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My Journey from Sugar Burner to Fat Burner - jenn26point2's Primal Journal



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  • My Journey from Sugar Burner to Fat Burner - jenn26point2's Primal Journal

    I discovered this program when my chiropractor suggested I give up gluten, dairy and sugar for 2 weeks to see if it made a difference with my sciatica because she had tried everything she knew to try. She is an Active Release Techniques provider. After using all of my insurance benefits and then paying $500 out of pocket, things still hadn't improved, and being without insurance benefits, I stopped seeing her.

    I'm a long distance runner and believed that I had to eat carbs on top of carbs in order to maintain my ability to run. Turns out that by doing so, I managed to run 6 half marathons and a 20k, and gained weight rather than losing it. I learned you cannot outrun a bad diet.

    I returned to this site and started reading up on some of the principles. I started getting really excited because Mark's information seemed so logical that I felt dumb for believing everything else.

    Today is Day 3. And I'm surprised to find that I don't really feel like I'm missing out on anything. I gave up mountain dew without a second thought, and I'm surprised by that. Honestly, truly surprised by my ability to give up the Dew.

    I feel better already. I've lost 2 lbs. Probably primarily water from all the wheat and sugar bloat. My husband is joining me but he seems overwhelmed by it. He thinks eating clean is easier than doing Primal - but I think that's because so much of his diet was comprised of wheat containing products. I think he'll find it to be easier as time goes on.

    I'm having trouble converting my kids because they are typical kids and turn their noses up at "healthy" foods. But... I'll keep trying.

    Today has been mostly an IF day. My daughter was puking all night long and most of today, so we didn't sleep well last night. I took today off to be with her and she and I slept for 6 hours, therefore I haven't eaten much today. Couple boiled eggs and a handful of almonds. I'm really bummed that a peanut is considered a legume b/c I lived on peanut butter as a source of protein.

    I have a lot of questions, but I know so little at this point that I don't know which questions to ask. I'm sure they'll come and I know I can ask them here. I've already hijacked some journals with questions.

    My biggest challenges are going to be boredom eating and ditching the sugar. So far so good.

    Dinner tonight - if I can get out to the store - will be ribeye steaks on the grill, sliced potatoes with onions and butter on the grill, and a veggie medley from the freezer.
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    Jenn- I found you. Good luck in your journaling. One question: have you read Mark's book yet? It is the best guide, and well worth the money. The forum is great for asking questions, but you can't beat the horse's mouth.


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      Dinner tonight was awesome. Made just what I said I would make. Tried to get the kids to eat it. Baby girl is still not feeling well and won't eat anything. Finally gave in and gave her some milk. Hopefully she can keep it down. DS "tried" the steak and promptly spit it out onto his plate. Tried it with ketchup (yuck in my mind) and same result. I thought ketchup fixed everything for kids... guess not. So, he had some ravioli instead.

      Husband had put the kibosh on ever trying spaghetti squash again. Said he gave it a real try and he can't do it. Can't even force himself to eat it. Says he's going to have to find a different route to take for him. *sigh* he makes it so hard sometimes. I guess that means I'll be cooking two if not three meals each night since NO ONE else in this family wants to give it a shot.

      For two days in a row, I've kept my carbs under 100. Proteins have been over the recommended amount by Free Calorie Counter, Diet & Exercise Journal |, same with fiber.

      There are so many things about this plan that I like more than simply eating clean. With eating clean, higher fat options are out. With Primal/Paleo, bacon is allowed... ribeyes are approved... 4% cottage cheese is approved... whole milk is a good thing (not that I could swallow it, but that should make DH happy).

      I just wish DH would read the material b/c Mark conveys it so much better than I do. He thinks it's just low-carb and I can't explain to him why it's more than that. He thinks it's a gimmick... like the low-carb sensation was. I told him I fully intend to stick with this and eliminate grains from my life once and for all b/c I believe that our bodies don't need them. I've seen the before and after pics. I've seen before and after pics of people who I know follow paleo who don't use Mark's website (since I'm using Mark's website as my sole resource) and they've shown GREAT improvements in their strength, body shape and appearance. I just wish he'd help out by doing some research on his own and learning instead of expecting me to teach him everything.

