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    Glad you're doing fairly well aside from the tumor! Welcome back aboard!
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      I really do need to journal more. There is so much I want to keep track of, yet never seem to find time to get online.

      It's been almost a month of tumor-shrinking drugs and my usual 6 hours of sleep has become 4 hours thanks to the insomnia that accompanies the drug. I know it's the drug because nothing else is different. I've also read that in SOME cases it does cause insomnia. My doc doesn't believe it's drug related. Well, isn't that helpful?

      Saw a very nice Osteopathic/Naturapath last week and he's got a whole host of ideas as how to "fix" me. That means another barrage of blood work. This time it's for rheumatoid markers, food allergies, and various other items. He wants me on some natural meds but I'm waiting for my specialist to give the thumbs up that they won't affect my pituitary gland. Also, I'm cutting back on caffeine...never thought I'd manage it but I'm down to 2 cups of regular coffee a day!

      Reading a very well written book called Perfect Health Diet by the Jaminet's. It's really quite good. We've been working on adding a little IF into our plan and it's nice to see that they recommend it as well. Once I finish it the book already has a list of people who want to borrow. Popular little bugger.

      Haven't lost any real weight, mostly because I had gained a little. Too many sneaks, too many calories, not really paying attention to what I was doing, oh, and the flu. We really buckled down now and I've lost 2.5 of the pounds I've gained back but am still nowhere near where I was hoping I'd be at this time. We agreed to work with friends of ours on our diets, as they had finally agreed to going lower carb/non-processed. They, however, want to do a new program called Primal Burn which involves a lot more tracking, work, and a day OFF the diet. It's essentially Day 1 you can eat whatever (just don't go crazy), then IF for 12 hours into Day 2. Day 2 is under 100 g carbs, as is Day 3 and 4. Day 5 is under 150 g carbs, then cycle down again until you reach Day 1 again. It's not too bad. Just started and I've lost 2 pounds so we'll see how it goes. My taste buds are looking forward to Day 1, my brain is saying don't go crazy...and that's our goal, to not go crazy on the free day.

      More on my plan to get healthier? Well, beginning last week we no longer watch television Monday through Thursday. We allow ourselves a couple hours on Friday night and on weekends, but no more. This was in an attempt to get rid of the wasted time, to cut back on electricity, and to help calm down the brain before bed. It was easier than expected, as I'm a TV FANATIC! I have found it interesting that I end up reading a book most nights (these days the PHD) and my wife plays games on her computer, manages finances, etc.

      We also go to bed at 8pm, asleep (in a perfect world) by 9pm. As we get up at 5am, this allows us 8 hours of sleep (again, in a perfect world). This is not as easy. Sure, it's easy to get INTO bed at 8pm, it's easy to turn the lights out at 9pm, but it's a completely different matter to actually be asleep anytime close to 9pm (see my note above about insomnia).

      We are also working on getting cleaning done around the apartment during the week. Cleaning up after dinners, putting laundry away, doing little things so that when we really clean on the weekends it's not an all day thing. So far this week has been tough as things went a bit wonky (thanks to my car breaking down) but I think we're almost back on track.

      It's a lot to do all at once, but I'm aiming for 80% compliance and so far we're hitting the marks. It will be interesting to see how it goes over the next week or so.


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        If you don't mind sharing, what are those natural meds the naturopath wants you on? I have taken supplements for various things so I'm just curious what other people (might) use for whatever issues. Some of those might be good to help with the sleep. I could make some suggestions, but I'm not sure what might affect your pituitary gland.
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          Great blog, hope to see more of your progress.


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            Nameless - It's something called Inflammatone. Loads of enzymes and some natural herbs I'm familiar with. I just want to be certain that it won't mess with my hormones, as I don't need any of that help right now. Oh, and he also wants me on a probiotic, which I'm fine with. He gave me, at exorbitant prices, a gluten-free probiotic. I'll be researching cheaper brands later. There is no way I'm paying $30 a month for a probiotic and another $30 for another natural med....I can't afford those kind of prices. The Inflammatone is for my aching joints, the probiotic is a bit more obvious.

            Thanks Khaleesi...I hope to get to writing more as I go!


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              Day 5 - Ick

              It's 60 degrees, rainy, and it's the dead of winter in Boston....the humidity is just....ick! But not to fear! Today is Day 5 and that means it's HIGHER CARB DAY! I need to get in at least 100 grams of carbs. All week, even when not trying to keep it low, I haven't managed to get to 70. Thinking I may need to add some baked home-fries to my regular omelet breakfast. We also plan to have sweet potatoes at dinner. I think that will help. Currently, without those added starches, my daily food plan is looking closer to 60 grams.

