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Primal Challenge Journal: Hanna - A Swedish restart

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  • Primal Challenge Journal: Hanna - A Swedish restart

    I have been here before, not really ready to commit. However, today, tonight, I need something to focus on. I need something new and exciting.

    I have been doing weight watchers since 1998 I think. Losing, gaining, losing, gaining. This past year I have lost 16 kgs (35-ish pounds). I did it incorporating more and more of the Primal Blueprint. I have 25ish more pounds to lose (10kg).

    So, here I am. 35, single, no kids, no family close by. Desk job, with some travelling. Hobbies are singing, yoga and jogging. I have two races this spring, 26K on April 28 and a marathon (my first) on June 2nd. I was doing well with my running training, but I am experiencing some issues with my knee at the moment.

    So, Tomorrow, March 12, will mark the first day of my Primal Challenge. Wish me luck!


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    Day one drawing to a close. Not really, but I'm about to leave work. So far today I've had:

    B: 2 eggs, ˝ avocado, ˝ grapefruit
    S: Tea and a banana
    L: Chicken soup <= mistake: it had chickpeas...
    S: orange

    Planned dinner is 2 eggs, one avocado.

    I did lift some heavy things at lunch and I will go for a jog/walk before yoga class tonight. After yoga I'm planning on having a whey shake, with milk and coconut fat and peanutbutter.

    I think I may be a little high on the fruit... I did say no to cake, though.


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      I think day one went well. I FitDayed (yup, I just did that, verbified!) and i was higher on the carbs that recommended, but hey, I don't expect perfection from the start!

      Todays plans look like this:

      B: 2 eggs, ˝ avocado, ˝ grapefruit
      S: Tea and banana
      L: minestrone without pasta (has kale, minced meat, bacon, pepper and onions)
      S: Orange
      D: mackrel and veggies

      Move: jog at lunch, S_L_O_W_L_Y
      Play: Choir practice tonight. And taking "before" pics.

      I elevated my desk at work yesterday. So now I stand up. Makes me think I need to work on my posture...

      Anyone reading? Should I ditch the fruit? All of it? Some of it?


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        Added almonds and butter-cocoa-coconut-peanutbutter mash last night. Wanted to eat. Didn't need to. Did it anyway.

        Jogging worked well. 30 minutes slow.

        Plan for day 3:
        B:1egg, ˝avocado ˝grape
        S: Banana and apple
        L: Chili
        S: orange
        D: eggs and avocado again...

        Move: lifting heavy things at lunch, yoga in the evening
        Play: lifting heavy things at lunch, yoga in the evening

        Not sure how to deal with the lack of rigidity. Having been on diets for decades, I am tempted to count calories. I don't trust myself. OTOH, part of this thing is toe learn to listen to my body. Maybe I can ease into a more relaxed approach, by writing down what I eat, and how I feel, but not necessarily the amounts? Not that it really bothers me. I'm an OCD engineer. I thrive on imagined control!


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          Hi Hanna, I want to wish you good luck on your Primal journey . I'm just a newbie myself, so can't really give you a lot of advice, but maybe we can encourage each other? I live in Belgium, so we're in the same timezone .

          maybe if you feel you need some more "control" over what you eat, you might try to track it here: Food journal for the Paleo Diet - PaleoTrack (I got this link from someone just a few days ago).
          My Journal: Candy in Primal Wonderland
          My Blog: Candy in Wonderland
          Goal for 2012: keep weight steady (+/- 74 kg): check
          Goal for 2013: lose 10 kg and keep new weight (+/- 65 kg)


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            Hi Candy!

            Thank you, and good luck to you too! I will check out that journal.

            Yesterday was a good day. Yoga was fantastic, I felt really strong!

            Today, not so good. Had a business luncheon thingie, and ended up eating un-primal stuff. I will not sweat it, though, just jump right back onto the wagon!

            B: ˝grapefruit, ˝ avocado, 2 eggs
            L: Swedish pea soup and pancake
            S: apple
            D: Veggies galore and a piece of fish

            Move/play: Jog and talk with a friend

            One benefit I have seen so far since working harder on being primal is that my bowels seem to like me better.
            I am also working on the primal habit of sleeping alot!

            Onwards and downwards!



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              So why am I trying to sabotage this? I am starting to think that I am so scared of what might happen when I can't blame being overweight for all my failures that I am completely derailing my efforts!

