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  • How cool. Our butcher sells some grass-fed beef, but that's all.

    Congrats on the dress
    -- Ruth


    • It's not looking good for Team Egg.

      Cramps, and then, shall we say, rather a severe evacuation event. Right at the 4 hour and 40 minute mark, when the cramps started last time.

      I will NOT be having eggs for a second time today.

      I could weep. I love eggs AND they are in a bunch of things.



      • You know what, I AM weeping.

        I went into the bathroom and had a good cry, and I am still crying a little. I was not expecting this at all. I felt I had no problems with eggs. I only eliminated them because I thought I should do the whole seven as written.

        I decided to reintroduce them first, because I was certain I had no problems, and it would give me a lot more versatility with my reintroduction diet from here on out.

        This is a big shock.

        I keep thinking of all the things I make with eggs. And just, eggs themselves, beautiful, delicious eggs.

        Honey and Littlest are sorry for me, of course, but they do not understand. They're not giving my nearly the sympathy I am feeling I want.

        Man, I am bummed out.

        Really, really bummed out.


        • Sabine I am so so sorry eggs are a no no now. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't have eggs...well I guess I do. As you said they are in everything & so that makes the case for only eating things you make yourself so you know what's in it. I'm surprised at the 4 hour mark tho...I would've figured that it woulda happened sooner. Are you suuuurrrreeeee it's the eggs that did it? Just trying to think of something else that might have done it. *sigh*. Again you have my utmost sympathy. I'm bummed for you.
          Goal: Don't worry be happy!


          • Could it be temporary?
            Seems many things may be too hard on the system after consuming a limited diet for so long.
            You could try again later and maybe with less to start with?
            Best if luck!
            Ps...doing W 30 (Extended) and feeling better w/o eggs but confident I'll be adding them back in........someday!


            • Thanks Primalcajun and Kmarie.

              Yep, I'm certain it is the eggs. I have been very careful with my charting. I will try them again, though, maybe in a month. For now, I am trying to reconcile myself.

              Operative word: trying. I am not very good at disappointment. Grrrrr.

              Hoping dairy will go better.


              • Although they were good pastured eggs, possibly it was just a slightly off batch? Maybe try some different ones?
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                • Oh, man, Sabine, I'm sorry!!! Perhaps you will find that once you give the digestive enzymes + probiotics + eliminating other problematic food, you will be able to heal you stomach and introduce them back in there... It took me 4 years, and I was finally able to introduce a little bit of dairy back into my life.
                  -- Ruth


                  • Well, I am still sad this morning, but starting to readjust.

                    Sort of.

                    In other news, the borscht and lamb plov were great. And the pampushki. Though the first two sort of exploded in the deep fryer. We happily ate the scraps as we worked out a better frying technique.

                    Honey was not a big fan of the lamb plov, but he'll have to suck it up. We have plenty of leftovers. I won't make it again, though, unless I make it for my friends.

                    The borscht will be a definite repeat recipe, though. Yum, yum, yum.

                    After buying the vodka, I forgot to bring it out. I guess we can do shots at the closing ceremony instead.

                    I loved the glowing jellyfish/dove of peace dance in the opening ceremony. Just beautiful. And the effects displayed on the floor screen were amazing. Naturally, I cried when the torch was lit. I always do.

                    Having a normal Down Day today. I fear much of it will be spent doing dishes. I always seem to use every pot in the house when I am doing new recipes. And there were THREE yesterday.

                    Here are my numbers for the first part of the month:
                    158.0 2/1
                    157.0 2/2
                    160.0 2/3
                    156.0 2/4
                    155.0 2/5
                    157.5 2/6
                    157.5 2/7
                    157.0 2/8
                    157.0 2/9

                    I'm happy to be hanging around in the 150s.


                    • OMG, I totally blew off the opening ceremonies. I never do that.
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                      • I was meeting with my friends, so we taped it at home. Then, we watched part of it during our Friday evening gathering, so I watched some of it twice.

                        Down Day going pretty well. No hunger so far, in spite of a rather carby evening yesterday. And I am even keeping pace with my water drinking.

                        Have not done any dishes yet. Always so easy to put them off.

                        In sad news, Costco has stopped carrying Kerrygold butter! I have to find a new source. And it is bound to be more expensive.


                        • Our Costco has never carried Kerry Gold. If I want it I get it at Safeway - although I've been told Trader Joe's has it for about a $ less. It would cost me an extra $ to drive the extra miles to Traders Joe's so I just don't buy it. I buy unsalted butter when I find it on sale and we make our own Ghee.
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                          • Originally posted by Sabine View Post
                            In sad news, Costco has stopped carrying Kerrygold butter! I have to find a new source. And it is bound to be more expensive.
                            You know what?? My local grocery stopped carrying it too... makes me wonder if there's actually a shortage of it. Going to investigate...

                            Sorry to hear the news about the eggs. I read in Practical Paleo that often eggs are a temporary allergy and that once the gut is completely healed, they can be brought back in. I say try again in a while, like the month you mentioned. I hope they're not lost forever. You're so right - that would be incredibly difficult.
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                            • PS, I googled Kerrygold Shortage and found a thread here talking about how others are unable to find butter as well. I checked Amazon - also sold out. Must be that the masses have learned of our secret and are buying it out... I dropped a message to Kerrygold on their website.

                              In the meantime, if you can find it, Organic Valley has a pastured butter that is cheaper than Kerrygold (like almost $2 cheaper in our grocery store) that is made in Wisconsin... not sure if that'll interest you or not. It's not as yellow, but it's good. Seasonal so maybe not available right now depending on where you live. The pastured stuff lasts up here for a while and I can usually get it year round.
                              Primal since March 5, 2012
                              SW: 221 | CW: 204 | LPW: 166 | UGW: 140 (80 lbs loss)


                              • I haven't been buying much butter so didn't notice. I better grab done next time I see it!