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    Doctor is in the house

    I found "Peppers" the German deli today. They moved years ago and I've never been able to find them but today I drove right in to the place. I had some homemade sausage, cooked carrots, and mashed potatoes.... and Diet Coke. I also got scolded by the German owner for asking for braunschweiger... it's liverwurst! I thought he was going to say "no soup for you!" because at first he seemed kind of annoyed but he calmed down when I took the time to see all the different liverwurst he made and then I bought some.
    A few hours later I had some intense itching on my legs and I realized that the cheat really isn't just costing me in terms of weight loss so I better cool it. Still, Peppers has a huge deli counter so it's going to be added to my regular grocery run.

    At my office I was quizzed today about my lifestyle changes by some women that were having lunch in the kitchen. Interestingly, they weren't so curious out my weight loss but my change in demeanor since I'm so much more calm and engaged since I've been off a daily regimen of Benadryl and SAD. I surprised myself with how well I could explain it. We covered why grains are bad, what ketosis is, and why IF is good. All of the three women are obese. One has cancer and another has hypothyroidism. I hesitate to "recommend" the primal lifestyle but certainly left them with the recommendation that it certainly couldn't hurt to look in to it some more.

    I really like the sunflower-sesame crackers I made the other night. Those suckers go real good with the seafood salad I made last night... and with sardines. I've discovered that if they're not crunchy enough I just throw them in the microwave wrapped in paper towel for about 30 seconds and it removes some oil from them. They're super crunchy after that. I'm going to make another batch tonight now that I have some parchment paper and I'm going to smear some braunschw.... I mean liverwurst.
    "If we’re not supposed to eat animals, how come they’re made out of meat?" - Tom Snyder, talk show host


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      Back in the boat

      It's been a crazy couple of weeks and "primal" took a back seat to other matters. There was a lot of "end of season" work and a good friend died from cancer. I didn't fall completely off the wagon but I did develop an "I don't give a damn" attitude. My big cheats were a couple of pizzas, a bite of a cookie, and mostly potatoes. My successes were avoiding the Burger King and Taco Bell drive-thru, although I was sorely tempted a couple times, no corn chips, nor sweets, and no serious binge eating. I did cut way down on veggies and I did start shifting my food intake to the evening hours and I did start drinking more coffee.

      My slip started when my IBS came back. I felt like "here we go again". At first I tried eating more veggies, then no dairy, then no eggs. But it just got worse. My physical activity dropped to nil. I started reading everything I could... again.. about IBS the other night. What a confusing mess. Basically I landed on the conclusion that it's not about fiber for me but more about a lack of good gut bacteria and a lack of exercise... and the coffee ain't helping either. So I started taking a probiotic and digestive enzymes. The effect has been immediate and miraculous. I'm pooping right again! Yay!! Already my energy is coming back too. After a couple of weeks doing things "my way" and being stressed around the clock I could feel myself sliding right back to where I came from. Everything hurt and I've wanted to sleep all the time. And I didn't even eat any bread! ... well there was pizza.

      Apparently I've been storing water too. I pissed like a race horse last night despite not drinking all that much. And boy did it smell!! The most acrid ketone acetone smell I've ever smelled. I thought the toilet was backing up. I picked up some Ketostix a few weeks ago and it's kind of fascinating to see the levels go up and down based on my diet. When I first used a stix it displayed 80... after pizza... 0. Now I'm back on track with a 40 this morning AND I birthed a beautiful type #4 poo! I'm so proud. It is the most beautiful poo I've ever made. Maybe I should start posting a poo photo journal... then again maybe not. Probiotics, I love you! It's kind of ironic that I already had the probiotics and digestive enzymes in the cabinet and had tried them before with no benefit. I reckon my gut was so wrecked from SAD that nothing would have helped. Now that I'm primal the stuff seem to be the key that makes everything work. I feel like a test tube.

      I did my Sunday morning weigh-in this morning and last Sunday. I did not gain a pound which is pretty surprising because I feel like I gained 20. Although I guess my daily caloric intake probably didn't really increase that much... it just shifted to less optimum foods.