      Ok... so I thought this was going to be a journey all four of us were going to take, but I guess it's just me. That's fine. I can do it myself. And like Sabine... I'll show them and if they're interested, then I'll aid. I'm done trying to help people convert and fighting their skepticism.

      Tummy's grumbling again despite dinner, so I'm going to grab some water and watch some tv with my kiddos. Have a Grok-tastic night.
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      SW: 221 | CW: 204 | LPW: 166 | UGW: 140 (80 lbs loss)


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        Originally posted by Sabine View Post
        Jenn- I found you. Good luck in your journaling. One question: have you read Mark's book yet? It is the best guide, and well worth the money. The forum is great for asking questions, but you can't beat the horse's mouth.
        I haven't read it yet. I've pretty much just gone through the website and gotten the basics. I fully intend to read the book as I have gotten it, just haven't started. I had it in my bag to take to work today, but didn't go to work b/c DD was sick and chose to make up the sleep we lost last night since she was sleeping. I'll crack it tonight and start on it.
        Primal since March 5, 2012
        SW: 221 | CW: 204 | LPW: 166 | UGW: 140 (80 lbs loss)


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          Day 4 - still going well. No Dew - which is a HUGE accomplishment. I was always skeptical about how I'd be able to beat the Dew addiction, which fueled a sugar addiction. This has been easier than I expected - like when I quit smoking. The hype was much worse than the actual doing...

          Today I attempted to run 3 miles. My heart rate was in the 160s, which is 82% of my max... oops. I felt good. After a 1.5 miles, I had to use the girls' room, and getting back into the groove was not happening. Finished 2 miles and called it good b/c according to My Fitness Pal, I was already at a projected deficit so burning more calories on that 3rd mile wasn't really necessary.

          I'm going to try something new with the family tonight... baked sweet potato fries. I've never had them and they've never had them. I hope I find a good recipe so that they aren't a flop like spaghetti squash was for them. Guess next time I'm eating the squash and they're doing pasta b/c I think DH has officially given up on Primal and is more interested in Primal plus grains... which is not primal, I know... He's impossible sometimes. Maybe my weight loss success will push him to give up grains once and for all.

          The 'fries' will be served with 1/2 deer-1/2 pork burgers - no bun - with a slice of cheese b/c my kids will... who am I kidding? I will need cheese on mine. The cheese in my fridge isn't primal, so if there's a cheese option out there that is, I'm all ears. I'll provide a veggie with all that too.

          With that... I'm headed home for the day. I hope everyone's having a good day.
          Primal since March 5, 2012
          SW: 221 | CW: 204 | LPW: 166 | UGW: 140 (80 lbs loss)


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            Oh, and I finally finished my leisurely reading material (the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo's trilogy - Oh Em Gee I loved it!!) so I have all my free time tonight to read the PB book. Been passing on it for a more entertaining piece of literature. did I just say that out loud??? lol
            Primal since March 5, 2012
            SW: 221 | CW: 204 | LPW: 166 | UGW: 140 (80 lbs loss)


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              Day 5: Friday, March 9

              Today started out in typical fashion. I was rushed out the door in (fruitless) hopes of making it to work on time. I swear if my bosses paid any attention, I'd be gone already. This morning after letting my dogs out to do their thing, they never came back. I left without them being home - DH was home. Passing the buck onto him. I made it to work 20 minutes late. It's really becoming a trend. I wonder if they thing my start time is 8 am instead of 7:30...

              Anyhow, because of rushing, of course I was experiencing stress. Stress + Friday to me (previously) meant junk breakfast, Mt. Dew, and crap the rest of the day. Today, I have behaved myself and stuck with my planned meals. YAY ME!

              Tonight, we're having chicken wings and legs on the grill. I'm using a bbq sauce I found here that I'll make up, while DH will use the crap we bought from the store. He's so close-minded and skeptical I could just smack him sometimes. Despite losing 5 lbs this week, he's not willing to commit. *le sigh*

              I'm also going to attempt to make some primal protein bars just b/c they looked yummy. I'll even use the dark cacao chips (if I can find them) for him. And if time permits, I might start working up some deer jerky for him... I don't know. it depends on whether or not he deserves the effort I'd put into it. He's kind of starting to be a butt again about this whole weight loss movement I'm trying to maintain in our house.

