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  • Sabine, happy to see you're back! I missed you too .
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    • Not surprised to see Chica is back with you. Apparently the two new puppies aren't enough to keep her home? Glad she's doing well.

      Sorry the sushi caused so many problems for you. I hope it doesn't happen again.

      I saw JUDDD mentioned in Tomi's journal and was interested in googling it but didn't know what it stood for. Thanks to you, I don't have to google it. I'm not exactly sure I'm interested in that. Pretty happy with the EMF.

      Sorry you're still hurting but glad the money stress is going away.
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      • Originally posted by Sabine View Post
        Thank you, Siobhan.

        At the moment, Chica is sitting on Littlest's stomach while she (Littlest) does her homework. She just had a dinner of leftover catfish fried in bacon grease. Life is good.

        A while ago Littlest made a little book with inspirational quotes in it(illustrated) for a Girl Scout project. I have decided to make one for myself. The first quote, by Muhammad Ali, 'The will must be stronger than the skill', is superimposed over a hippo tossing her head back with a joyous spray of water. I love collecting quotes, and this seems like another fun way to enjoy them. Anyone have a favorite quote to share?
        One of my favorites came from Mother Teresa : God doesn't look at how much we do, but with how much love we do it.

        (I had obvious help one day from an angel, ((no telling how many times we receive it unaware)); I fell to the ground, bawling. It was an awesome experience.)


        • I have about a thousand quotations that I love. Here is one:

          "To find the best in others; to give of one's self; to leave the world a bit know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived - this is to have succeeded." - Ralph Waldo Emerson
          My Primal Journal:

          "Freedom from fear" could be said to sum up the whole philosophy of human rights. - Dag Hammarskjold


          • Another short post

            These fasting days make for not a lot to say. Here was yesterday:

            Up at 5:30 (good sleep)

            Water: 11 glasses
            Walking: 60"
            Pains: throughout the day-worrying and trying not to worry

            Bed at 9:30

            I did not get hungry today until about 5:00, and talked myself out of having the small meal that is allowed on down days. I know it is easier for me to not eat, than eat a little. And sure enough, the desire passed after half an hour. Must be TrueHunger.

            Then I had a small tiff with Honey, bringing on the desire for some emotional eating, but I squelched that with a bath instead.

            To try and calm myself about the mystery pains, I have been thinking about a past experience, when I had this cold tightness in my throat. It was back in the glory days of having solid income and savings, so I went to the doctor, and he said, 'hmm, nothing that I can see, let's do some tests'. Costly tests were done, nothing was found, and I was told to not worry about it. Mystery never solved. I keep telling myself it may be something like that, and just relax, and give my body a few weeks to fix itself. Most small things apparently do resolve themselves in 3-4 weeks, with or without intervention. Our bodies know what they are doing, if we let them. Still, I wish it would STOP!

            The kitchen is a WRECK this morning after not doing dishes yesterday, and just pushing everything aside this morning to make sushi rolls for the girls. I am going to spend the morning slowly cleaning up while listening to my favorite radio show. But first, a delicious breakfast of bacon, triclops, and greens. Mmm!


            • Hmmm, sorry about the mystery pains.

              I'm impressed that you are making sushi for the girls' lunches first thing in the am.
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              • Originally posted by Pebbles67 View Post

                I'm impressed that you are making sushi for the girls' lunches first thing in the am.
                Me, too!


                • Originally posted by Sabine View Post
                  Me, too!
                  Me three!

                  Sorry about the mystery pains and hope they magically go away on their own. Also sorry about the slight tiff with hubby. Glad it didn't lead to a binge.
                  Primal since March 5, 2012
                  SW: 221 | CW: 204 | LPW: 166 | UGW: 140 (80 lbs loss)


                  • Well.

                    I'm feeling that a Whole30 may be in order, which I really don't want to do, mostly from the viewpoint of cost. I still use some things that have preservatives in them, but both times after breaking my one day fast on this alternate day trial, I have had a digestive upset. This one was...not painful, but uncomfortable, and more like diarrhea than the one after the sashimi. The aggravating thing, is with my midriff pains, I can't be sure what it might be related to: the pains, sudden reintoduction of food, preservatives in particular. Grrr.