      I'm also very relieved to be posting to this journal again. This journal is like my life-line to the MDA life boat. Each day that I didn't post, in this last couple weeks, I literally felt like I was drifting further and further away from primal and back out into the vast desolate ocean of SAD. Thankfully I didn't have to eat any of you!
      "If we’re not supposed to eat animals, how come they’re made out of meat?" - Tom Snyder, talk show host


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        Was wondering where you'd been. Glad you're back and feeling better!


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          Breaker.. breaker. Looks like we got us a convoy.

          Feels great to be back on track and I learned a valuable lesson about how easy it is to get off course. My system is so wrecked with the IBS, leaky gut, and allergic reactions that I don't have much leeway anymore. Even eating a seemingly good meal at a restaurant is incredibly risky. I had broiled scallops, garlic mashed potatoes, and coleslaw at Pincers Crab Sack last night and a few hours letter I was all gassy and itching all over my body. I survived without a Benadryl but it was touch and go. Today I was back to primal normal. When I don't eat right I can't even get through a day and I have a terrible time getting to sleep. I'm like a race car and need frequent pit stops. When I do eat right I'm like a big diesel truck on a long haul and I can pull a big load. Steady energy is the most noticeable difference. People around me are asking more and more about what I'm doing different. It's so funny to see there faces when I tell them what I'm eating. But at least they're curious.
          "If we’re not supposed to eat animals, how come they’re made out of meat?" - Tom Snyder, talk show host


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            The Long Haul

            Still trying to dial in the right combo of food/supplements/exercise to deal with IBS. What a pain in the ass... literally. So far I can conclude probiotics=good. Digestive_enzymes=not so good. Saurkraut + probiotics + digestive enzymes + coffee + honey = pretty bad. The digestive enzymes seemed to help a lot of the first couple days but then I started getting terrible stomach cramps so I stopped. Then I got constipated. So now I'm cutting them in half and it seems to be working.

            Honey. Can't have it in the house. Just like nut butters, I can't stay out of it. And it seems to create digestion problems. I've read that honey, and other sugars, feed the "bad bacteria" in the gut. I concur. So, no more honey.

            On the positive side, my diet is so simple now that it's relatively easy to diagnose issues. I mean I can recall at any time exactly what I've eaten in the last 48 hours. Not because I'm logging it, but because food has become so much more important to me. Whereas it used to be something I just shoved in my mouth without a thought, now it's a whole process of thinking ahead, planning, purchasing or gathering, and preparing food. Hadn't really given this any thought until now but this is an unexpected plus.

            Sunday morning weigh in. Dropped maybe a couple pounds over the last 3 weeks. Considering I was off the wagon for 2 of those weeks that's not so bad. Oddly, I'm not too concerned about the number on the scale, although I am quite happy to be back on the normal side of the range instead of on the 2nd lap around (330+). My extra-large cousin is back in the hospital again. Every time he takes a turn for a worse I think "that could be me". He's the same age, 100 lbs heavier, and uses a walker. No, for me this has become more about living this primal life no matter what. I do hope and expect to start dropping weight more quickly but I don't see this stall as a big problem.

            My cheats this week

            • Fried oysters, Diet Coke, mashed potatoes and brown gravy, and onion casserole at Cracklin' Jacks. Oysters were heavily breaded but goddam they were good and they were the only cheat that was worth it this week. I only had a couple tbsp of the onion casserole which was some kind of onion and dumplings thing. Tasty but not a big deal. Mashed potatoes and gravy was pretty good too but I only had about a half cup of potatoes and a tbsp of gravy and I was very satisfied. Overall, FAIL.
            • 2-liter Diet Coke. I list this because it's like a drug to me. I lived off Diet Coke during SAD so it's off limits except for rare occasions. After a glass off Diet Coke at Crackin' Jacks I caught myself saying "WTF I want it and I want cookies and corn chips and honey roasted peanuts...." at the grocery store. Dangerous ground for me. FAIL.
            • Sunflower seed crackers. Honey. These are arguably "primal" but I list them because I abuse them... and I really like them with honey. Both are prime suspects in IBS aggravation so FAIL..
            • Coffee. Too much. My goal has been a couple cups a day but too often I drink it throughout the day and drink it until my gut hurts. It's too easy to make too much coffee in my coffee maker so maybe I'll try making it in my French press tomorrow OR I guess I could just measure how much I put in the coffee maker. Either way, this past week FAIL.
            • Pizza. Found one slice of Vesuvio's in the freezer last night. Enjoyed the hell out of it. Like the oysters, it seems worth it. But FAIL.
            • Exercise. Nada. Total FAIL.

