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  • Primal Pregnancy Journal (Bunty)

    I've been primal for while now and my wife is probably going on around 6 months. Per her suggestion, I'm putting up a journal to track and have a record of our primal pregnancy.

    Wanting to take the most natural and healthy path for our 8wk baby, she is following the WAPF, Diet for Pregnant and Nursing Mothers( Of course it's minus the grains, so I guess a primal version of the WAPF list.

    Reading the journals of the other expecting moms on the forums, it seems that dairy(raw milk) is excluded from your diets.

    I was wondering the different reasons for excluding the raw milk ,since it's one of the most complete and balanced foods?

    I understand you can get all the same benefits from other foods, but not sure they would be as quickly and easily ingested as drinking a glass of milk.

    A number of places also suggest it to even curb morning sickness, luckily my wife hasn't really encountered any up to this point.

    I'll try and post food, activity, and any notable things throughout the nine months. Also, please post any questions or suggestions.

    Lunch:chicken soup, avocado, Fuji apple


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    Congratulations jostle! I'm 10 weeks now, so she's just 2 weeks behind. Looks like there are atleast 4 women due around the same time, plus or minus 2 weeks. Would love to read your wife's pregnancy journal. All the very best to her. As for the raw milk, the only reason I don't drink it is because my husband doesn't allow me (he's very CW). It's too much of a hassle to argue and make him read the literature, so for now it's ultra-pasteurized, homogenized milk. But I have a good mind to go get a quart of raw milk, come what may, especially since Ca is so essential in the 2nd trimester.

    I wanted to do the WAPF diet minus the grains but w/ food aversions and general fatigue, it's been difficult to stick to it.

    On another note, I think PB must be renamed Fertility Blueprint or something, LOL.


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      Hey, and congrats!!! Glad y'all started a journal to document this awesome time!

      I am also pregnant (using my same primal journal as before so it's not titled "primal pregnancy journal"). I have been eating a LOT of dairy but the price of raw milk here is prohibitively expensive - $16/gallon. I have been drinking lots of regular milk though, and eating cheese, cottage cheese, sour cream, etc...

      I'd do the raw milk thing if I could afford it though. The next thing on my list to "switch over" though is eggs - from conventional to pastured happy eggs. (We just bought 1/4 a grass-fed cow so we're set for beef for a while.)

      HAHA MABA!!! "Fertility Blueprint"... maybe we should send a note to Mark. You're so right!

      Eating lots but still hungry? Eat more fat. Mid-day sluggishness? Eat more fat. Feeling depressed or irritable? Eat more fat. People think you've developed an eating disorder? Eat more fat... in front of them.


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        i can't tolerate dairy since the first few weeks of my pregnancy (when raw goat milk helped with the nausea), so that's why i don't consume raw milk.

        i've hit 14 gestation weeks as of this week.

        i have intolerances for the textures of meat and most fish, so i pretty much just eat the bone broths and what meats i can get down, which are mostly roasts and sausages (sadly, i cannot at all eat organ meats).

        i avoid grains, but eat a fair bit of fruit (20-40g of carbs worth many days) in the form of cherries and cranberries.

        i also can't eat eggs.

        i list that stuff as an example of a pregnant woman eating pretty primal still (lots of meat, cod liver oil, plenty of veg) but who has had to make adjustments due to the preferences of my little bundle of joy.

        if your wife can hang with raw milk, by all means get some. i would encourage seeking out a local supplier of goat milk. it is less regulated and kidding season will be over soon and you can probably get a good deal from goat meat sellers needing to get rid of the milk as a sideline. you can sometimes get raw goat milk that way at a price similar to storebought pasteurized milk.


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          It's illegal to sell raw milk in my state. Some folks are working on it, but for now, I don't have any access. I don't know any dairy farmers who can provide it to me privately. I still consumer other dairy: greek yogurt, cream, hard cheeses, sour cream as a topping, and the occasional cottage cheese.


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            Congratulations Jostle! I'm also 8 weeks right now. It's hard to get raw milk in Germany everywhere though they do have it. I simply don't like milk and never did. I do love Ayran, a middle-eastern yogurt drink (it's half plain yogurt with cultures, half water with a dash of salt). I find it very easy on my stomach but it's an acquired taste

            I have access to a lot of raw cheeses but right now I've been avoiding them. My doctor told me to avoid raw meat/eggs/dairy because of Toxoplasmosis. I researched it online and could not find anything convincing but I decided not to take risks for now unless someone can point me to some good research on why this risk of Toxoplasmosis is overstated.

            I do know that my uncle used to mix a raw egg in his wife's milkshake when she was pregnant without her knowing about it o_O

            When is your wife due? My due date is Sept. 31st.


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              Dinner Day 1: 24oz raw milk, bison stick, TBS Cod liver oil, 1/3 lb grass fed ground beef with onions and mushrooms cooked in 4-5 TBS beef tallow, Salad with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red leaf lettuce, spinach, and carrots


              Sprints 4 reps of 30sec max effort and 4 minute breaks

              This was done using a road bike hooked up to a stationary trainer. She finished her sets, but i had too bail after the third one from the dizziness.


