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    On the verge

    Those Taco Bell burritos I ate last Sunday did more damage than I thought. Having been IBS symptom free for several weeks, I really noticed a difference this week. That one slip screwed me up for the whole week. I’ve been farting and constipated all week. Last night I suddenly broke out in hives all over my body and had to take a couple Benadryl (the first time in a month). But this morning I feel like I may have almost undone the damage. I’m groggy from the Benadryl “hangover” but I pooped out a nice #4. Finally! Thank God!

    I've been 100% primal all week although I still haven't started any kind of exercise routine other than not being so lazy. I tend to get up and move around a lot more but that's about it and try to walk more and further when I can throughout the day. This weekend I'll work on incorporating simplefit into my day. I'm fairly certain that regular exercise will help with my digestion too.

    It's been a month and I'm quite comfortable that I've developed a new habit of eating well. I get up and make breakfast without a thought. Whereas, pre-primal, breakfast was something that seemed like way too much trouble... lunch too. Because of that history, breakfast is key to me. If I don't eat breakfast, I generally don't eat for the rest of the day and just call it a "fast". I should emphasize that I do not schedule fasts. Rather I just take it a day at a time. It's dangerous ground for me to slip back into the habit of eating late at night and not during the day so one of my new rules is that if I don't eat during the day, then I don't eat at night, and I just wait until the next morning... when I'm plenty hungry. Works for me. It's kind of fun too to realize that I can chug along just fine even though I'm hungry. I guess I must be a "fat-burner" now because food doesn't really seem to make much difference in my energy levels anymore. I typically eat breakfast, lunch in the mid-afternoon, and dinner in the early evening. Occasionally I'll skip lunch or dinner and once or twice a week I won't eat anything. Again this isn't a "schedule" thing like "every Wednesday I fast". One-day-at-a-time. It's very liberating to have so much freedom. I've lost interest in my weight and gained interest in feeling good.

    Another surprise benefit has developed in my work (besides not being tired and stressed all the time) in that my mood is so much more level. It's like I don't give a damn so I just don't get so emotionally involved with the daily crises at work. I deal with a lot of angry people in my job and at least three times this past week I dealt with someone that was furious about something and after a few minutes of "discussion" I would have them laughing and calling me "buddy" or telling me that I am "a good person". The first time it kind of threw me for a loop but by the third time I was thinking "damn... this is really cool". It's like a new super-tool in my arsenal of life-tools.

    I no longer "need" several naps during the day and I'm generally asleep before midnight most every night. And I wake up without stress about the day. These are huge improvements over life-long problems with sleep. Even my fitbit has confirmed that I'm sleeping better. Initially FitBit was reporting that my sleep efficiency was about 75% on average and I would wake up 20-25 per night. Lately FitBit reports that my sleep efficiency is 90-95% and I wake up 6-12 times during a night.

    Today I'm going to fry up a couple pounds of gizzards, make some chili, and try making my first caesar dressing.

    I feel like I've climbed to the top of the primal hill out of the SAD swamps and I'm standing at the gates looking at a beautiful plateau that is the primal life. I can see Eden through the gates and when I look back down the hill... I see swamp.
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      I always enjoy reading your updates. Great job!!


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        Thanks Andy. The accountability seems to help a lot more than I would have expected.
        "If we’re not supposed to eat animals, how come they’re made out of meat?" - Tom Snyder, talk show host


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          No more nut butter and honey. I can't be trusted with it. Too often I'll just sit down in front of the TV and eat the stuff right out of the jar. I like to make a sandwich in my mouth.

          Sunday morning weigh in = 329. Lost 6 more lbs this week and 21 since I started a month ago. I logged my measurements and they didn't change much. My waist actually increased but I'm sure that's because I'm bloated and constipated. Kinda' creepy that I'm carrying around that much poo. You have a Body Fat Percentage of 33.11%. Blood pressure = 138/97 average over last month and doesn't seem to be getting any better.

          FitBit calculated my estimated BMR is: 2,385 calories/day. Hmmmm... my average daily calories over the last week = 1346. That did include a couple of days of fasting but I plan on making IF a part of my weekly routine so that's a good number. I think IF is a good fit for me because of the weight loss benefits and quite frankly I don't really want to eat some days. IF also seems more "primal". Seems like a safe assumption that Grok probably went hungry now and then.

