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    Hi Jamilynn I love fasting from dinner to dinner!! That is my best weight loss scenerio usually.. And I kind of loosely do the window timeframe.. My timeframe is 3-6pm.. I am usually leaving for work around 5:30or so so if I can eat before I go and then not eat all night I always end up losing!! The night-time eating kills me..

    We have managed to get our 4yr old GD completely switched to this woe and she is doing great.. Once a week me or her mom make a batch of white rice and egg pancakes (about 20 small) and then we freeze them and those and bananas are her normal breakfasts, we can also use them for almond butter and 'jelly' sands or toasted cheese sands.. She eats whatever we are having for dinner usually with sweet potato fries cause she loves them Her snacks are cheese, leftover meats and fruits.She has so much energy and she is so calm all the time. It is great for kids I think.. When she wants cookies or candy we make her something from 100% cocao chocolate and stevia and raw honey and macadamia nut flour (that we grind ourselves) and she is always happy!!

    Hang in there and if the weight loss doesn't happen as fast as you want consider giving up any cheats for a week or two and see if it makes a difference!! I know that everytime I cheat it stalls my loss, even a little alcohol or sugar!!


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      Sounds like you're kickin' ass, Jamilyn! Keep it up!


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        Wow, what a nice surprise to have comments on my thread!

        Longing2Bfit- Thank you so much for the rice/egg pancake idea. Both of my girls LOVE rice so we have been doing a lot more of it in place of other grains. I will be trying this tomorrow. As for the fast, I really liked it and was surprised at how easy it was. I am going to start incorporating it a lot more I think.

        Andy, Thanks so much! I'm really trying!

        So this weekend was sort of a deviation from what I had been doing. Friday I went out to see a musical with my mom and some friends. We saw "Next to Normal" at a local drama center. This play was nothing short of amazing. It was a hard story about depression and loss, but it was so worth watching. Before the play, we went to a nice asian restaurant. I thought I was doing a really good job with my food choices. I ordered hot n sour soup for an appetizer. For an entree I ordered two apps. The first was mixed veggies lettuce wraps. The sauce was a little heavy and salty, but the taste was really great. The second was grilled squid marinated in olive oil and spices. All of this food tasted pretty amazing, but about an hour later I had a HORRIBLE stomach ache. I'm not sure what triggered it. I even had a little bit of reflux, which I NEVER get. All I can think is something in that lettuce wrap sauce did not agree with me at all. Other people ate off of my plate so I don't think it was contaminated. I'm not sure what it was, but it was bad.

        Saturday we did egg dying at my grandmothers house. This is a tradition and it is so much fun for all the women and girls in my family to get together! Unfortunately I gave in and ate 2 cupcakes and a ginger ale while there. The rest of the food was good, but I just decided to give in. Sunday was a bit of the same. I ate a bunch of snacky junk.

        Needless to say, today I am feeling kind of yucky. The wheat in the junk really didn't bother me. I'm not that surprised, I didn't ever think I had much of a sensitivity, but it did make me feel tired and just kind of heavy. So it was a fun weekend with lots of treats, but I am back to living my normal, whole food life. I am taking Fit's advice and cutting out any cheats for the next couple of weeks. I know I feel so much better when I eat strict primal anyway. Plus, I fired my babysitter and changed my work schedule so that I can be with my daughter after she gets off the school bus. So this gives me some extra grocery money to buy my paleo goodness. Yay!

        I skipped boot camp this morning because I broke one of my tennis shoes on Friday and need a new pair. I will be buying a pair this afternoon after work so that I have no excuse on Wednesday! I'm trying to decide if I want to get a minimalist pair or just a regular pair of New Balances.. We'll see..

        I am fasting today to give my poor body a break from all of the junk that I put into it this weekend. Tonight I am going to pick up an amazing steak, kerrygold butter, and some asparagus. What better way to jump back on the primal wagon than to treat yourself to the best meal ever??
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          Yesterday I went a little crazy.

