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    Originally posted by natural_girl View Post
    Gretchen, Colleen, Glam, Dex, Jansz, Dr. K and anyone else that wants to chime in

    Went to see Dr. R today he said he suspects I have a methylation pathway deficit.

    Notes from the PhD biochemist state:

    "Given that she tolerates and does well on Tyrosine indicates that she likely has a mutation with her catehol-O-methyl transferase (COMT) genes. The COMT gene mutations regulate the rate at which individuals breakdown dopamine. If she is COMT+ (likely based on her history and which supplements she tolerates) then she requires and will do well on methyl donors (methyl b12, SAMe, Betaine, Methyl folate etc.) Her homocysteine levels in her labs were likely impacted by her betaine supplementation as betaine (TMG) converts homocysteine to methionine via the BHMT pathway.

    Labs attached. I know my Trig's are high because of my 6 week crappy eating during high season, which will NEVER happen again!

    These labs were taken on day 19 of my cycle.
    Appreciate any and all input.

    He has added the following for me Amazon A-P, Methylated B's, SAMe 200mg, Liothyronine SR 10mcg, micro progesterone gel 5% .2ml beginning 10 days after menses completion until cycle begins, pregnelone 15mg, triest gel 1.25 mg/ml 90:7:3 .2ml beginning 10 days after menses completion for 10 days and then .1ml until cycle begins.

    He has asked me stop or back off the following: l-glutamine and instead of taking 2 DIM plus take 1. We both think this is why my estrogens seem low.

    He asked if I supplement DHEA since mine is high and I do not. He wondered if the Maca I take has something to do with it but he said it was good none the less. I do not know much about hormones. So give a girl a hand please! [ATTACH]6022[/ATTACH][ATTACH]6021[/ATTACH][ATTACH]6020[/ATTACH][ATTACH]6019[/ATTACH]
    Leptin For Dummies