            Overall, not too bad. I didn't lose my primal focus except maybe with the honey and crackers and the Diet Coke. Like SAD crack!

            For the coming week my goals are...

            1. Don't cheat more than twice
            2. Walk 10,000 step a day
            3. Lift some heavy things at least three times

            Have a great week everyone!
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            "If we’re not supposed to eat animals, how come they’re made out of meat?" - Tom Snyder, talk show host


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              If at first you don't succeed....

              Well I've learned a valuable lesson this past month. For me,
              • the benefits of living primal last about 10 days after I return to a SAD diet.
              • After about two weeks the benefits are completely gone.
              • After a month, well I feel worse than ever.
                • Ache all over,
                • taking Benadryl and Alleve daily,
                • can't sleep,
                • extremely tired all the time,
                • brain fog,
                • and I gained back about 10 lbs.

              What to do ... what to do?
              I cleaned out all the rotten produce from the refrigerator and tossed the ice cream, frozen pizza, and crackers.

              What to do differently going forward?
              1. Exercise
              2. eat strictly primal or don't eat
              3. Do NOT over-think it. KISS

              I wish I could say it's good to be back but right now I feel like shit.
              "If we’re not supposed to eat animals, how come they’re made out of meat?" - Tom Snyder, talk show host


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                Good to see you are back. Hang in there!


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                  Yep, we all have fall offs from time to time at the start, but the realisation of how bad it makes you feel will soon prevent them. And the longer you eat cleanly the worse you'll feel when you don't - I cannot even eat a bite of bread now without awful gut pains pretty soon after.

                  My formula is a nice big protein breakfast - steak or bacon and a choice from eggs/mushrooms/asparagus/cheese etc. An occasional treat is smoked salmon with asparagus and hollondaise (occasional due to cost!). I make frittatas and cut and freeze them for a bit of variety. That really sets me up for the day and I usually only have a small snack between breakfast and dinner. I drink lots of sparkling mineral water (fizzy unflavoured stuff), plain water and beef broth/Bonox type drinks. 1 coffee and 1 decaff perday with cream.

                  Get yourself into a routine that suits you and stick to it for the first few months while your body gets adjusted and set int eh new ways. Then you can start to experiment and play with the formula.

                  Best of luck.
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                    Well there’s a saying in AA that “half measures availed us nothing” and I have come to the conclusion that this saying also applies to the Primal Blueprint… at least for me.

                    For the past 9 months I have waddled along with a head full paleo and, all too often, a belly full of Burger King. Most of the health issues I experienced before living the Primal Blueprint came back, or were coming back. So, when I’m stuck between a rock and hard place I do what I always do. Jump like frog.

                    Upon review of my 1-1/2 failed attempts at this, it’s clear that my biggest (and maybe my only) stumbling block is the planning that goes in to this. If I don’t keep plenty of handy yummies on hand, sooner or later I’ll order a pizza or swing through a drive-thru. Once that happens it’s just way too easy to do it again and again. Fortunately I don’t really suffer from any cravings for SAD foods AND I love primal foods AND I’m a good cook AND I’ve got easy access to good grocery supplies. I’ve just got to always be thinking a day or two ahead.

                    I’ve been 100% primal for a full week and already feel immensely better except for the brain fog, which I already know is temporary.
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                    "If we’re not supposed to eat animals, how come they’re made out of meat?" - Tom Snyder, talk show host