                    Okay, here are all the gory details:

                    Up at 5:15 (good sleep)

                    8:45 Triclops
                    3 pieces bacon
                    1/2C greens gratin

                    4:00 1C taco meat(beef, onion, chili, cumin, salsa)
                    1/4 tomato
                    smidge of cheddar
                    sour cream
                    1/2 avocado

                    8:30 steak
                    horseradish mixed with sour cream
                    1 strawberry
                    1/4C cream

                    Water: 7 glasses
                    Walking: 90"
                    Pains: yes
                    Bowel activity: 5:45 small, slightly soft/12:15 whoosh & diarrhea/ 2:15 little diarrhea

                    Bed at 9:00

                    I made a doctor's appointment for Monday. Just have to suck it up. I am actually hoping for something like diverticulitis, where they will give me some antibiotics and put me on a liquid fast for a few days. Something definite and easy(relatively) to deal with. What I dread is hearing, 'hmm, let's run some tests.' But when it keeps you worrying for a week, it is time to see the doctor, I guess. At least it is not to the point where I am in such pain that I MUST DO SOMETHING NOW. If I need tests, I can call around and bargain with cash for the lowest price.

                    My large amount of walking was due to going to the Dallas Quilt Show and enjoying myself thoroughly. Lots of inspiration. I wanted to start ten new projects right away. I restrained myself and worked on an old one.

                    Today we are going out for a celebratory lunch for Middlest's good news. Genghis Grill, I think, is her final choice. So, I will be having two Up days in a row, but will work to keep this a moderate one. No breakfast, the lunch out, and we'll see what happens in the evening. Think I will call GG and see if I can bring my own coconut oil for the grilling. If not, I'll ask for a 'dry' grill, and put a blob on at the table.


                    • Very cool about the angel. Really.

                      What are your thoughts on JUDDD? I had thought to do some calorie cycling and stumbled across that in my research. More structured that I was planning, but it looks intriguing (I would do it with a twist, though, and do it with my EMF guidelines).

                      Very sorry about the pains.
                      -- Ruth


                      • I'm looking at your food, and celiac disease seems to be ruled out because you're not anything suspiciously gluten. Have you tested yourself for lactose intolerance? Sorry if I'm being repetitive here. Depending on your sensitivity, even small amounts of lactose can cause these symptoms. (I'm sure you know this and forgive me if I sound patronizing.) And you may have covered this before, but are you sure that your sushi place doesn't use mayonnaise? I'm just asking because I used to enjoy sushi at a place in California which should have been completely clean, but they snuck mayo into almost everything because they learned that Americans really like it. I really hope you can get a resolution to these pains.
                        My Primal Journal:

                        "Freedom from fear" could be said to sum up the whole philosophy of human rights. - Dag Hammarskjold


                        • Mini-hypocrisy: I realized I went from 'your body can heal most things in three weeks' to 'if you're being worried for a week, it's time to see the doctor' over the course of one day. What can I say? I guess I freaked myself out.


                          • Siobhan- there were a couple days during the Stress Time, that I did not track. One of the things I remember eating was half a box of Thin Mints. *hangs head* The pains started about a day and a half later. Perhaps not a direct cause, but one possibility is that I aggravated my system, and then some little thing was the last straw. Or, you know, that I have CANCER! (See how quickly the imagination does bad things?)

                            I still use regular mayo on occasion. But perhaps it IS that little thing. Thanks for taking the time to think about it. But please, please, please...don't let it be dairy! I did go dairy-free for a month about a year ago. Didn't notice any major changes. So I am hopeful that dairy and I will be lifelong friends. Considering my racial type is very Nordic, I am thinking my ancestors were chasing reindeer and milking them as soon as someone got the idea.

                            I have found I feel the pains most when I am sitting, least when I am lying down. So yesterday I spent a lot of my time upright or reclining.

                            Okay, enough about the pains!

                            Here's how yesterday went:

                            Up at 7:00(good sleep)

                            1:30 celebration lunch at Genghis Grill
                            I had them cook my meal without oil(since they use canola!)
                            and I added butter and coconut oil
                            1 seafood and vegetables bowl
                            1 beef and vegetables bowl
                            no starch, of course
                            their tomato sauce on both of them(no gluten or soy)

                            8:30 1/4C cream, 1/2pkt stevia, vanilla
                            1oz chedddar

                            Water: 9 glasses
                            Walking: 80"
                            Pains: yes, but fewer

                            Bed at 10:00

                            I was feeling empty in the evening, but not especially hungry. I mostly made the frozen cream because I knew I was fasting the next day, and wanted a little something. Anticipatory Hunger, perhaps?

                            In spite of eating a good bit at Genghis Grill, I was feeling the munchies at about 4:30. This, after laughing at Honey for eating at 4:00. Maybe there's no soy or gluten in that tomato sauce, but I'm guessing there's a boatload of sugar! Managed not to eat, though. How could I, after mocking my man? (Sometimes bad manners come to the rescue!)