          I feel like I'm eating a lot of food and I'm actually making no attempt to limit calories.... none... zero... nada. The only time I've been hungry is toward the end of a 24 hour fast. I'm logging foods daily on FitBit because: (1) it's pretty easy and; (2) I want to keep myself honest about my macros; and (3) most importantly I'm interested in how different foods affect me. It's still unsettling to me that every bit of CW is adamant that I should not be cutting calories at the risk of serious health problems. But then again CW also has an upside-down food pyramid and I haven't had much trouble dismissing that. I suppose the reality of what actually constitutes a BMR for me vs. CW's ideal BMR is the measure of my metabolic suppression. Works for me. Okay. I'm over it.

          Digestion has become an issue again and, other than the Taco Bell burritos on Sunday, the only thing I can see is that I've been a bit more lax about dairy this week. I haven't gone crazy with dairy but I have used a few tablespoons of cream in my coffee and had 5-6 ounces of cheddar cheese this week, but no milk since I started. That's it. All along I've been consuming a limited amount of butter, yogurt, creamy salad dressings, aged parmesan, and kefir and it didn't bother me for the first few weeks at all. So.... I think I'll lay off the cream and un-aged cheese for a week and see if my digestion improves. If it doesn't improve then maybe I'll cut out all dairy except butter. If it still doesn't improve I may have to kill myself!

          Exercise should improve my digestion, blood pressure, and body composition. I was planning on putting this off until I was under 300 lbs but I reckon it's now time to get started. Counting "getting up out of a chair" as a squat just isn't cutting it. Simplefit here I come. As far as walking goes it seems like during a normal day I walk about 2 miles on average. I had set a goal of 5 miles a day but that didn't happen... came close one day and wound up cutting my foot and crippling myself for a week. I could shoot for doubling my daily average to 4 miles a day. I live one mile from the beach so ideally I would just walk to the beach and back. Two miles! Conveniently, that would meet my goal. I really hate math.
          "If we’re not supposed to eat animals, how come they’re made out of meat?" - Tom Snyder, talk show host


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            Hi denasqu,

            I'm glad your sleep is getting better. I think it is the key to a lot. I have a gowearfit which gives me the same information.

            Hey, was the horse show in Ocala the Lippizaner Stallions? My in laws live in Sarasota. We went to see them one year.

            Anyway, keep up the good work. Cheers.
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              Thanks. I keep on keepin' on.

              No, they do have it all, horse-wise, around Ocala but my 17 year old niece is an equestrian jumper. I took her and her little friend to the show. She did pretty good. She didn't fall off her horse and that's A-OK in my book.

              FitBit kind of went haywire at the show when I spent 4 days bouncing around in a golf cart. It was logging in the neighborhood of 28 miles a day walking and climbing 25 stories of steps. In reality I probably walked much less then my usual 2 miles per day.

              Sarasota is about an hours drive north of me (Naples). I like the place. It's like Naples was 20 years ago.
              "If we’re not supposed to eat animals, how come they’re made out of meat?" - Tom Snyder, talk show host


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                I did it but it damn near killed me. I setup my Soloflex so I can start exercising. Christ, just cleaning that thing up, moving it into the house, and setting it up was a lot of exercise. I should just take it apart and move it few times a week.

                I've been tracking my blood pressure and heart rate the last couple weeks and for the 2nd time today I noticed my BP plummeted after heavy exercise. My systolic and diastolic both crashed 25-30% as my heart rate went up 33%. I Googled about this and didn't find anything good. I did find that it indicates cardiovascular problems, heart problems, and/or ketoacidosis. I feel fine but these numbers are disturbing. It's not much of a shocker though considering my weight and age.

                I wanted to test this falling BP business so I took my resting BP and Heart Rate and then went for a brisk 30 minute walk. I didn't smoke or do anything except drink a few glasses of water after my walk. I don't have the dry mouth, acetone breath, or frequent urination that would indicate ketoacidosis. Nor do I get the lightheaded or dizzy symptoms of low BP. WTF??

                156 / 99 mm Hg at 5:30 PM and 96 bpm
                30 minute walk
                121 / 69 mm Hg at 6:00 PM and 143 bpm
                132 / 93 mm Hg at 6:10 PM and 102 bpm
                137 / 94 mm Hg at 6:20 PM and 101 bpm
                129 / 93 mm Hg at 6:30 PM and 95 bpm
                126 / 70 mm Hg at 7:00 PM and 98 bpm (yeah I couldn't believe it so I tested 3x)

                Then I sat in a comfy chair, watched TV, and smoked a cigar...

