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  • Congrats to Middlest!
    Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, steak in one hand, chocolate in the other, yelling "Holy F***, What a Ride!"
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    • Originally posted by jenn26point2 View Post
      I did 1:1 b/c 1:2 chips:CO seemed to watery... is it really 1:2?
      Originally posted by Sabine View Post
      I use the 2 parts coconut oil : 1 part chocolate ratio, first because that is what Winencandy said, and she must be obeyed in all matters candy.
      HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Oh, thank you Sabine, I SO needed that laugh

      Originally posted by Sabine View Post
      Second, because it makes me feel I am getting a fat-centric treat that tastes like chocolate, and not a chocolate treat that just happens to have some fat in it. Once they harden up in the fridge they are fine, although they do start melting in your fingers. The fix for that: pop them into your mouth right away!
      This was my reasoning too. I wanted a way to eat more coconut oil and I couldn't stand the idea of just eating it plain! bleh! I love chocolate...It seemed like an obvious combo I tried a few ratios, but liked that one the best. I didn't want it too chocolatey. Most of the year coconut oil is solid in my house so I could keep them out but I keep them in the fridge, and eat them fast.

      Hmm, I haven't made them in a while...I should make them again...

      Originally posted by Sabine View Post
      the Aldi plan.
      You are crazy tough
      I could never do that!
      "Be careful what you pretend to be because you are what you pretend to be." Kurt Vonnegut
      "I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by." Douglas Adams
      "Moderation sucks." Suse
      "Wine is a vegetable." Meaty
      "Every decision you make, from what you eat to what you do with your time tonight, turns you into who you are tomorrow and the day after that." Cmdr Chris Hadfield



      • We'll see if I can do it!


        • Sushi!!!

          The Sushezi arrived yesterday, and I promptly ran to the store for ingredients(do you see why I need a budget) and we made a practice roll. Then two for the girls' lunches today. And then we ran out of rice.

          It works great! You do have to really pack the rolls, and we found letting the contraption sit in the fridge for a bit before squirting it out made it easier to keep in one piece while you were twirling the nori around it.

          (Yes, I know...the mat works only takes practice...more traditional....less waste...blahblahblah! It intimidated me. Maybe someday I will work up to the mat and whip out rolls easily. Right now, this gave me the confidence to try it, and voila! We have sushi rolls for lunch.)

          I also got two Asian plums to carry out the theme. And little packets of soy sauce shaped like fish! (These can be refilled, if you are determined [which I am] so I don't feel guilty for buying them AT ALL!) Every sushi lunch needs some cute to it.

          I have a crazy busy day today, not least because of a ridiculous Girl Scout procedure which will entail much driving and hustling. But I am making time for watching Downton Abbey with my friend. And I get to work on my rug while I do it. Double score!

          Here's yesterday:

          Up at 5:30

          8:30 unstuffed cabbage soup

          10:00 more soup
          2 coco-chocs

          1:45 1 coco-choc

          5:45 more soup
          3 Brazilian cheese breads
          2 sushi roll bites!

          Walking: no
          Water:6 glasses

          Bed at 9:00

          What's up with me and the water lately? I need to make an effort today. (Notice she says nothing about making an effort to walk.) The mid-afternoon coco-choc came after completing a grueling financial aid form. What I REALLY wanted was a margarita!

          The soup was good, but I need to add more than just caraway. I'll have to dig out my old recipe and see what gave it the flavour I remember. I fear it may have been Campbell's tomato soup! In which case I am screwed, because I am not going down the condensed soup road. Over the weekend I was at a friend's house and smelling the amazing stroganoff she had bubbling in her crockpot. When I asked about the recipe, I was told condensed cream of something was involved, and was crushed. It smelled fantastic, though! They know what they are doing with those artificial preservatives and whatnots!


          • The fish shaped soy holders sound adorable. Totally worth the expense.


            • See you later!

              Just about to run off to my retreat.

              Yesterday I had:

              Uncabbage roll soup for breakfast

              Sahimi, rice, seaweed salad, and creme brulee for high tea.

              Not enough water, not enough walking, way too rush rushing around getting things done.

              I'm leaving this morning, with my house clean, and my family scheduled. I'll see y'all on Monday!


              • I hope you have a fun time at your retreat! Maybe now I can catch on your journal
                Don't let nobody try and take your soul. You're the original . --Switchfoot- The Original

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                • Reporting for duty

                  I did pretty well on food until I had the margarita. After that, WAY too much chocolate crept in. Yesterday I tried to do a Fat Fast to clear out the sugar cravings. I would say I was half way successful. Still had chocolate, but feel more normal today. (Made fudge last night[I know, I know] but only had one piece!) I will be staying High Fat today, to get myself back on track as quickly as possible.