          I just switched my work schedule so that I don't have to pay someone for aftercare for my 5 year old. So I thought to myself, "Ooh! More money for primal stuff!" So after work I ran over to REI and got my first pair of minimalist shoes. These things are awesome. I couldn't bring myself to get the 5 fingers so I got a pair of Merril gloves. They feel so good and light on my feet. I fell in love with them pretty much immediately.

          From there, it was just a hop, skip, and a jump over to Trader Joe's. I had fasted all day so I probably should have waited to shop, but oh well. I got a ton of Kerrygold and brown eggs, lots of meat, some veggies (I don't really like the veggies there), my first jar of coconut oil, my first tin of sardines, and a few other odds and ends.

          The reason that I went a little crazy with shopping is because I feel as though I have been cheating myself on this diet with sub par ingredients. I'm done with that. This is #1 priority (behind kids of course) in my life right now.

          This morning I decided to start off with some bulletproof coffee. This is the first time I had tasted this concoction and I was pleasantly surprised. I think I am going to keep this up as my morning 'meal' for a while and see what happens with the weight loss. I drank it at about 10 am. It is now 1pm and I am still going strong. I don't plan on eating until about 4:30 pm. If I can keep this up for a while I will be very happy. My husband now seriously thinks I have lost my mind. He can't believe that I would stoop to putting butter in my coffee.. If he would only try it a time or two!!

          I have to admit that I am torn about this new fasting way of life. My body seems to love it. I feel great. But my mind still hasn't completely wrapped itself around the idea. I keep getting this little question pop up in my head, "Are you sure this is healthy? Are you taking it to extreme?" I am fairly certain that the answer is yes it is healthy and no I am not taking anything to extreme. But I do wonder. I'm just going to try to keep reading all the literature and form an unbiased opinion as I go. A way of life that makes me feel this good can't possible be negative.. I think.
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            Hi Jamilyn - congrats on going for the quality. It matters, even for weight loss. I believe that Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting is not only safe; it's downright healthy. I have Bulletproof Coffee (with GF butter and C8,10 MCT)

            The full protocol, and some of the research, is online atBulletproof Intermittent Fasting | The Bulletproof Executive

            Your brain will soon learn how good it feels on real butter (which has butyric acid) and it will stop complaining too.


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              Great! Thanks so much Dave! I have really enjoyed looking over your site over the past couple of days and I thought, "Why not try it out?"

              I did well today with the coffee and kerrygold with a little bit of coconut oil mixed in. I look forward to the future results!
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                Made it through yesterday very easily. Had the bulletproof coffee at about 10am. Got home and cooked dinner and was eating by 5pm. Had the rest of a huge steak, sautéed brussel sprouts, sautéed mushrooms, and blue cheese. I was pretty hungry so I devoured it and felt great afterward. My husband came home from his last day of work ready to celebrate so I had two beers after the 8pm cut off time. I'm chalking that up to almost nothing. I felt great this morning when I woke up to go exercise. The workout was killer but I'm feeling great now!

                I am trying to decide about how to handle workout days. I think I am supposed to have protein after my workout, but I didn't plan for this today. My plan was to do the bulletproof thing. So I guess I will see how I feel and if I'm really struggling I will walk to the grocery store and get some protein. I wish I would have thought about it before going to work! I have 2 dozen colored easter eggs that we have to make our way through! I could have popped a couple of those babies in my bag and been good. Oh well, live and learn.

                During the workout this morning, my pants kept slipping down. This was so exciting for me! These pants were never really tight but it is still cool that they are loose. I haven't comfortably dropped to the next size in jeans but I can't have that far to go. Maybe next week I will have great size 12 news! That would be really exciting.

                So up for today I have bulletproof coffee, maybe some jerky after 2, and then a big breakfast dinner. I have italian sausage, eggs, pancakes for the girls, onions and bell peppers, and a new spicy mustard. Mmm my mouth is already watering and it is only 9am!!
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                  My day didn't quite go as planned yesterday.

