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  • Mm mm, interesting.

    I am having some issues now that I have delineated food restrictions. I will succeed tomorrow because I have to for my health and general comfort.
    "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It is about learning to dance in the rain."

    My journal:

    My "Program": doing my version of a 4:3 - 3 day fast diet with real food every day, with a little twist of anti-inflammatory mixed in.


    • Chugging along. Not much hunger. Enjoyed the smell of my friend's lunch (chicken cordon bleu) without wanting any. Tried water infused with apple and cinnamon. Okay, I guess. Making burgers and spicy fries for the family tonight.

      Tomorrow will not be such a busy day, so I will be alert for boredom eating. Hmmm, maybe some intensive tidying will take care of that.

      Ruth, how does it go for you, doing two Down Days in a row?


      • My schedule is: M, T - Down, W - Up, T - Down, F - Up, S - Down, Su - Up. I can only do 2 DDs in a row once a week, otherwise, not enough nutrition, and not enough for heavy weight training. It gives me a little bit of freedom if my down days are a bit higher (I do best at 200-300 calories, but this way, I can do 400 or 500 and still show some loses). It's actually not bad. Once I get into the pattern, I find myself enjoying it. This also works pretty well with life - Wednesdays, I very often have business lunches (not impossible, but more difficult to not eat) and Sundays are always family days, so a nice day to have an up day. Saturdays, the boys almost always have plans, so it's a very easy down day. A set schedule just helps my life, but 4:3 was maintenance.

        Looking at sheets today. How goes the daily sheet changing?
        -- Ruth


        • I did not change them this morning, just aired them. But I am thinking about it.


          • The lightheadedness went away. I did wake up feeling hungry this morning(104 hours) again. But I am not inclined to break the fast just yet. My skin feels smoother today, and my nose has lost its dryness.

            I tried water with cinnamon and apple slices. Definitely better cold.

            Today I am going to have a relaxing epsom and lavender bath, as our area heads back towards chilly weather. We got spoiled with this preview of spring. Must remember to cover the garden tonight.

            My usual schedule, as I've been practicing maintenance, is Down Days on MWF, eating on TRSU. I think if I could stick to that(!) I would maintain. But I've had some ups and downs. Trying, trying, to find what I can sustain.

            Hoping for another tidying session today, but only AFTER I do some writing. It seems very strange to view tidying as the reward.


            • Originally posted by Sabine View Post
              It seems very strange to view tidying as the reward.
              Doesn't it, though? I feel the same crazy thing.
              I've had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened. ― Mark Twain

              Writing on the Cave Wall - my Primal Journal


              • Yeah, I emptied out a drawer and refolded and rearranged everything just for relaxation. Weird.
                My journal - The Walrus:

                Be silly, be honest, be kind. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


                • Y'all are just talking crazy now.

                  Seriously Sabine, 3 down days a week is how I lose when I do it, that should be plenty for maintenance.
                  "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It is about learning to dance in the rain."

                  My journal:

                  My "Program": doing my version of a 4:3 - 3 day fast diet with real food every day, with a little twist of anti-inflammatory mixed in.


                  • Up in the middle of the night. I woke up when Littlest came home with Boyfriend, and after talking with them for a bit, couldn't get back to sleep. So I drank some tea and water, and cruised around on the internet a bit. I can feel sleepiness creeping over me again; five more minutes and I should be able to crash.

                    Had a very relaxing detox bath(epsom salts, baking soda, and lavender oil) this afternoon, while leafing through the latest issue of Paleo magazine. It is not an ideal bath-magazine(small type, extra wide columns) but there was still plenty in it to keep me looking for 40 minutes. The rest of the articles I will read at my leisure in a dry setting.

                    This is the end of the fifth day of fasting. I will decide in the morning if I am going for Day Six. I have already planned snacks that won't tempt me (devilled eggs, and seven layer dip with chips) for the Super Bowl, but today Honey added chicken wings to the list. Uh-oh.

                    Repaired the A/C cover today, and added the wire mesh to the top that I have been wanting for ten years. It only took half an hour(not including buying the mesh.) Why did I put it off for so long? Somehow, I thought it would be an ordeal. Instead, easy-peasy.

                    Also bought the supplies to install some shelves. One set for our emergency food supply, the others so that I can fit my shorter books on a shelf without double-stacking or wasting 'headroom'. Those are projects for tomorrow.

                    Put a sweater, a tanktop, and a plate in the donation box. Just little stuff I came across when I was pulling stuff out to measure for shelves. Other things went to their rightful places, so that when I get to those categories, I'll have some hope of all the items being together.

                    Okay, feeling it now. Good night. Sleep tight.


