyroid, but if your TSH keeps raising, that may be necessary.

      Selenium and iodine that I use:

      2/day--> Super Selenium Complex, 200 mcg 100 capsules
      Super Selenium Complex, 200 mcg 100 capsules

      1 dropperfull/day (=~48 mg iodine/iodide)

      All in all you are low on DHEAs, I am not recommending straight DHEA because it may turn into testosterone, but 7ketoDHEA does not converts.
      You may want to test your limit, say 200mg/day 7ketoDHEA
      If all that ends up with higher DHEAs, that still may not be good for totalT, must try and see what works.

      7keto is thermogenic, should help increasing FT3 and hopefully decrease RT3.
      Right now, high Estogens are also interfering with your thyroid.

      I have a bad news in regard to pregnenolone.
      It is over the counter, no need for prescription---->comes out of my pocket.
      Not sure what are your circumstances in military.

      Another thing about pregnenolone, I tried all kinds, creams and pills nothing works, except:

      Definitely works.
      Micronized Lipid Matrix (MLM) Pregnenolone 150mg (scored) from Nutricology (they have also 50 & 10mg, costwise make no sense)

      Works, probably.
      Pregnenolone 100mg pills, from
      Quelsen is using them. He uses 1500mg/day (I thing he should up it (2000-2500)mg/day
      by results I am guessing that it is a toss up.
      LEF cost 1/2 and is about 50% as effective as MLM.

      I am constantly on a outlook for good pregnenolone product, if you decide to use anything else than MLM, please double your efforts at recording dose and its effectiveness.

      Do not get scared too much by the very large doses (and $$), there is a hump, after hump doses are smaller.

      I was using 900mg/day max, now 300mg/day
      To find all this, frequent testing is a must.

      Very expensive and lots of it, transdermal pregnenolone have not show up in my blood, waste of time, $$ and health.

      Table with optimal ranges as posted by dr Dzugan have to be taken with caution.

      You may get good overview of levels looking at this:

      Simplified Steroid biosynthesis chart (by Quest Diagnostics)

      Steroid biosynthesis
      KEGG PATHWAY: Steroid hormone biosynthesis - Reference pathway

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