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DStarrB's Primal Journey - Getting Better, One Day at a Time!

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  • DStarrB's Primal Journey - Getting Better, One Day at a Time!

    Hello. Today marks Day One of my Primal Journey. I am tired of my big belly, lack of energy, and general ennui. This way of life makes so much sense to me and I will get back feeling fit and healthy.

    I am 57 years old - married with two grown sons - and looking forward to becoming a Grammy for the first time in July! I do like to walk and hike and garden and was being pretty faithful to my gym membership before the holiday season.

    I have been totally unable to maintain weight loss on Weight Watchers. Since the last time I was at my "goal weight" of 136 in 2004, I've been diagnosed as hypothyroid, my cholesterol and triglyceride numbers have been climbing, and I've had a Vitamin D deficiency. I'm now tipping the scales at 181 - for 5'2", way too much! As if all of these maladies aren't enough, there is a long-time family history of Type II diabetes. Enough is enough!

    I want to be a good example for our sons, both of whom are struggling with weight gain. My hubby may be a challenge - as of now, he doesn't think he can live without his bread, bagels, pretzels, and crackers. He is an avid exerciser and doesn't really have a weight problem - although he does carry a few more inches around his waist than he used to! Any advice on how others have dealt with a primal-resistant partner will be appreciated.

    I'm off to register for so I can track my protein/carb/fat intake - and I need to read up a bit more on exercise. But, I AM GOING TO DO THIS!

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    Yes, you can do this! I was also unsuccessful at Weight Watchers (twice) but I've been doing so much better on primal. Good luck to you!


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      Does he like steak? I'd try a huge salad with all his favorite vegetables (that's assuming he likes vegetables) with an olive oil - vinegar dressing -- maybe a bit of cheese on top. Cheese isn't the ideal primal for general consumption, of course, but the idea might be to wean him from bread and croutons and rice by stuffing him full of other things. Artichokes with primal mayonnaise with the steak. I mean, he'd run out of room for bread, pie, croutons, etc. etc. Well, it's an idea. Naturally, it depends on what vegies he likes. If he thinks corn (a grain) and potatoes (very starchy as well as being a nightshade) are the only vegetables around, it's harder. Steak? My husband isn't primal but he will eat any primal meal I fix. He loved the chopped chicken livers I made. We are a mixed household -- food lifestyle-wise -- so he tooked the chopped chicken livers that two of us had over celery and put it in bread! Oh, well, I tried. He always goes for steak or baked chicken and loves vegies. You could say he eats a lot of primal with grain, etc. :-):-):-0


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        lopisheep, my hubby will generally eat anything I make for him. He likes most veggies, has never complained when I don't serve corn, lima beans, or potatoes, and has only an occasional sweet tooth. Breakfast, lunch, and "mindless munching" will be his problem...a typical breakfast is Cheerios with skim milk (he claims he doesn't have time for anything else), lunch is deli turkey and swiss cheese on a BIG white bagel (which he prepares the night before), and snacks on his 70 mile round trip commute are Cheez-its, more Cheerios, and sourdough pretzels. He claims he needs those snacks to have enough energy to workout after work.

        Ah, I guess it will be "one day at a time" for him, too! At this point, he is not overweight and his blood work is good, but he does complain of knee pain from his years and years of running, his energy level is not what it used to be, and he does not sleep well at night. Let's hope my example has an impact on him!

        Today became a little challenging. We cleared the pantry, fridge, and freezer yesterday and I prepared a meal plan and grocery list last night. Breakfast this morning was fine - scrambled eggs with herbs and a bit of parmesan, plus turkey bacon. I was headed to the grocery mid-morning when my car wouldn't start - the ignition was entirely locked up and you couldn't turn the key. Luckily, AAA was able to free it up, but I got a much later start for the store than planned...and on an empty stomach, since there really wasn't much in the house that was primal "legal." On my way home, I resorted to convenience store beef jerky and a packet of almonds - only to discover that the jerky contained wheat :-( Note to self...keep some nuts on hand in the car for these unplanned occurrences!

        Supper was from the Primal Blueprint:Quick and Easy Meals cookbook - the Pizza Frittata. It was quite good - and there's enough left for tomorrow's breakfast! Now, I'm off to heat some water for a spot of Green Tea and I'll settle in to watch the Super Bowl.
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          Calories: 1,115
          Fat (73%) Carbs (11%) Protein (16%)

          Not enough veggies...too many nuts? Now that the pantry and fridge are re-stocked, tomorrow should be a more balanced day!