                    • My spoons

                      This was posted in Walrus' journal, in response to Badger's revelation that she has TWO wooden spoons, one for sweet items, one for savory.

                      But after reading it, I thought I would like it here, too. My wooden spoons are definitely Sparklers for me.

                      I have seven wooden spoon/utensils.

                      The super long and sturdy one, which I bought while visiting in California. Made of a purple African wood. It is great for stirring the hearty, heavy things, or breaking up ground meats.

                      The flat-edged one, good for scraping.

                      The fork, for when lighter things need to be whirled up. Great for pasta and zoodles and stir-fry.

                      The short spoon, for sauces. I don't like using a long spoon in my small pot. It just seems wrong.

                      The long oval work horse.

                      The round workhorse, with the bend to its handle, from being left over a steaming pot for too long in its younger years.

                      The 'new' spoon, made from bamboo, with a crisp sharp edge to its bowl, bought when I was taking Middlest down to university for her first year.

                      And I've even been keeping my eyes open for one or two more. Plus, I'd like one of the old-fashioned wooden paddle whisks, if I can ever find one.

                      But...they all bring me joy. I brought them over to the computer to go through them, and type this up, and I felt happy just handling them.

                      I never thought about the sweet/savory distinction. Maybe one of my future spoons should be my 'sweet' spoon.


                      • In Which I Chatter On and On

                        Originally posted by demuralist View Post
                        Y'all are just talking crazy now...

                        No tidying for me yesterday, I was too busy. I am trying to keep very occupied during this fast. I don't want to break it just out of boredom, but because I have decided I have reached the end of it.

                        I have been looking around on the internet for accounts of fasting to read, but almost all of the ones I find are by vegetarians/vegans. Nothing against them choosing their way, but I am getting tired of reading about all the intricate prep and follow up, and how they crashed on the third day, and felt nauseous. It seems to be a very different experience from going into fasting from a fat-adapted diet. And even with my recent indulgences, it seems I am still fat-adapted enough that I slipped into fasting with no more than a little lightheadedness.

                        Maybe that's why I've been entertaining the idea of breaking my fast with juices. The influence of the vegetarian/vegan accounts.

                        Sashimi! That's what I really want. And a good amount of it, too.

                        Going to take Littlest to the craft store for supplies at 9. Then I am getting to work on the shelves. Later, we will plant our onion sets. And I have a finicky email to compose(Procrastinating!).

                        I made a salt water sole yesterday, but forgot to try it this morning. Tomorrow.

                        My pants keep sliding down my hips, but the next size down does not fit. Skirt day.

                        Paleo magazine had an article on Zucchini Cheese. I'm going to try it.
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                        • I love your spoon story!

                          I can relate to the projects that don't take nearly as much time once you actually start them. I'm seeing that over and over and over!
                          My journal - The Walrus:

                          Be silly, be honest, be kind. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


                          • Very shaming to realize I could have been enjoying the fruits of these very short labors for years, sometimes, if I had just sat down and done the darn thing right away.


                            • Whew, this is taking a while.

                              Some time ago, I decided I needed to keep a stock of emergency food, separate from my pantry items. I don't always keep a full pantry, and the point of having extra for emergencies, is so that you HAVE them, not so you dip into them when you don't want to go shopping.

                              So, I started throwing some things into my bedroom closet. (I have a small wardrobe, and a good sized closet, so I had the space.) This kept me from dipping into the food, but it was hard to keep them tidy, and rotate items out. So, my project today is to put shelves up on half of the wall. I'm not very quick about these things. It took me an hour to do the first one. I really wasn't planning on spending the whole afternoon doing this, but I guess I am. Plus, I put up one of the first supports too far out, and it looks dorky. But I am NOT redoing it. NOT.

                              Two shelves will hold all the items I have so far, and I am tempted to stop there, leaving the other two for 'later'. Hopefully, I will not give in to temptation.

                              Side note: If you keep emergency food on hand, make sure it is something you LIKE to eat. During stressful times, your food should make you happy, not be a source of anxiety. So far, we have:

                              Canned roast beef with a bottle of barbeque sauce
                              Tunafish with jars of pickles and a little jar of mayo
                              4-layer bean dip with a bag of chips
                              Bean and bacon soup
                              Spam and sardines for the dogs
                              Peanut butter
                              Canned fruit
                              Boston baked beans
                              Almond milk
                              Chia pudding ingredients, pre-measured
                              Sodas for Honey

                              Some of it is primal, some of it is not. But all of it, we would be happy to eat.

                              That reminds me, must buy smoked oysters for the stockpile, next time I go to the store. And, I saw an appetizer recipe for smoked oysters wrapped in bacon that I will definitely be trying when I am eating again.


                              • Three down, one to go.