              My friends are, apparently, allowed some grains on this diet that we're doing. We are forgoing grains for root veggies. I just am not up to adding grains quite yet. My good friend K has bought herself some all natural granola-like bars for snacks. Not sure how I feel about that, but it's not my diet. She can have her granola bars and I'll have my sweet potatoes and we'll see who feels better at the end of the day.

              Last night we had a big WOA moment. We are in search of a home. We have an okay apartment but we want to be part of that big American dream of home ownership (without the foreclosure bit that's been tacked on to it lately). We really didn't plan to BUY until June or so, but we didn't expect to find a house that hit all our markers so well! We looked at the listing, the pictures, and the area and went "WOA!"

              It's walking distance to the commuter train (bonus), the train is a 20-minute ride to Boston (huge bonus as our current ride is 50 minutes), it has the requisite bedroom to bathroom ratio, it's well finished on the inside, has a nice big kitchen, has a basement, and a large plot of land, it's well within our price range....AND IT'S GAS STEAM!!! It's virtually impossible to find in New England! I love steam heat as I get REALLY dry skin in the winter and the static electricity really is a problem for the cats. You can find oil steam all over but oil is so expensive.

              The trouble with the house, you may ask? It has an odd layout, which is really more my wife's problem than mine. I tend to see a space large enough for our finished laundry room where she sees a strange room off the kitchen that makes no sense. I see a simple fix and suddenly we have an enclosed front entrance and she sees an odd archway in the foyer. I see a concrete deck that is the perfect size for a fabulous jacuzzi and a permanent, fabulous grilling area, she sees an eyesore. It's also not in the best area of town, on a main street, not too far from a large, ugly mechanic's garage. But, this is a tiny little ocean town with minuscule crime and good school systems and we are living right now in the heart of a big city with the highest crime rate outside of Boston and horrible school systems. There are police chases and drive-bys within a couple blocks of us on a monthly basis. So...perspective, you know? I kind of like knowing that I live walking distance to a Farmer's Market, the High School, the quaint downtown area, and the train, and within 1.5 miles of the nearest Whole Foods. We'd also be living close to another town in Massachusetts, Salem, where I spent most of my youth and we just love it. So, this weekend there is an open house and we're checking it out.

              Well, here's to a great Day 5 and good house hunting.


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                Good probiotics are expensive, unfortunately. You risk quality when you pay less, usually. I'm not doing probiotics right now because my gut issues may be linked to bacterial overgrowth!

                It sounds like you are looking at houses in my area! I'm within .5 miles of Alewife station, by the Minuteman bike path.
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                  Nameless, we're actually looking on the North Shore, Wakefield, Stoneham, Melrose, Swampscott, Beverly, Salem, that area. I don't think I've seen a single house with what we need anywhere near Alewife that was also within our price range..would be NICE though, eh?? Nice to know there are fellow Bostonians on the board though!

                  The house that we saw, unfortunately, was a lie. The basement was a joke, the rooms were actually tiny, the kitchen was still nice but not nearly as nice as the pictures, and the place had plaster walls. UGH! No thank you! So the search is still on.


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                    Day 2, The Second Time Around

                    That's right, one week down and another just starting. Day 7 came and we have both officially lost 4 pounds without doing the exercise that the "diet" calls for. Not too bad. Yesterday was our free day and we took a bit of an advantage...toast with breakfast, small sandwich for lunch, pad thai with rice noodles for dinner, and I had to have a small ice cream sundae with fudge. I had to. The TOM monster was raging and I would have killed my mother with a spoon for some hot fudge. I'm imagining that next week's free day won't be nearly as bad. We had the best of intentions, really to only have the toast with breakfast and the pad thai as our treats, the day just got out of control. I have to say that my joints were soar all day, so I'm wondering if that was because of all the gluten.

                    The rest of the week went well. We maintained our budget, we kept on with the no television during the week and going to bed early. Am I sleeping any better? Well, we'll find out tonight.

                    This week I am hoping to get a lot done at work as two of my problem children Executives are out of the office. Time to get some projects done and off my desk, time to ask for work to pay for some classes...time to sparkle! Just wish I could get some coffee right now but I'm not allowed to eat or drink anything but water until 10am. NEED CAFFEINE!!!!!


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                      Yeah, area around Alewife is DEFINITELY not cheap. We just rent right now haha. I'm not really familiar with the North Shore area, but I do love Salem. It's the idea New England aesthetic, to me.

                      Nice work with the TV and budget. That kind of thing can be hard to adjust to.
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                        I grew up in Beverly and the wife loves Salem. My family still mostly lives in that area anyway, so it will be nice to be closer. Not much luck on the house hunt, though, but we have plenty of time.


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                          4am, Are You Kidding Me??