                128 / 82 at 101 bpm

                So I guess my conclusions are that I should...

                -quit smoking
                -exercise carefully and watch for lightheadedness and dizziness
                -watch my BP
                -maybe go see my doctor

                But right now I'm going to fry some chicken gizzards.

                Okay, last time I fried gizzards I washed off the buttermilk and onions they had been soaking in before I breaded and fried them. Now I know why. I didn't rinse them this time and all the almond meal breading just fell off. Now I've got fried gizzards and fried almond meal. Still good. Just not as pretty. Kinda' buttermilky too.
                "If we’re not supposed to eat animals, how come they’re made out of meat?" - Tom Snyder, talk show host


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                  Exercise is good. My BP this AM when I woke was 123/86 which is much improved over the 13x/9x that I've been getting every morning. So glad I got my Soloflex set up finally. One less excuse.

                  Also the hives are getting less every day. I get a minor itchy spot now and then and I give it a good scratch with a brush and it goes away. Been a very long time. If I never lost another pound, this alone would be worth the effort of being primal. And all the money I'm not spending on anti-histamines buys a lot of grass fed beef and organic fruits and veggies.

                  I don't have to shower twice a day anymore to get the nasty "whatever off my skin". It felt like dirt and oil and I presume it was the toxic waste that had built up in my body. Now I can sweat a bit and I don't really stink or feel dirty.

                  I re-read the Primal Blueprint chapter on weight loss and I'm changing my opinion of snacks. I've been avoiding them at all costs and a couple times I've got myself around not-so-primal food late in the day and I wind up munching... or at least wanting to. While I don't want to start making a habit of snacking, I do think it would be better to keep some trail mix or something handy for those times. Better than noshing on corn chips or cookies.... even if it's only one or two. I've got some dried blueberries, hazelnuts, and sunflower seeds in my briefcase now. That should do the trick as my "emergency rations".

                  I only drank two cups of coffee this morning and I've been pretty tired all day. I was starting to make excuses to drink a cup of coffee here and there during the work day so I figured I better knock it off. Hopefully this will pass tomorrow. Me no like groggy.

                  BP 125/84 and HR 95 bpm.
                  Amazing. My BP is normal! It would seem that a little bit of exercise made a significant difference. I haven't had a normal BP reading in years!
                  Now I've just got to get my heart rate down. I miss the days 10 years ago when I had a resting HR of 43 bpm. All it took then was lots of walks on the beach mixed with sporadic jogging and lots of raquetball. Well, the longest journey always starts with the first step.
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                  "If we’re not supposed to eat animals, how come they’re made out of meat?" - Tom Snyder, talk show host


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                    I pooped out a healthy amount of smelly #6 this morning. Too many fried gizzards. Not enough veggies. I'm a bit obsessed with my poo but, having suffered with IBS the last few years, it seems to be a pretty good indicator of my internal health... maybe the best indicator. Somebody wrote on the MDA forum the other day something like "you are what you eat. You are NOT what you poop". I like that. I figure if I'm not pooping right, something probably needs to be improved in my diet.

                    I feel really good this morning. I was tired all day yesterday, but not extremely. I did take a nap around 4:30pm. I'm not so worried about naps anymore. Naps are a great re-charger. In the old days a nap would have meant that I could not sleep that night but not so with the Primal Blueprint. I slept fine... great actually. FitBit reports 95% efficiency. A new personal best! My sleep has become so automatic I can't believe it. I stayed up a little light last night but around midnight I just fell asleep reading The Hunger Games. I couldn't hold my eyes open. I don't even remember it. Like somebody just flipped the off switch. I woke up briefly a while later and the book was laying there in front of me. This business of reading fiction before going to sleep really helps me. So cool. Maybe I'll eventually get tired of mentioning how falling asleep has been a struggle all my life... but not yet. It's another brand new super-power!

                    The food! OMG the food! I've always liked to cook but lately it seems like I am an awesome cook. I clip a few paleo recipes everyday off the web but also lately I've just been throwing stuff together and it comes out amazing quite often.... not every time though. It's like the "cooking" part of my brain has been fired up. Another new super-power! Last night I made Ding Dong Eight Alarm Chili in a pressure cooker with a 4 lb ball tip roast that I got on sale at Whole Foods and holy crap is it good! I added a bit of Mojo seasoning and lime to it. I honestly don't know if I'm capable of leaving it in the fridge for two days to "allow the flavors to develop" per the recipe. I just can't imagine that it could get any better. Although after repeatedly testing the broth as it cooled I did find myself really wanting a big ol' piece of cornbread, I think I can handle postponing that for a good long while. Corn has sent me to the hospital a couple of times so maybe I'll try it next year.

