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    UPDATE 7/27 I think last time I updated, I was about 178 lbs. Then I fell off the wagon for a little bit. Last week: 176 lbs. With the cheating, this is no surprise.

    EDIT: I've also been weightlifting. Not sure how that is affecting the scale.
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      Another update 10/28. My posts have been slim to none but that really doesn't matter. What matters is if I've been on plan or not.

      176 seemed to be a major hault in weight loss. In fact, all through the 170's has been the slowest weight loss.

      Last time I stepped on the scale: 174. That was about a month ago.

      I've been going to the gym (I got a membership!) and have been weightlifting pretty regularly. I had a 2-3 week period of very bad eating and have been on and off in terms of serious dieting the past month or so, but the past week I've been getting back into it.

      I've noticed my arms are bigger, my legs are bigger, I can jump higher, etc. I have more muscle and that's alright with me for now. The scale has been moving extremely slow and I continue to wonder if this is the cause.

      I've been messing around with different protocols and trying to hone in on one that makes me feel the best. This includes Leangains 16/8, Kiefer's CBL, Pilon's Eat Stop Eat, PSMF, and any range of nutrient input and exercise output timing/punctuation.

      I haven't found one that I particularly like because I have a hard time planning. Some days I like a coffee in the morning. Other days I like a breakfast. Yes, some mornings I'm damn hungry! Restricting calories is also a bitch.

      And it's all a bitch because when I find myself forcing a workout at a certain time or forcing to eat within a certain window, I'm sluggish and unmotivated. I just can't predict when I'll feel good enough for the gym or when a fast is going to suit my day. On the flipside, if fasting and certain exercise windows only followed when I felt "good enough" to do them, would that suggest I'm submitting to my homeostasis?

      Because if I force my body to go into these paths of resistance, versus obeying my internal signals, it would logically lead to change. So, should I stick out my trial and error?


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        I'm glad to see this update! No advice on the trial and error though I always think going with what feels good is the best way to go.

        Start: 221
        CW: 215
        Goal: 150
        5'3 , 31 years old.


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          ^^Hey, thank you! I love getting replies lol. I feel like my log hasn't been inviting because most updates are straight to the point. I try to keep the fluff out.

          UPDATE 11/9

          I'm posting another update because I think I answered all my own question (10/28 update) through trial and error. I'll keep experimenting with the protocol I'm doing now and see if it continues bringing the success it has.

          As I mentioned on 10/28, last time I stepped on the scale: 174. 174 AT BEST, not a comfortable 174 (ladies you know what I mean). Then I had a lot of bad eating. I stepped on the scale last week to face the music. To my surprise: 173! It gave me a lot of motivation, so I've been eating well, and so: yesterday 172, and today 171.

          Most likely, a combination of water loss, modest calorie restriction, maintaining activity while still eating bad, and the delayed fat burning effect--which I think is a very real phenomenon.

          Still, I somehow wake up feeling fatter than at my starting weight.

          Maybe it's just concentrating so hard on my ultimate goal, that every time I look in the mirror I feel dissatisfied. It doesn't help the motivation, but I know I'm making progress. I just have to remind myself of my progress.
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            11/27 - 168.5. And my monthly arrived.

            I tracked my fitday WAY back in the day to look at the old weights I used to plug in. The lowest I have recorded is 168.5.

            Out of curiosity I looked at the weights in past year's doctors checkups. In 2008 and 2009, I was between 174-178, with clothes on.

            Right now I've widdled my way back to one of my lowest weights, although I know I weighed 165 during one summer in high school, although that didn't last. It seems I've been yo-yoing around 165-180 for a very, very long time. This will be the last time.

            My real goal right now is to weigh 160. Based on what I remember and what I have written down, that will be the lowest I've weighed since elementary school.

            I weighed probably 190 in Junior High, probably even more. Back when I was younger, my mom used to take me to the pediatrician and they would talk to me about my weight. They asked me how much I wanted weigh and what my goal was. I said 150 lbs.