                  By about 11am I was starving and the coffee just wasn't doing it. I think I just had it in my head that I needed protein because of my workout. So I ended up ordering some Tom Yum Soup and some Satay Chicken from a Thai restaurant near my work. Neither thing was very good, but it got my hunger to go away and wasn't terrible by primal standards. By dinner time I was ready, but no one wanted a "breakfast" dinner except for me. So we scrapped that idea and went with chicken thighs.

                  I had seen a commercial for wings (my favorite food ever) and was really in the mood for something tasting like buffalo wings. So I sautéed the chicken thighs in butter and chicken stock with salt, pepper, and garlic. I took some chicken out for the girls and made them chicken and rice, which they both really loved. I took the remaining chicken and heated another pan in butter and put the cooked thighs in the hot pan and poured hot sauce all over them. I used siracha sauce because I didn't have any Franks. This made the thighs sort of crisp up with buttery hot saucy yumminess. When they were browned with the sauce I took them out and sprinkled a high quality blue cheese over top. Served with sautéed asparagus spears and devoured it! It was such a delicious meal that I couldn't stop making yummy noises as I was eating. It was a definite win.

                  Later, while watching Survivor, my hubby and I had some wine and that led me to having a snack way too late. I felt a little guilty but quickly made myself change that feeling around. I'm feeling great, the snack wasn't the worst it could have been, I don't need to fast all of the time, and I am doing this. So I went to bed a happy girl and slept great up until about 8am. It was wonderful.

                  Today I have a nice short day at work. My boss told me to go home early because of all of the planning and work that I put into making our Easter service so great. So I am going to have my bulletproof coffee, knock out all that I need to get done, go home, and clean the house! It's going to be a great day.

                  Italian sausage and peppers and onions tonight. Yum!!
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                    You inspired me to do some BP coffee this morning!!And blue cheese over asparagus sounds divine!! Whenever I do the bullet proof coffee I have stayed full for hours on it!! I wonder why I do it for awhile then quit? hmmm May have to think about incorporating this daily!!

                    What a nice boss you have! Have a great day Jami


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                      Thanks Fit!

                      Yeah, I am liking the bulletproof coffee for sure. I am losing weight pretty fast right now. Another 3 lbs down this week and my size 12s fit me. Yippee! I haven't been able to say that in years. They are still a little tight but definitely wearable. Hoping they look nice by the end of next week..

                      Last night I fell asleep really early and woke up late. I missed my exercise class, but I guess I needed the rest because I feel great now! My husbad orders pizza every Friday night and so far I haven't felt the urge to eat it with him. I dreamed about it last night though, so I think I may fast until dinner and then indulge in pizza and beer this evening. I haven't decided for sure..

                      Today is just a clean up the house kind of day. My little one seems tired so I am hoping that she will be happy to just veg out on the couch and play toys quietly so that Mommy can get things done. My husband is home this week because he is starting a new job on Monday. I don't know about you, but I can't stand when he is home from work unless we have something planned. It just drives me crazy and I don't feel like I can get anything done. So I will just do what I can today to try to keep my sanity : )

                      Tonight I get to go to a friends house with the girls and my mom and we are going to hang out and make music. This is something I love to do so it is a great start to the weekend. I hope everyone is doing well!!
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                        Quick check in.

                        I think I have been getting comfortable with my weight loss and I have been loosening up on my rules a bit too much. I have one major trigger food and that is Whole Grain Goldfish Crackers. Don't ask me why, it's wierd, but true. So I devoured a bag over 2 days and yesterday my face broke out in a a hive-like rash and burned all day. I can't attribute this to anything but the crackers! So anyway, I think I might be cured from that craving. The pain, itchiness, and bad look all made me feel like I should probably not be putting that crap into my body.

                        Last night I went loosy goosy and ate a piece of banana bread, some jelly beans, etc.. Not sure why, just felt like eating junk. Today I am back on my plan and really focusing on what goes into my mouth.

                        I am going golfing with my dad today, which I haven't done in a lonnnnggg time. So I am looking forward to it! We usually have a few beers on the course so I am going to drink a big bulletproof coffee right before so that I have a bunch of fat in my system. Then this afternoon my mom is cooking up some barbequed ribs and veggies. Yumm!!! I am sure the barbeque has hfcs but she tries to support me in any way that she possibly can, so it's close enough for me.