                    I'm slowly wrapping my mind around vegetable gardening and composting. Either that or I'm going to have to get a better garbage disposal. All the veggie trimmings are repeatedly clogging up my sink with my crappy old garbage disposal. If I planted a big garden and started a compost pile... problems solved and I should also have a steady supply of home-grown organic veggies. A friend of mine says he grows 80% of his veggies in his backyard. So I'm reading about elevated beds and rain barrels and composting. Soon... soon. The fact that I killed a pot of herbs in less than a week is a little intimidating. I used to have a green thumb but apparently not anymore. But my whole yard is full of fruit so why not veggies? I've got two different kinds of mangos, avocados, papaya, cherries, star fruit, macadamias, coconut, oranges, grapefruits, pineapple, bananas, and plantains so for. Hell next year my whole grocery bill could just be for meat and dairy.

                    I'm starting to feel some real physical changes finally. My core feels tight. I especially notice when I'm standing up, standing, squatting, or bending over. All of these things were somewhat challenging a few weeks ago and I consciously avoided them simply because they were difficult. Now I'm enjoying them. If I drop something, I'll do a full squat to pick it up. When I get up out of chair, I'll make a conscious effort to not use my arms. And I'm trying to develop the habit of frequently trying to touch my spine with my belly button. Not exactly "Crossfit" but it works for me. Little by slowly I'm actually wanting to exercise. Crazy I know.
                    "If we’re not supposed to eat animals, how come they’re made out of meat?" - Tom Snyder, talk show host


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                      Holy Shit! I just made mayonnaise! And damn it is goooood! It took me about 15 minutes to mix it because I was so worried about screwing it up. But after I had dribbled in a little more than half the oil it magically started turning from whipped eggs to mayo. I was certain it wasn't going to work but it worked! A whole new world of different flavors of mayo and salad dressings has opened up to me now. Next I may try ketchup! I read the bottle on the Heinz Organic and that shit is nothing but sugar.

                      Oh yeah, and I feel great. Limitless energy. yadda yadda yadda... I made mayonnaise!!
                      "If we’re not supposed to eat animals, how come they’re made out of meat?" - Tom Snyder, talk show host


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                        Let's see, in the last couple of days I've made sunflower seed crackers ... awesome.... mayonnaise... awesome... blue cheese dressing... awesome... and tonight I made some Hollandaise sauce and poured it over a grilled ribeye.. AWESOME. When I made the Hollandaise I almost wound up with scrambled eggs but I caught it in time. Who knew it was so easy! That ribeye with Hollandaise was so good I started wondering why anybody would eat any other way! Why would anyone ever want grains or processed foods?
                        "If we’re not supposed to eat animals, how come they’re made out of meat?" - Tom Snyder, talk show host


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                          I decided to make a change from bacon and two fried eggs for breakfast so I had ribeye with Hollandaise and three fried eggs.

                          My gut has been feeling different lately. Not bad, but more like it's working. I'm pooping a little better but still having a tendency to get constipated. Probably need to eat veggies more regularly. If I don't make a point of eating veggies I probably would never eat them. Broccoli and onions and salads maybe but not a big fan of the rest. Might as well start eating some fruit too. Initially I was concerned about the carbs, but my carb intake is so low... usually around 50 grams... that I probably shouldn't worry about it. I'm not at much risk of over doing it with fruits either because I don't have much of a taste for sweet things.

                          I got dizzy yesterday afternoon on my way to Whole Foods and I hadn't eaten all day. I didn't intend to fast but I woke up late and didn't take time for breakfast. So I at 3:00pm in the parking lot of Whole Foods, I busted out my baggie of emergency rations and gobbled down some home-made trail mix. That did the trick and emphasized the importance of keeping something to eat at hand. I felt fine after eating. Since I quit logging my food a few days ago I think I'll start again.

                          Blood pressure seems to have normalized which is kind of weird. Took it this morning and it was 120/80 and I'm averaging 122/84. Crazy. I haven't exactly been exercising much and I'm still way overweight and smoking. And for years I've always high or pre-hypertension. Never normal. Oh well. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Another miracle of the primal blueprint.... yawn..