              My kids REALLY liked the burgers last night, so I think I'll make up a batch or two of them and toss them in the freezer for nights when they decide they don't like what I've made. It's much better than a hotdog!

              Speaking of hotdogs... a local grass-fed distributor around here makes hotdogs... would that be allowable for my kiddos? And what about bratwursts? Love me a brat in the summer!

              workout today was challenging. I did full squats where I touched the floor and they were killer! Then I rode the bike for 20 minutes. I couldn't walk afterwards. It was like my legs forgot how to do it. It was kinda weird! lol

              And now my questions... what vegetables are off limits? Soybeans I think are, right? So my frozen edamame needs to go? What about peas and green beans? Are they considered legumes? I am still reading chapter 4 in the book so I haven't gotten to the veggie part.

              Ok, I think that's all for today. Weight loss to date since starting Primal on 3/5: 3 lbs. And my jeans don't stay up now. Constantly tugging on them. Normally, I would greet this problem with open arms, but then my belly shows... Oops.

              Have a nice night everyone.
              Primal since March 5, 2012
              SW: 221 | CW: 204 | LPW: 166 | UGW: 140 (80 lbs loss)


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                Hi Jenn! Found you too!! Glad you started your journal so we can follow with you! Sounds like you're off to a great start! I went cold turkey when I started the primal lifestyle & I didn't have any problems with cravings either. I thought after giving up everything like that so fast I'd have withdrawals or headaches or something...but nope nada!

                I hear ya about the hubby thing. Mine is not joining me in this right now either...he should cause he could stand to lose about 30 pounds...but nope. He'd have to give up his beloved sweets & that ain't happening any time soon. Our son is grown & out on his own so its just hubby & me...& I sometimes have to cook two separate things. I try to incorporate the two meals as much as possible...he'll eat salad & vegi's...I may make him potatoes or pasta but just a small amount just for him. Meats can sometimes be a challenge...but I just do the best I can. Mostly I try to cook like I know I should & he'll pretty much eat what I fix. I don't do casseroles anymore...they are just not primal & if I fry something for him I don't fry mine.

                You mentioned sweet potato fries...I'm not a big sw. pot. fan...but I do like those. I fried some one night in coconut oil & they were pretty tasty. Hubby loved them. I buy mine already done from the grocery store. Saves some prep time. Haven't tried them in the oven yet.

                great start to your journal!! looking forward to your progress!! keep up the good work!
                have a great weekend!
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                  Originally posted by theprimalcajun View Post
                  I didn't have any problems with cravings either. I thought after giving up everything like that so fast I'd have withdrawals or headaches or something...but nope nada!
                  This weekend has been full of cravings. But I was really active yesterday and just hungry in general, so I think that might have had something to do with it. We had pizza for dinner last night. It really wasn't that great. And we waited an hour and a half for it. I was pretty peeved when the delivery guy showed up. I should have just sent it back with him, but I was hungry at that point.

                  Originally posted by theprimalcajun View Post
                  You mentioned sweet potato fries...I'm not a big sw. pot. fan...but I do like those. I fried some one night in coconut oil & they were pretty tasty.
                  DH didn't even try the sweet potato fries. I made them from fresh swp (or yams... whichever they are). He's a butt. Next time I'll probably just get the ones from the store.

                  Made some chicken legs on Friday night. Enough to have a for snack on Saturday, but DH ate most of them. Saved a few bones to make chicken broth. Made primal protein bars... um, those are so good I had to freeze them to keep myself out of them. Probably make another batch for freezing so I can have them on the weekends when I'm less disciplined and less structured. It'll be like having a candy bar instead of having an actual candy bar, ya know? Also tried the barbecue sauce listed on MDA and it was good, but I still wasn't completely impressed. DH thought it was too sweet, and I thought it was too tangy. He probably thought it was too sweet b/c I kept pumping in the honey to make it less tangy. lol I'll keep searching for something to replace my KC Masterpiece...

                  Went to the park with my kids yesterday. Pushed my daughter in the stroller while my son rode his bike. Learned that the pool is getting ready to start swimming lessons, so we're signing him up. He's getting a little squishy so I want to keep him active. Sadly, my thighs are VERY unhappy today. I did full squats on Friday and then rode the stationery bike. After walking yesterday, which I thought would loosen things up, I am aching and stiff. I guess I'm not ready for 100 of Mark's full squats... Doing home housework today and batch cooking. Hoping that will help to loosen things. Seriously, they hurt so badly that my kids can't touch them, which means foam rolling the tightness is out of the question.

