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Primal Journal (Cilomo's One Day at a Time)

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  • Primal Journal (Cilomo's One Day at a Time)

    I'm creating this journal mainly for myself- as a way to track my progress and to one day look back and read through my journey. I am also looking forward to hearing from others who have gone through this and can help me along the way.
    A little background- I'm 30 (it still feels really odd saying that), single (unfortunately I'm used to saying that), and have been unhappy with the way I look/feel for quite sometime (i don't remember being happy with my appearance). I have not done much about it...I'm the type that 'starts tomorrow' over and over and I really never start. So I have horrible binge days because I am starting tomorrow....and then 'tomorrow' turns into a bad eating day and so on. So I have arrived at a point where I know I need to do this. I need to do this for my health most importantly; I need to do this to lose weight and be happy with the way I look; I need to do this be more confident; I need to do this so I stop missing out on things; I need to do this for so many reasons. So why has it taking me so long to get to this point. I'm not sure- I need to focus on whats ahead of me, not the reasons I've failed and why I am still overweight.
    I'm hoping to post everyday- especially what I eat- and how I am feeling. I'm really excited and enthusiastic that 'this is it' this time- it has to be....
    My focus this time is taking it one day at a time (hence the cheesy journal title). This is huge for me. Not only am I the type that starts over tomorrow- but say I did well on Monday, but then fall off the wagon on Tuesday- well that week is shot for me. So its a free for all for the rest of the week- yes the rest of the week. Typing it out actually makes me realize how ridiculous it is that I will just give up on a Tuesday- and not 'start over' for another 5 days because thats the beginning of a new week. Absurd.
    I'll post my starting weight and measurements in my next post.
    All advice and encouraging words are welcomed and appreciated!!!