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    So I'm jumping on the Primal Journal bandwagon here. I actually eased my way into it by starting low-carb. The more research I did the more I started leaning towards Primal.

    So a little bit about me:

    I always thought my weight issues were hopeless, for a few reasons. The first being that I knew I could never stick to a calorie restrictive diet, or even a low-fat-and-animal-protein one like my skinny little sister. The bottom line there is I love food. I just love it. I've been overweight for much of my life but sooner or later I'd tip over into obese and probably morbidly obese.

    The second reason was experience. Ten years ago I went on a three month long Outward Bound trip. Three months of mountain hiking, river rafting, canyoneering, and rock climbing. And yeah, I lost a good amount of weight, but I was still fluffy around the belly. If I couldn't lose the fluff moving a sixty pound pack 15 miles a day for three months, then I was pretty sure I was destined to be fluffy.

    Looking back I can see what happened though. On Outward Bound we ate mostly carbs. Oatmeal in the morning, crackers and granola for lunch, beans and rice for dinner. When we got protein at out resupplies every week we devoured it like hyenas. Most drew the line at my crackers heaped with peanut butter, cheese, and tuna. (I'd even drink the tuna and chicken water out of the cans to wash it down)

    And as for my preference for meats? Well, I've never had a sweet tooth but I've always had a meat tooth. And that's probably what saved me from ballooning up. Sure at a restaurant I'd be the one stuffing herself with butter topped steak with a side of sauteed mushrooms and onions - but I'd skip desert.

    So here is where I find myself. About four weeks into this food journey and looking for support. My mom and my sister think I'm crazy. My fiance tries but he's on Nutrisystem and doesn't really 'get it.'

    My vital sats:

    Height: 5'7"

    Starting weight: 191.5 lbs

    Current weight: 178.2 lbs

    Today's log:

    B: Water and a Protein Bar (recipe found on this very site!)

    L: Buffalo burger with cheese and a spoonful of marinara. Water. Almonds for desert

    D: Same buffalo burger with half an apple for desert.

    Workout: Dear god, will the shoveling of snow never end?

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    So yesterday was mostly an IF. At about three I had a protein shake, half an apple, and half a handful of almonds.

    For dinner I went out with my sweetie for a V-Day thing and had half a rack of ribs, a heap of buttered broccoli, and 2/3 of a pint of pale ale. I'm pretty sure the bbq sauce had corn syrup in it and I paid for that and the beer later that night but it was worth it.


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      Lol, so right after starting this journal I have the dietary weekend from hell. Oh well, it was still better than how I was eating before I went primal.


      Brunch: Pepperoni Roll

      Dinner: Small order of chicken wings, small order of fries, three onion rings, a soda

      Workout: Walked about 3 miles. One of them while carrying groceries


      Breakfast: Skipped. Had about a quart of water (SAD makes me so thirsty)

      Lunch: The other half of the ribs from Friday's dinner

      Dinner: Steamed crab legs with drawn butter. 2 oz of a mead/ white whine blend for desert


      ** I live in the 'Burgh and am not willing to give up all of the traditional foods forever and ever amen. So, I will on occasion be enjoying the treats my city has to offer. The 'rule' being that it has to be honest-to-god worth it (pepperoni roll from the best bakery in the city is worth it - a slice from pizza shack is not) and a conscious choice to deviate it. Needless to say these derivations will be infrequent.


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        Wow, so there are some errors in that post above (white whine? Derivations instead of deviations? Something was happening in my brain there)


        Food for yesterday:

        Lunch: Protein Shake

        Dinner: 3 fried eggs and 5 pieces of bacon

        Workout: two sets of pushups (I'm up to ten in a set - glee!) and twenty minutes of wrestling/chasing/tugging with the dog. He's only 17 lbs, but he's a scrapper.


        Also worth noting yesterday: It's been six weeks since I started this low carb/primal thing. I am exactly 1/3 of the way to my goals in terms of weight and body fat.


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          Dad came into town last night. I think I can win him over to Primal eating if he ever stops to actually listen to me. (Although he did give me his diet book so I'm reading through it for 'errors' ).


          Food for yesterday:

          Lunch: Chick-fil-a nuggets. Not good but the best thing I could find on the road when my stomach struck me with a sudden "Your IF is over *now*" (Their grilled chicken patty would have probably been better but I think it tastes funny)

          Dinner: Meatza pie. Omigod I think I'm in love. I'm not going to miss regular pizza that's for sure.

          Workout: More snow shoveling, a set of sit-ups (only ten), bear crawling around the house, and more dog wrestling. All this rough housing with the dog and my fiance wonders why the pup is such a mamma's boy.


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            My energy levels have been weird lately. I've been very sleepy - going to bed early and often napping during my lunch hour. Maybe my body is trying to maintain homeostasis? Maybe I'm not eating enough? I dunno.

            I'm not keeping track of my foods on sparkpeople or anything like that. I'm here to try to get away from calorie and carb counting.

            Lunch: 2 leftover slices of meatza

            Dinner: 1 bowl (1.5 c) of chili

            Dessert/ late night snack: 1.5 c whole milk and 2 squares of milk chocolate


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              Well the down energy may have been me fighting off some kind of bug - my guy slept most of today and said he wasn't feeling well.


              Lunch: the last two slices of Meatza

              Dinner: 10 chicken wings. Next time I'm asking for sauce on the side. I think HFCS gives me the sniffles


              Breakfast: Coconut milk and whey protein shake

              Lunch: 2c Chili

              Dinner: Homemade protein bar

              I might have a juice spritzer or a chocolate square before bed. Tonight's my night for cartooning.


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                Woohoo! I'm up to 15 girl pushups in a set. I can do two and a half sets with a 20 second break. Once I can do two sets of fifteen I'll have to switch to regular pushups. The dog looks forward to his nightly wrestling bout now and starts bringing me his toys to encourage me to play.


                Lunch: Two small fillets with butter

                Dinner: 1/4 of a roast chicken (dark meat) - I save the breasts for my fiance.

                Dessert: Totally splurged here (or at least it feels like it) 1 pint of raspberries with a cup of cream. I can't wait to enjoy this again.

                I had a couple of 1 part juice/ 2 parts sparkling water spritzers today too. I like having something at hand when I'm working on my comics. The fructose isn't great but it's better than the sodas I used to suck down.


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                  Dog sick, fiance sick, cats crazy. I got nearly no work done today. Bleh.


                  Breakfast: low-fat greek yogurt - probably about a cup (They didn't have the full-fat kind)

                  Lunch: The other pint of raspberries and 3/4 cup cream

                  Snack: 1 square of milk chocolate

                  Dinner: 8 oz Delmonico with a side of sauteed tomatoes

                  Dessert: 1 cup of grapes

                  A little high in the fruit sugars today.