            So goal 1 is 160, goal 2 (which will be the most satisfying goal ever) is 150. If I could even see 159 on the scale I would die!
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              Woot! Sounds like you are doing well. I remember reading your journal when you first joined and being kind of worried about how you were doing, but you sound good
              Depression Lies


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                ^^Thanks. I'm doing alright lol. Being lighter and stronger is a very relieving feeling. I just hope my goals are reached sooner rather than later and I can relax a little, if you know what I mean.


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                  167.5 lbs today, 12/12. That's 1 lb in 2 weeks. I never complain of progress but, is a pound a week such a lofty target? Some women even lose 2 lbs a week. If I had had that progress in the beginning of all this, I would be at my goal by now. I really would like to start aiming for 1-2 lbs every week. I know some women want to lose even 3 lbs a week, but that's a very lofty target.

                  And it seems the weight loss comes with or without exercise. Heck, my best weight loss always comes from extremely clean eating and typically little exercise.

                  But the absolute best progress always happens when I eliminate all dairy except butter.
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                    Good to see you again. As you get closer to your goal, the amount of weight loss seems to get smaller and harder!

                    Are you keeping up the lifting?

                    LCHF since Oct 2011


                    • Originally posted by mommymd View Post
                      Good to see you again. As you get closer to your goal, the amount of weight loss seems to get smaller and harder!

                      Are you keeping up the lifting?
                      Yes it's a pain the scale moves so slow!

                      Lifting absolutely.I generally have these lifts in the gym:

                      HIIT or sprint endurance

                      Military press supersetted with push press.
                      TRX Pullups

                      Pushups (chest to floor)
                      "Bench Machine" (really targets chest, used as alternative to barbell bench press), moderate volume
                      Cable flies OR dumbbell flies supersetted w/ dumbbell chest press

                      Dumbbell Pullovers
                      Hip thrusts

                      Leg adductor/abductor machines, moderate volume
                      Standing Calf Raise, moderate volume

                      Nice to hear from you too!
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                      • What's up MDA.

                        Let's start the new year right. Get shredded!

                        Will post update pics in the coming months and how I've been modifying my workouts/diet.


                        • Posting updates:

                          - Dairy free except ghee.
                          - Protein source primarily from beef. I have stopped eating pork/bacon (makes me feel sluggish, don't know why!)
                          - Doing less frequent carb-ups (every 3rd or 4th day). <30g/day on ULC days.
                          - I've had cheats during carb-ups, but I want to try much much cleaner carb-ups.
                          - BP fasting until minimum 1 pm, latest 2-3 pm.
                          - Re-implementing MCT oil.
                          - Bed tanning for vit. D and healthier skin.
                          - Some moderate calorie counting in between refeeds. ~0.5-1 g protein and 0.5-1 g fat per lb goal weight to roughly get 1000 - 1900 cals. So far I haven't been at the low end.
                          - I HAVE fish oil, but frequently consuming it? Need to get on that...
                          - Working out and implementing low-impact cardio again (walking yay!) & HIIT/sprint endurance.


                          • I thought I'd revive this thread. I still do come around the boards and check things out, but haven't been updating in my journal.

                            The good news is that the gym I still frequent, and I still try to eat the right foods. But I backslid and I'll explain why.

                            Just to give a rundown:

                            -still doing bulletproof coffee w/ local grassfed butter, sometimes subbed MCT oil or mixing both.
                            -occassionally drink iced starbucks coffee with heavy cream, varying on how liberal I get with that cream.
                            -still doing my protein burgers, and recently getting into sushi. I eat lots of chicken, no pork. So essentially my diet is beef, chicken and fish/seafood. Sometimes lamb.

                            One thing that slowed down my entire effort tremendously has been hurting my back. I feel like an old woman and I've been trying to give my back the rest that it needs, and lately it's actually been feeling better, however, progress stopped.

                            I have been lazy, partly because success is slim and this kind of stuff wears on you. I find it difficult to stay motivated to do my absolute best when my success generally averages to a 1-2 lb loss per month, and my sacrifice is me trying hard every single day. That's hard. The sacrifice/reward is not a fun game. Eating and feeling good is easy, but specifically trying to lean out is a mental game, and losing 2 lbs a month, while I can dance to that for a few months, by month 4, you start waking up wondering how much longer you have..
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