                            I got in some extra walking because the look I was waiting for came in to the library. Review in the next post.
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                            • A book review- The Alternate Day Diet (JUDDD)

                              I decided to do some alternate day fasting to give my system a rest, without doing a multi-day fast. (I was under some stress, and felt like a long fast would be another stressor at this time, not a relaxor.)

                              I had heard about this as a weight-loss method, read a few blogs, watched that Horizon special, so it was in the back of my mind that there was a book about it. Did the magic google, and read about JUDDD, Johnson's Up Day Down Day diet, which seems to be what it is known by on the internet. The name of his book is 'The Alternate Day Diet: Diet Only Half the Time!'.

                              His plan does not include a true fast(more on that later). Instead, he recommends an 'up' day of eating normally, alternated with a 'down' day of eating 20% of your calories. This is because he does not believe that people can or will fast every other day for long term. Keeping it to 20% of your normal calories, though, appears to still activate the weight-loss mechanism and other health benefits of alternate day eating.

                              You lose weight through two things happening. First, calorie reduction. Eating 20% + 100% = 120%/2 days = 60% of your normal calories. Not bad. The calorie counting crowd will be happy.

                              But I must say, using his calorie count(as found on his website-very nice that he gives you the basics for free, without demanding you buy the book) my daily amounts (5'8" woman, not active, 2200 and 440, so an average of 1330) seemed generous compared to what SAD is telling me(1200, you glutton, and it should be way less, since you are a fat slug, but that's a minimum we're not supposed to go under, so resign yourself to a long, hard slog!).

                              Second, experiments done on animals and a few humans(interesting studies, glad they were included) indicated that eating every other day activate SIRT1(called something else in non-humans), which (in my words) guides your cells to repairing themselves instead of dying in the face of stress, and causes fat to move into the bloodstream and inhibits fat storage. The first part improves your health in many ways, the second helps you lose weight.

                              He is definitely a calories-in-calories-out guy. But he holds that everyday restriction is too difficult for 90% of humans to maintain, because our genes are telling us to EAT! But that we can do it for one day at a time. (As an interesting correlation, he suggests that for maintenance after losing your weight, you gradually increase your down days from 20% to whatever percent[but still lower than 100%] you need to maintain. He is at 55% on his down days.) His study also suggests that any hunger difficulties become less as you get into the diet.

                              He is very excited about the health benefits of alternate day fasting and the action of SIRT1. There's some stuff in the book about CRON(Calorie Restriction with Optimal Nutrition) and he sees his method as a good way of getting the effects of calorie restriction without having to have super-human resolve.

                              I am interested in the cell renewal aspects of fasting, so those parts of the book were very interesting to me.

                              Less so, was some of his CW regarding low-carb. He definitely follows the 'grains are good for you' line, which is fine for him, but to me indicates a bias that had me looking at his other stuff more carefully than I would have. He disparages low-carb, but at the same time, there's this wonderfully funny quote: "...eating nothing every other day would probably be the most effective. Except, of course, that no one can do it!"

                              It made me laugh, because for me, eating nothing for one day, is easier than limiting myself to 440 calories for one day. Perhaps I shouldn't laugh, because, after all, I haven't tried alternate day fasting for the four months it would probably take me to get to my goal. But again, it seemed to show a bias. There seem to be plenty of people, who, once they are fat-adapted, have no problem fasting for a day. Even me! And we all know I am no stellar example.

                              But trying to eat just 440K of some of the starchy stuff he recommends, would make it a white-knuckle day for me.

                              I had thought the maintenance plan would be to start switching to fasting one day in three, then four, five, etc. This eating 20% kind of threw me.

                              Once I saw that he was following the CW line on nutrition, I just skimmed that section, and skipped the recipes entirely.

                              The book is a quick read(especially if you skim the nutrition!) and certainly gives you something to consider. I had just been thinking of doing this for a while to help my system rest while I am figuring out my present difficulties. But the sections on the health benefits, makes me think I should consider doing this long-term(albeit, my way, with true fasting). He says you start feeling better(more energy, relief from some health symptoms) starting after your fourth Down Day, which for me, should be Tuesday. I'll keep you posted.
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                              • Ill-advised rant including a personal attack to follow

                                There is a person on the forum who irks me. Mostly for his opinions, but also because he is always changing his icon picture. Drives me bananas, because I always have to take a double-look to see whom I am dealing with. I also find it kind of creepy that someone who says they are a man, uses pictures of young females as his icon. Okay, maybe it is a 'thing', and I just don't understand it, but I still find it hinky. Well, this morning this person has as his icon a female smoking a cigarette. SMOKING!!! Are you f*****g kidding me?!?

                                Last edited by Sabine; 03-10-2013, 08:22 AM. Reason: Not sure if I'm allowed to use that word