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                Thanks for the congratulations and I hope everyone has a healthy and fun pregnancy.

                @ maba I've read in your journal the back and forth with your husband. It really seems like he should help you out a little more. I would think he should be doing everything possible to limit stress for you and the baby even in a CW mindset.

                @ FNW The raw milk we picked up this weekednd was pricey @ $18/gal. We'll be trying another local farm this weekend that has it for $7/gal, which is much more reasonable. That's awesome on the 1/4 cow. We just need to buy a chest freezer, since around here most 1/4 to 1/2 cows go for about 5-6 lb a nice savings over the piecewise price.

                @fbw We've been doing the grass fed raw cow milk just cause the locations are a little closer and I felt more comfortable with the farms we checked out. There is farm just 15mi west of san antonio that has raw goat milk, so maybe we'll do a weekend road trip to check their place out.

                @ Kay I've never heard of toxoplasmosis being linked to raw milk. Looking it up its transferred from feline feces, so I'm not sure where the doc made the connection.

                Here are some good links for raw milk info




                The exact day the OB gave us was Oct 1, but can you really get it pinned down to single date? I've been telling people first week of Oct.


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                  bfast: 8oz raw milk

                  Lunch:1/3lb grass fed sausage, 2 hard boiled eggs

                  Dinner: Shoulder roast, carrots, celery, onions, 1Tbs cod liver oil, 8oz raw milk, handful of spinach, Damage Control Advanced Health Formula

                  Workout: Walk around the neighborhood 3-4 mi with the doggie.


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                    Hi Jostle,

                    Thanks for the links, I do like the WAP stand on most things. About the Toxoplasmosis, yes it is associated with cat-litter but apparently they say you can get it from undercooked/raw infected meat. That's why the CW advice is that pregnant women avoid raw meat/fish.

                    Between us I haven't been that good, I've had steak that was still pink/red on the inside and a few eggs that were not cooked to oblivion. Yesterday in the supermarket I was picking up cheese for Sunday brunch and was dying on the inside when I saw a delicious looking array of raw milk cheeses made in a farm close to us

                    I read somewhere that only 4 or 5% of babies are born on their due date. I just found this interesting Google Answer on due dates if you're interested:


                    I have a lot of respect for your wife for being able to train I've been trying to exercise at least once a week but it's making me seriously exhausted At least I have to walk a min of 30 min per day + carry groceries up 4 flights of stairs.


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                      Bfast: 6oz raw milk

                      Lunch: large Avocado, apple, chicken soup

                      Dinner: 3 Eggs, 3 mushrooms, cooked in 2 tbs coco oil, half a bison stick, 1 6" pancake (FNW waffle recipe), cup of raspberries and blueberries, 1 TBS Cod Liver Oil, 4 oz raw milk

                      Workout: push ups 3 sets of 10, floor bridges 2 sets of 25 , 2 60 sec planks, squats 2 sets of 20


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                        @ kay Thanks for the google answer link. It had some good stats listed, which tells me the 1st week of Oct should be a good date to give people.


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                          Weight: 125.8 lb

                          Bfast:8oz raw milk

                          Lunch: 2 coconut pancakes with honey, 8ox of raw milk

                          Dinner:6-8oz salmon fried in coconut oil, salad with cucumber, red onion, cherry tomatoes, and avocados

                          dressing: red wine vinigar and EVOO


                          Bfast: 4 Scrambled eggs, 5 slices of bacon, link of sausage, 3 strawberries, 1 tbs cod liver oil

                          Dinner: Tx Roadhouse: Sirloin kabobs(sirloin, bell peppers, onions), cup of green beans, cesar salad


                          Bfast: 3 scrambled eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, and apple

                          Snack:1/2C Almonds, dried berries

                          Dinner: 1/3 lb ground beef fried in bacon fat, mushrooms, and onions, on top of a spinach and cherry tomato salad, cod liver oil

                          Workout:14mi mountain bike ride


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                            Last Week Update:

                            Stomach pains from pressure after almost every meal. They seem to be going away now that were back on the raw milk. Didn't get to post last week that we weren't able go out to the farm for raw milk, so supplemented with more grass fed meat and prenatal vitamins. Prenatal vits, the lack of raw milk, or just a surge of hormones may have been causing the discomfort. Hopefully this week is better. Next Friday will be the second visit to the OB (end of first tri), can't wait to see the little guy on screen again.


                            Weight: 127.5

                            Bfast: 24oz raw milk and 1 coconut flour biscuit, 1Tbs raw butter

                            Lunch: Chicken Soup, Avocado, and a pear

                            Dinner: 4 scrambled eggs, 8oz raw milk, hand full of blueberries, couple pieces of dark chocolate, cod liver oil, bison jerky stick, slice of jalapeno jack cheese, 6oz warm prune juice






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                              Good to hear that your wife is feeling better this week jostle. I had my end-of-first-trimester checkup last week and we got to hear baby's heartbeat, it was very exciting!

                              Does your wife drink raw milk as is or does she boil/ warm it first?