                  OH! one more thing. i want to share a website I found with some fantastic recipes that fit the paleo/primal lifestyles. It's a gal's blog of all these foods she's found or altered or whatever. Might I recommend the breakfast lasagna. It is divine!

                  Guess I better get back at it. The burgers for my kids aren't going to patty themselves. Have a good (1 hour short) Sunday everyone.
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                    hi Jenn...thanks for that link! There are some good looking recipes there! Will peruse it more fully later! Right now gotta go make Primal Meatloaf! (but shhh...don't tell hubby! )

                    Chowstalker has a good food blog too...I'll post you the link later this evening if you don't already have it. I need to post some recipes to my own blog as well! So much to do so little time!!! lol

                    have a great afternoon!
                    Goal: Don't worry be happy!


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                      Today is Day 8... and I'm feeling sluggish, tired and my digestive system in up in arms today.

                      This weekend, my first weekend as a Primal Cavemanette, was better than most weekends before Primal, but FAR from Primal by Mark's definition.

                      Saturday, we had pizza for dinner. Sunday, I allowed myself to drink some "orange juice" with HFCS in it. Drank a lot of it, in fact. I also allowed myself to eat some ice cream with too much pineapple and strawberry topping on it.

                      Today, I feel like garbage. I also gained 2 lbs. Already, after only a week, my body is revolting against things it once enjoyed - well, was forced to endure, rather.

                      I feel sleepy. I could easily place my head on my desk and fall asleep. No question. So I feel tired and kind of run down. The biggest thing I noticed though, because who wouldn't, is the intestinal issues. Without going into details, my gut punished me today. And it was definitely uncomfortable in a painful kind of way.

                      And as a result of the sugar consumption this weekend, I am ravenous today. My mind is NOT satisfied with the healthy foods I brought with me to work. I've already plowed through my lunch box and eaten everything in sight. I'm fearful that I'll have to resort to another handful of almonds. Only other option is a piece of dark chocolate, but I don't really want to stave off a craving for sugar with sugar... kind of keeps the cycle going, ya know?

                      Book report: I've made it through chapters 1 - 5 of the Primal Blueprint. I finished 5 and started 6 on the bike over lunch where I did 30 minute at a 15.5 mph clip. I traveled 7.7 miles in 30 minutes. Pretty awesome. Heart rate was only at 131 for a majority of the time which is 67% of my max??? did I do that right? My max is 194. Hmmm... interesting.

                      Anyhow, back to the book. I am enjoying it. I am learning much more about things I didn't even realize where a problem. For instance, lectins... I didn't realize that they damage the intestinal tract or that they contribute to Hashimoto's Thyroiditis... A friend of mine has a thyroid that is no longer functional and her doctor diagnosed her with Hashimoto's, so I'm going to share this info with her. I know she was working on eliminating grains to see how it would help her just from the info she gathered from MDA. I think she'll be interested in this.

                      Tonight, I have an appointment with the psychiatrist to renew my drug prescriptions. I have eliminated one drug from my list of medications and she's going to probably give me some grief for that, but I don't want to take it anymore. It was Adderall XR and I think it caused more problems than good. My mood was terrible, my depression worsened, my heart rate was higher, thus making running more difficult. So, I stopped taking it. She will learn that this afternoon. I will also bring the Primal Blueprint to her attention and tell her that my intent is to envelope myself in this lifestyle and eliminate the need for the antidepressant she has me taking. There's no doubt that I need the medication now, but I don't plan on that continuing.

                      Dinner will be Primal Beef and Broccoli. I'm sure my kids will shun it. But, they'll have a deer/pork burger ready for them to eat if that's the case. I grilled up 15 little slider sized burgers for them yesterday. And then I'm going to bed early tonight! I really want a nap, so early to bed it'll be.

                      have a great afternoon and evening, everyone.
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                        Jenn, good job just keeping at it.
                        Some things that have really helped me with my family are that, one, I don't really discuss the diet. I just make the food and put it in front of them. They have no idea if it is primal or not. Two, I keep lots of the things they really love on hand. Each of my family members (besides me) has been going through a carton of blueberries every other day this last week. We have a large sack of chocolate chips (just dark, insteadof semi-sweet) in the freezer. We do dairy, so I always have a variety of cheeses for them to snack on. Three, I serve any non-primal things I haven't weaned them off of, on the side, instead of integrated, and I only make half as much.
                        For myself, I think I cannot repeat often enough, getting enough sleep EVERY night has worked wonders.
                        Good luck with your doctor! Don't worry if she thinks you're crazy for thinking diet can impact your mood. How you'll be feeling will be the best proof you're not.