                          So today is Day 2, Week 2 and things are still going well. Continuing to follow the plan but feel like things in the body are stuck. I feel bloated so I've been drinking more water. I had a salad yesterday but I think they used balsamic vinaigrette rather than balsamic vinegar as it was a tad sweet for me. Since then I've felt flux, like my energy level just won't level off.

                          Today I brought lunch, just to be sure, but ended up skipping breakfast unintentionally. I got to work early (woke at 4am to get to work by 7am, ain't it grand?) and, as it was nice and quiet, got a lot done. I looked up and it was 10am, just a little too late for breakfast. Also, tomorrow I will begin my new doc's supplement regime. Probiotics and Inflammatone. My specialist still hasn't gotten back to me and it's been 2 weeks. My gut says it's fine, I've researched the ingredients myself and can concur with my pharmacist sister-in-law that they are perfectly fine.

                          This is also Week 5 of my tumor-shrinking course. I have my follow-up with the specialist in 2 weeks and am getting blood work done to show if the drug has been effective or not. Fingers crossed. Then I have another appointment the following week with both the Osteopath doc AND my ENT. The ENT will check xrays and tell me if my cancer has come back, the Osteo doc will tell me what my rheumatoid tests and allergy tests day. UGH. 2013 has really been a rough year so far. So many doctors, so little patience.

                          Still no television, still sticking to budget, still reading my new "diet" book and getting a lot out of it. I wish I was more science-sufficient, though. So much is just over my head. Thankfully it's written with little sections that encapsulate the important points so I can refer back to those when I feel the brain fogging over with non-comprehension.

                          Interestingly enough I just read a chapter on nutrient deficiency and nutrient hunger that blew my mind. Their assessment, based on science and actual studies that have been done over and over again, is that the body is no longer hungry when it has all the vitamins and nutrients it needs. When it is lacking a vital nutrient it will create a "need" that then translates into hunger, as it's our only real way to get that nutrient. So, when people are malnourished (for nutrients, not food in general) they are prone to hunger even when they have food in their stomachs. Rats with nutrient deficiency ate substantially more than their well nourished counterparts. They stopped eating once their bodies reached the necessary nutrient amounts! Another interesting point was that our bodies can sometimes, for a while, transform one nutrient into another that it needs but eventually will no longer be able to do that. For example, if on a low-carb diet and you are not eating enough food with magnesium in it the body will transform another abundant nutrient into magnesium. Once it runs out, sometimes weeks or months later, of that abundant nutrient it then sends off those signals of need and makes you hungry yet again. This reminds me of all the times we ate low-carb (Atkins' style) and were great for about 3-4 weeks and then suddenly were STARVING! This is the same for Vitamin D, which makes winter weight so much more understandable. The body is not only cold, thus burning more calories, but it's also Vitamin D deficient and is searching out ways to get what it needs via food!

                          The body is an amazing thing. This provides so much more insight for me into why, despite eating plenty of quantity of food while on any diet, I was always hungry and my wife even more so. I think, in the next month, I'm going to have her and I track each morsel of food/drink that goes into our mouths and then review the nutrient levels and see where we are lacking. Maybe not this month...this month is kind of crazy enough...but soon!


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                            The site is great for tracking nutrients & vitamins in your daily diet.
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                              Talk about Wagon-Jumping...did it again. What the hell is my problem? Well, I'm just going to have to deal with it. I have more important fish to fry.

                              Tumor - still there, will always be there according to specialists. Still on tumor shrinking meds and will be for the rest of my life. Ugh.
                              House - bought one in Salem, loving owning our own place but the upkeeping is killing us. Everything went bad at once and has leveled our savings.
                              Family - About to become parents, actually! My wife agreed to take this on, as I struggled with the tumor and then losing my job, etc. Our first child, a daughter, is due in early December. I've been trying to get myself on track but life and my old excuses have gotten in the way, big surprise.

                              Today? Today I'm trying to be better. Tomorrow even more so. This weekend we go away and when we come back the plan is to overhaul EVERYTHING. Turns out that our daughter is already 1.5 lbs over weight for her age and this could mean a 9-10 lb baby at birth. I don't think it really hit us until now that what my wife was eating was seriously affecting this baby. She wasn't eating a lot, or really badly, but now reality is settling in, and a reminder that we are setting our daughter up to have the same fate as her be overweight her whole life, unhappy, inactive, and held back.

                              So here we go, really, for our new family just as much as for ourselves.

                              This Wagon-jumper is done jumping. This Wagon-jumper has a family on that wagon and she needs to stay on board for them AND herself, or she will miss the ride.


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                                Yay! Congratulations on the impending new addition to your family. My fiancée and I are going to start trying to get me knocked up next year, also at a sperm bank, so it's good to know that it does actually work.

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