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Getting Serious - A Primal Journal (Mayanway)

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  • Getting Serious - A Primal Journal (Mayanway)

    I'm going to start off by admitting that up to this point, my primal experiment has been an utter failure. Not because primal eating doesn't work, but because I've failed to stick with it. I've spent a year researching the science behind the WOE, preparing tasty primal meals, and modifying my exercising. I've also never actually taken the plunge and eaten completely primal for any length of time, clinging to my bad food habits and tendency for emotional eating. The result is that my body composition and fitness level is almost identical to what it was a year ago. Now, I'm committing to eat fully Primal - no excuses. I'm going to do my own little 30 day challenge and see where it takes me. I'm starting this journal to keep myself accountable and get involved in the MDA community.

    Some background info: I'm 24 years old, 5'9", and about 170 lbs. I'd like to lose about 20 lbs (with the goal being improved body comp rather than the exact scale number), and further develop my fitness base to help me tackle the variety of outdoor activities I pursue in my free time. I want to establish good habits to keep myself healthy and active throughout my life. I'm in my last year of veterinary school, which means that I work crazy hours on a schedule that changes every two weeks. It also means that in 3 months, I'll be moving to a new area (TBD) to start my career. I'd really like to have a solid handle on the primal lifestyle before that happens (and looking great for graduation and beyond wouldn't hurt either!).

    I have a few things going my way - solid knowledge of the principals behind paleo/primal, a good repertoire of recipes to turn to, and a reasonable base of fitness. My challenges include a terrible diet soda addiction and a history of binging/emotional eating (usually on carby/sugary things). I'm going cold turkey on the sodas/sugar, as I've learned from repeated experience that cutting down gradually does not work for me.

    And with that, I'm ready to start! Will update later with details on what I ate/did today.
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    Yesterday, while stocking up at the grocery store, I saw beef liver on sale for only $1/lb. I decided to be adventurous and give this nutritional powerhouse a try (I had never eaten liver in my life). After researching various methods of preparation, I ended up marinating it in lemon juice all day today, then cooking it in bacon grease with onions and mushrooms. It seemed like a pretty fool proof way to make something tasty. The result? I enjoyed my onions and mushrooms cooked in bacon grease and made my dog really happy by dumping the liver over her dinner. The texture wasn't bad, but I found the taste REALLY off-putting. After a little more research, it appears that I would have been better off trying calf's liver to start. My remaining half pound will probably get mixed into meatloaf or something similar. So far that's offal: 1, me: 1 (I tried beef heart earlier this year and loved it). Will have to experiment with various other things in the future, and maybe see if I can ease into developing a taste for liver.

    Today was a bit of a challenge, eating-wise, as I was traveling with other people for a meeting and didn't have much input on where we stopped to eat. I tried to pick more primal-friendly items from the menu and did reasonably well, although I did have a Coke Zero while on the road...that will be a really hard habit to break. Still, I'm in pretty good shape to start this week out right, with a fridge stocked full of meats and veggies and a tasty menu planned out.