                  The retreat was a great time. I relaxed, had fun with my friends, completed five projects.

                  Now that I am back, seems like there is a boatload of stuff to do, complicated by our phone and internet service going haywire(again!). I am sitting at home waiting for the phone guy today from 9-1. My guess is that they won't even show. Considering their performance so far, I cannot imagine this company actually setting up a successful appointment for the very morning after I call. But perhaps I misjudge them....

                  At the moment I am making a quiche for snacking. Mushroom, red pepper, sun-dried tomato, and kale. Then I'll whip up some Cream Cheese Clouds.

                  Oh, and did I mention there were 200 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in my house last week, and I did not eat ANY of them?!


                  • If you're looking for a fun no-bake brownie recipe... well it's not really a recipe so much as mixing hazelnut butter, apple butter, and cocoa. Press the mixture into a small tupperware container and top with pecans or (you'll have to push them in). Pop it in the fridge and let it cool for a few hours. Discovered this by accident last week and I'm loving it as a treat now!
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                    Long Term Goal: 166lbs (One day!), Buy whatever cloths I want to wear.
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                    • Aldi experiment begins

                      I walked myself down to the Aldi, ten dollar bill in hand. Spent $9.16 and walked back. Mission accomplished. As long as that is it for the day.


                      • I am interested in watching this experiment. It'll be neat to see you widdle your waist while widdling your grocery spending!
                        Primal since March 5, 2012
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                        • A Squishy Day

                          Rain last night and this morning, so my walk to Aldi will be a little squishy. But I am going! I want to get meat, and pineapples to put in the dehydrator. And get my walking in. And if I don't go, then that money vanishes into Honey's pockets. And though he deserves more spending money, NOT at the expense of REAL FOOD!

                          Yesterday was back on track. I felt full, and not like I was thinking about food all the time. God bless high fat. Here's how it went:

                          5:30- Up!

                          9:30 1/2C greens gratin
                          1 1/2 bratwurst

                          1:30 1/4 of a quiche
                          2 slices liverwurst

                          4:00 3 devil eggs
                          scrapings from cloud bowl

                          6:00 beef shank and marrow
                          rotkoehl(red cabbage, onion, carrots, celery, apple, vinegar, coconut sugar) SO GOOD!
                          Cream Cheese Clouds( 1T butter, 1oz cream cheese, a little vanilla and sweetener)

                          Walking: 60"
                          Water: 9 glasses

                          Bed at 9:00

                          I got my period four days early. Surprise! No wonder that chocolate was so appealing. It came with a tremendous headache, which I think was made worse by coming off my small sugar high. But I powered through. Cut some squares of fudge this morning for the girls' lunches, and had ZERO desire to have any. It just looked like brown stuff to me.

                          A word about those cream cheese clouds. I used twice the amount of butter called for. (Took out a whole stick instead of a half, and found cutting a mushy stick of butter in half to be too much for me at the time.) They turned out fine. Also, I have never used the full amount of sweetener called for in the recipe. I whip the other stuff up, then start adding little bits, tasting as I go. This batch had 4 packets of stevia, and 1 tablespoon of coconut sugar(mostly because I bought a jar and wanted to try it out). Hmm, I should probably go add these notes to the HFLC recipe group thread.

                          NEVER MIND! I went to the group, and saw that a full stick of butter is the correct amount. Good thing I am such a LazyLou, or I would have shorted myself on the butter! Horrors!
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                          • Cream cheese clouds are awesome!
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                            SW: 221 | CW: 204 | LPW: 166 | UGW: 140 (80 lbs loss)


                            • I keep meaning to try cream cheese clouds, but I'm a little afraid to for the obvious reason. I'm going to a potluck tonight, maybe I could take them and then I will only have one. But with my luck, no one will eat them and I'll have bring them all home...
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                              • Originally posted by Siobhan View Post
                                I keep meaning to try cream cheese clouds, but I'm a little afraid to for the obvious reason. I'm going to a potluck tonight, maybe I could take them and then I will only have one. But with my luck, no one will eat them and I'll have bring them all home...
                                They're like little bits of cream cheese. So yummy. I am thinking about adding some other flavors to them - like orange zest for an orange creme effect... maybe some strawberries instead of sweetener to give the essence of strawberry cheesecake, etc. I roll mine in fine shredded coconut to make them less messy to handle (then they don't need to be frozen either).
                                Primal since March 5, 2012
                                SW: 221 | CW: 204 | LPW: 166 | UGW: 140 (80 lbs loss)