                        I am comfortably wearing my size 12 jeans today for golf. I am still in denial about getting smaller, I think I need to really work on my mental health so that I can see that I am really making progress. I know that half the time and then the other half of the time my brain throws a big hissy fit and tells my body that it is still huge and ugly and that I might as well eat those yummy goldfish : )

                        I hope everyone has a great weekend. Enjoy the beautiful weather! Well, at least the people in Maryland will. It's awesome!!
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                          Happy Monday everyone!

                          This weekend was great. Got an amazing round of golf in on Saturday, which totally made the rest of my weekend seem extraordinarily better.

                          Food wise, I got myself back on track pretty well. I ate a LOT but it was all primal so I'm thinking I did pretty well. Well, I am not counting the beer that I drank on the golf course, but I walked that off and had no bad side affects from the wheat/gluten.

                          Today I am fasting with my bulletproof coffee and trying to get back into a good pattern of behavior. I got up late this morning and rushed out to my exercise class. I arrived just in time to see my class running outside. I had a fleeting thought that I could still escape if I really wanted to. But I didn't listen to myself and ran to catch up. It was INSANE! We had to run a half mile to the bottom of a hill and then do hill sprints. It was seriously killer. But I felt soooo good after all the pain! Also, today is the first day that I have been able to do 30 second planks in a row. She broke it up for us because we were all about dead from the workout. I'm not positive that I could have held it a whole minute, but I'm getting close. This in itself was enough proof that I made the right choice in going. I love all of these life changes!!

                          Tonight I will be eating leftover steak with sautéed spinach and onions. I will probably throw some blue cheese on top to add some calories. After that workout I think I need to go a little bit heavier than normal. Possibly a half of a sweet potato with butter.

                          Something that I have noticed over the past couple of weeks is that my production at work has significantly improved. I am a high producer and I handle a LOT of details with what I do. I never really thought I needed improvement. But now I feel like I have laser focus and things are just feeling very clear now. I am happy to say that I can only attribute it to this diet and the exercise. I feel so GOOD!!

                          PS My husband mentioned on Saturday that he feels really good since starting to cut out the wheat. Now, he said this as he had about 4 lbs. of spaghetti on his plate, but I have to admit he is trying. Taking the approach of not bugging him and just leading by example seems to really be working. After all, he can't argue with the way I am looking. Yay!
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                            Yay for you.. and I can't wai to be a size 12 again... lol...


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                              Oh jeez, I have said that for so many years. I do need to clarify. These size 12s are magic jeans. I've never had a better style for my body in my life. In no way am I a 12 in all styles yet. But I am hoping by Friday to have graduated into another pair or two of the old 12's sitting in my closet.
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                                Wiped out today..

                                Actually just wiped out because it is bed time I guess. I had a great day. I woke up and decided that I was going to eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Screw fasts! Screw primal! Screw it all!! As you can tell, I woke up and jumped out of the wrong side of the bed...

                                Fast forward to 1pm when I hadn't even thought about eating yet. Apparently this lifestyle has grabbed a hold and won't let go!! So by about 1:30 I was thinking about food. I could have just fasted til dinner but I REALLY wanted something yummy today. So I went to my little chinese place and ordered roasted pork with mixed veggies, a spicy brown sauce on the side, and I didn't hold the fried rice. This 'cheat' was soooo amazing. I ate a little more rice than necessary and tore up the veggies and meat and ended up using very minimal sauce.

                                Overall I would count this as a SUCCESS!! If this is what my cheat day needs to look like them I'm all for it. I decided that I wouldn't make myself dinner because I'm just stuffed from that awesome meal. It is 9 pm and I am enjoying a handful of pistacchios, a glass of wine, and plan on a square of chocolate. Then nighty night because I have to wake up at a god aweful hour to go run my (still sizable) hiney off!! Hope everyone else is feeling great and enjoying their inner caveman!
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