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  • Thanks, all. I am having a good time. Enjoyed a bath while looking at quilt magazines, then did some sewing while watching episodes of 'Fringe'. Next up, a little reading.

    Since we have two birthdays in a row in our family, I don't feel too deprived doing a Down Day today. The sashimi yesterday was fantastic. I usually go for lunch, so I was astonished and gratified by the improved selection at the dinner buffet. Yum, yum, yum!


    • Happy Birthday! Enjoy.
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      • I am now older

        The actual birthday is a sort of stasis zone. But the day after...officially older. I had a great day, except for some annoying pains. Honey and I went out and got my combo Christmas-birthday present- a Nook. I charged it up and bought two books. Today I will begin figuring it out.

        Well, after I do my chores. The list I made in Siobhan's journal was rather long, so I guess some tidying up will have to be done.


        Here was yesterday:

        Up at 5:30

        1:30 liverwurst

        3:00 *nap!

        4:30 liverwurst

        11:00 fell asleep (see*)

        Water: 9 glasses
        Walking: 20"

        I had to take Chloe into the vet for a dip today. Her mange is back. She's a delicate blossom, and stress makes her mangy. Strangely, I think this time she was reacting off the stress over Honey's job a month ago. I need to schedule more cuddle time with her, I think. Salem started yipping up a storm when I took Chloe out of the house and NOT HER! She thought a walk might be going on. There was much sniffing on her behalf when I got back alone. We met another black dachshund at the vet's, and he and Chloe did a polite and friendly sniff greeting. They LOVE other dachshunds.


        • Okay, more to report on the food front, what with an Up Day:

          Up at 5:30

          6:30 pork chop, 2 eggs in butter, pumpkin 'pie'

          12:30 beef stew with carrots, celery, tomato, parsnip
          asparagus with butter
          1/2C rote grutze with cream

          4:45 junior vanilla shake from Braum's

          7:15 7 pork/beef meatballs in marinara served over
          zucchini/onion/bell peppers/tomato topped with
          parmesan cheese
          1/2C rote grutze with cream

          Water: 8 glasses
          Walking: 40"
          Pains: 17

          Bed at 10:00

          I have not been getting to bed early enough. I need to keep with the program, here! My sleep is important.

          Having friends over tonight for our quilt group. It is a Down Day for me. I am feeding them pizza things, quiches(Lorraine and Florentine- no crusts, though!), salad, and cheesecake. I'm going to have salad. That will keep me within my 420 calories, and not be too noticeable.


          • I am so sad that the pains are still with you.

            What the heck is rote grutze and how do you make it? or would it be better if I didn't know?
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            My "Program": doing my version of a 4:3 - 3 day fast diet with real food every day, with a little twist of anti-inflammatory mixed in.


            • What ever happened to Chica?

              And what is with these pains? Geesh!
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              • Huh, what happened to my post? I answered y'all yesterday. Okay, here's a repeat:

                The pains are annoying, but I'm sure I will conquer them. Once I figure them out.

                Rote grutze is WONDERFUL! A northern-Garmany dessert, translated as red groats/grits. Made from at least three kinds of red fruit. I use strawberries, cherries, raspberries, cranberries(since I'm in North America!). In germany you might have lingonberries, and gooseberries in the mix. But they are too expensive to get here. Cook 9 parts fruit with one part sugar over LOW heat until thickened, about two hours, scraping the bottom of the pot frequently toward the end. Cool, and serve with heavy cream.

                So good!

                Chica is still here, hanging out, being part of the family.

                Okay, let's see if this post will stay put.


                • Down Day Success

                  I had my friends over last night and served them salad, quiches, little pizzas, and cheesecake. I had salad and one slice of quiche. My calorie count was a little high, but it was still a great Down Day. Not least, because I didn't stress about it at all, or have hunger issues. Being the hostess, no one noticed what I was eating, so I didn't have to deal with any 'is that all' comments. It all worked our wonderfully.

                  Plus, we had a great evening!

                  Okay, the rest of it:

                  Up at 5:45 still having to hit the snooze- I must go to bed earlier!

                  12:15 4oz tilapia, 1t butter

                  3:15 4oz tilapia, 1t pesto

                  7:15 salad, 1 slice quiche

                  Water: 8 glasses
                  Walking: 40"
                  Pains: 18

                  Bed at 11:00 okay, that didn't happen
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                  • I assume you've seen the doctor about these pains? Are you able to associate them to any type of food or activity? Are they stabbing pain, aching pain, burning pain? what part of the abdomen? And radiating pain to the back?

                    I'm a little worried...............

                    Good to hear you're still taking care of Chica even though you know they going to take her away. What a good neighbor!

                    How's the job going for hubby?
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                    2. Eat to heal
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                    5. Live with intention
                    6. Respect my body
                    7. Cultivate joy
                    8. Find my passion
                    9. Meditate on peace in my soul


                    • Check it out!

                      I have an avatar.


                      • Nice!
                        (about time)
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                        • More Raw Data

                          For those of you interested in my JUDDDing, here are the numbers for the last four weeks.

                          Quick recap: I began Alternate Day Fasting on March 5th, 2013. It was to give my digestive system a rest, from what has since been diagnosed by my doctor as IBS. Not sure, but we're working with that.

                          On March 5th I was 202.0.
                          On April 3rd I was 193.0

                          Here are the daily numbers since then. Weights taken the day after an Up Day are bolded.

                          190.5 4/4
                          191.5 4/5
                          191.0 4/6
                          191.0 4/7
                          189.0 4/8
                          190.5 4/9
                          190.0 4/10
                          191.0 4/11
                          188.5 4/12
                          191.0 4/13
                          190.0 4/14
                          191.5 4/15
                          190.0 4/16
                          190.5 4/17
                          188.0 4/18
                          190.5 4/19
                          188.0 4/20
                          190.0 4/21
                          190.5 4/22
                          192.5 4/23
                          190.0 4/24
                          190.5 4/25
                          188.0 4/26
                          188.0 4/27
                          189.5 4/28
                          190.5 4/29
                          188.5 4/30
                          189.5 5/1
                          187.5 5/2
                          188.5 5/3
                          185.5 5/4
                          184.5 5/5

                          I added a few more days to this set, since I had three Up Days in a row near the end of April. I wanted to see how the recovery from that went. Pretty well, I think, though the loss from yesterday I believe to be related to something undesirable I ate last night, which necessitated a quick trip to the bathroom.

                          But I am willing to call the end of the second four weeks as a solid 188.5, which is a further 4.5 pounds, just over my expected weight loss of one pound per week. If these extra few pounds stay off through May, I will be glad to claim them then. It would be very heartening to not go up out of the 180s again.


                          • No sooner do I say it...a Chica update

                            ...than it isn't true.

                            Our neighbor came yesterday morning and picked up Chica for her travelling shots.

                            There was scratching at the door just a few minutes ago, and it was her, but the neighbor and his two other dogs were in their front yard, so I passed her back over. Once she gets used to those boy dogs, she'll have fun bossing them around. But it is funny that she came running right over when she got into her front yard. She ran into the house when I opened the door, and Salem and Chloe started barking behind the gate. She zipped over to them and they touched noses through the bars. After I took her back out, Salem and Chloe were quite anxious to figure out where she went.


                            • Thanks for sharing the data. I love data. And, it's nice to see your trend line...that it's not linear down, but it's very definitely going down. Congrats on the great losses
                              -- Ruth


                              • Originally posted by RMS123 View Post
                                I love data.
                                Honey is going to make me an Excel graph for my numbers that I can hopefully post. Wait until you see the graphics!