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                          Hi Jen, found you!
                          Good luck on your journey .

                          I agree with Sabine, don't push it too hard because it will have the opposite effect. I notice now that I don't push them anymore they are more inclined to eat new things . But then again, my kids love meat and only my youngest son is not so keen on vegetables and fruit. They do love tomatoes and bell peppers, so I have them handy any time (although I'm reading nightshades are not ok for everybody, for the moment we're just keeping them). DH and kids still have bread, pasta, rice,... but I try to cook less of it.
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                            And the doubts are setting in...

                            Everytime I find a plan that I'm excited about and start to implement, about 2 weeks in I start to doubt it and then fall off track. Primarily I'm doubtful b/c today I feel super super bloated. To primal's defense, I did eat a lot of almonds during my history class this morning in an attempt to stay awake, so the bloat is probably from that. I likely won't eat again until dinner since I ate so many nuts.

                            Anyhow, I confessed that this weekend I polished off the vanilla ice cream. Since then, I've felt like crap. I'm sooo dang tired! It could be daylight savings time catching up with me though, too. I don't know.

                            The scale has been mean to me - again, too much sugar this weekend, not enough water, etc, etc, etc. I gained 2 lbs over the weekend, lost one between yesterday and today. It drives me nuts that my weekends always derail my progress. It's a viscious cycle of lose, gain, relose, regain, relose, regain... blah blah blah. I need to get my weekends under control.

                            Made the meatloaf that was posted by Mark as a freezer meal. Everyone LOVED it! I was so shocked. My son was just chowing it down like you wouldn't believe! I made the recipe as written, but instead of putting it in a loaf pan, I used an 8x8 pan. I cut it into 6 pieces. My son ate one entire piece. He freaking loved it! I'm telling you... ground meats are his thing! Baby girl liked it too, but she's not picky yet.

                            The test came with my husband. I can sneak things like carrots and celery and onions into ground meats and get them by my son. My husband is a different game though b/c he can see and recognize the items. Turns out he was impressed by the meatloaf too! He said it's definitely a keeper! YAY!! I pleased EVERYONE in the family with dinner last night.

                            I paired the meatloaf with baked potatoes that I cubed up and fried in butter and Mrs. Dash, and added some peas. I know... peas are a legume, but they're frozen and I have a TON of them in the freezer, so I figure we'll eat them periodically instead of pitching them. The book says they're ok occasionally, so I plan to work through them slowly til they're gone. It sucks that they're a legume too b/c they're my favorite freaking veggie! I even planted some this weekend before I read that section of the book. Only planted 6 seeds though, so I won't get much for peas from there.

                            That being said... I need something OTHER than potatoes to serve my family. It feels weird having only a meat and a mixed veggie or something with dinner. I grew up with 3 things on my plate, went to college following the same rule, and have served my family the same way. Meat, veggie, starch. It's so hard to break that cycle and feel like I'm providing enough food. Maybe if I don't do mixed veggies it won't seem so odd to me. Like if I serve carrots and broccoli instead. Or pair every meal with a salad. I also need meal ideas that are quick and don't take an hour and a half to prepare. We couldn't eat dinner last night until after 7:30!!!

                            Speaking of salad... anyone have any good salad dressing recipes? I'm not a fan of balsamic vinegrette. It tastes rank or rotten to me so I don't like it. And if I don't like it, I can guarantee no one in my family will like it. I'm the one with the most open tastes when it comes to new foods. I'm looking for maybe a primal version of ranch dressing or italian dressing.

                            I am going to sneak out for my walk and maybe some push-ups and pull-ups now. It's beautiful outside today. Can't waste it in the gym!!
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                              Great read...keep up the good work! I can definitely relate to the difficulties of being the only person in the family doing the primal thing. It can be very frustrating at times.