                          Exercise. ToDo. Still not walking enough. Started playing around with those exercise rubber bands. But I think I'm still too fat to do any real exercise. Definitely need to be well under 300lbs before I tackle that. Hell, right now walking more than a couple blocks is a challenge.

                          Naps are cool. Seem like now when I don't have a lot to do my whole body can kind of go into low gear and if I need sleep, I can take a nap for an hour and just wakeup completely refreshed. Since I'm wearing that FitBit all the time it logs all my sleep and everytime I take a nap it registers 100% efficiency. When I sleep at night my personal best is 95% so naps are cool. And I don't know if it's coincidence or not but I never seem to want a nap when I have things to do. Coincidence or not.. it's damn convenient.

                          Paleo v. Primal. When I did this a couple years ago I started off great after reading The Primal Blueprint but then a few months later I read The Paleo Solution and I went off the rails. The "paleo" business is interesting but it's too over the top and rigid for me. It almost feels like fanaticism. I mean I'm not really interested in limiting myself to what some dude ate 10,000 years ago. I'm really only interested in NOT eating what's no good for human consumption. So I really look at "paleo" as a sub-set of "primal" now. Everything paleo is fine but I'm gonna' shred some parmesan on top of it if you catch my drift.
                          "If we’re not supposed to eat animals, how come they’re made out of meat?" - Tom Snyder, talk show host


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                            Weigh in day Sunday.
                            Dropped 5 more pounds for a total of 26 lbs lost. Seems like a lot but I'm still 324 lbs. I'll be so happy to fall under 300 but it's worth a lot to be so confident that I will soon.
                            I averaged 1469 calories and 48 grams carbs per day over the last week and I'm getting used to those low numbers. Fuck CW.
                            Average BP 128/84 = NORMAL

                            I had what I consider a big cheat yesterday. A Diet Pepsi. I was in the drugstore and I was looking for baking powder. They didn't have any so I said "screw it, I'm having a Diet Pepsi" so I bought a 16oz. bottle. It was like special occasion. I came home and thawed out a meatball, prepared some spaghetti squash and Sockarooni sauce, shredded some parmesan, and poured my Diet Pepsi over some ice and had a great dinner. The soda was good but not that big of a deal considering that I used to drink a 2 liter bottle every day. I chased the meal with a nice glass of water.

                            Tried my first bulletproof coffee. It was okay but I don't see what the big deal is. Maybe I'll read up and see if it's supposed to have some magical benefit.

                            Still need to walk more. In fact, I'm going to start right now by walking the dog around the block.
                            "If we’re not supposed to eat animals, how come they’re made out of meat?" - Tom Snyder, talk show host


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                              You seem to be going great guns. Re the IB and tummy stuff, I have found eggs upset me. I can have them in cooked things OK but a fried/scrambled egg or an egg in a protein shake in the morning leave me feeling somewhat queasy for a few hours and I fart a lot! So I have given them up and feel better for it. I usually have meat/avocado & cheese for breakfast with variations of mushrooms or asparagus etc.

                              You may like to have a look at the gutsense site, all about fiber & how it affects our bowels - it is not the usual fare on this subject either. I have found it very useful.
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                                Thanks! I really feel like I was born for this. I don't know why I didn't stick with this a couple years ago but I love the primal life now.

                                Not eggs! I hope I don't have a problem with eggs. Really I think my issues are mostly with dairy. My IBS is virtually gone compared to the way it was and I don't drink any milk but the ricotta, and soft cheese, cream, etc. really seem to cause me issues. I'm okay with kefir though... I think. My digestion was great the first couple of weeks and I had no dairy. Then I started using some dairy and started having some issues. Hopefully I can just back off for a while and try it again later.

                                Coffee also can be a problem. It really gets things moving in the morning but I think the cost is intestinal inflammation. I may give it up entirely for a while. Not a big deal. I went years without it but I do still like it. Maybe I'll have to save it for one of my occasional indulgences.

                                Lots of good reading on that site. A bit about dead bacteria in the intestine really jumped out at me. I'm going to read more and I'm re-reading Digestive Wellness by Lipski. Good digestion seem to be my biggest challenge. The Primal Blueprint has pretty well conquered (or is conquering) everything else. Yeah!
                                "If we’re not supposed to eat animals, how come they’re made out of meat?" - Tom Snyder, talk show host