              New week. New attempt.
              Challenges this week: Dinner out on Tuesday with work. Possible date on Friday.
              Goals: Making this week as primal as possible. Not expecting perfection, but rather a slow movement in the right direction.

              Monday: Lunch hour gym, evening Yoga
              Tuesday: Lunch hour jog
              Wednesday: Yoga
              Thursday: Possible lunch hour gym, Jog
              Saturday or Sunday: Long jog


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                Hi Hanna, good luck this week, you'll get there! Once you start to feel better and healthier it gets easier (at least that's how it feels for me).
                My Journal: Candy in Primal Wonderland
                My Blog: Candy in Wonderland
                Goal for 2012: keep weight steady (+/- 74 kg): check
                Goal for 2013: lose 10 kg and keep new weight (+/- 65 kg)


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                  Thanks Candy!

                  So what did I eat on Monday?
                  B: ˝ avocado
                  S: banana
                  L: moose and cottage cheese
                  S: Avocado, dried apricots, coconut oil
                  D: eggs, butter, cheese
                  E: LHT at lunch. yoga in the evening

                  Primality: Good!

                  Today I had a cookie. I *could* be all mean to myself about it, but I choose not to, and do the best I can for the rest of the day.

                  Jogged at lunch. In the forest. Lovely!


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                    So, I'm guessing from your two day disappearance/no logging, that you ate non-primally in what you consider a big way. My suggestions: write it down, even if you don't want to/feel embarrassed/want to wipe it form your mind. Keeping a journal is not just about writing down what you did well. First, I think it breaks the cycle of off-plan eating more quickly. Two, you have a record of what you did. After some time, you might see the patterns, self-sabotage or otherwise, that lead to off-plan eating. With information comes power!
                    I would also suggest more protein, cooked in fat(you don't say if your eggs are fried or scrambled in anything) and less fruit or lower carb fruits.
                    Good luck, Hanna! I'll be checking in to see how you are doing. (And just so you know, I get cranky if there aren't daily posts. keep at it.)
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                      Thanks for the Input, Candy and Sabine!

                      I agree that being accountable is a good thing, and yes, I will indeed journal my mishaps as well as my successes!

                      B: 1 boiled egg, ˝ avocado
                      S: the cookie I mentioned in the previous post...
                      L: meat soup
                      S banana, 1 boiled egg
                      D: Fish buffet

                      Moveing: jog at lunch
                      Playing: with my colleagues in the evening!

                      I did fantastic at the buffet, eating only primally, fish and veggies. I drank water all night, except for the one diet coke. Which definately isn't primal. But at least doesn't have sugar!

                      Wednesday was weird and stressful, I had the same lecture 4 times and was exhausted by the end of the day!
                      B: 2 boiled eggs, ˝ avocado, ˝ grapefruit
                      S: banana
                      D: Curry
                      S: 1 boiled egg
                      D: 2 dl whole milk, 1 avocado, 2 squares dark chocolate

                      Move: yoga class
                      Play: none

                      Weird dinner, but I wasn't really hungry, so I figured eating was unneccesary.

                      I do eat dairy. I have decreased it, and plan on decreasing more, same with fruit. The thing is, though, that I have an eating disordered history, and I want to ease into this. So I am striving for moving in the primal direction rather than being perfect. I am feeling good about it.

                      We have a huge conference at work this week, hence the eating out and the lectures, and so far I have passed by all the sweets and stuff 100 times without having any. It's not easy every time, but it feels like I am getting better at resisting the temptation.

                      So far today I have had:
                      B: ˝ grapefruit, 1 boiled egg, ˝ avocado
                      S: banana
                      L: Minesrtone without pasta

                      I am about to have an orange for a snack, and dinner, I have no idea about yet. It depends on whether I have a playmate for the evening or not. If so, I think we will have thai food (I'll avoid the rice). If not, I'm having an omelet.I LHTd at lunch.



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                        You're doing great, especially avoiding all temptations!
                        I was having a coffee out today and got a piece of dark chocolate with it. First I thought I'd just eat it, but then I realized I wasn't hungry and didn't even really want it. So I left it where it was .
                        My Journal: Candy in Primal Wonderland
                        My Blog: Candy in Wonderland
                        Goal for 2012: keep weight steady (+/- 74 kg): check
                        Goal for 2013: lose 10 kg and keep new weight (+/- 65 kg)


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                          Hi Hanna! Good luck, I also started my journal 3 weeks ago and I have been on and off but I am also taking in Sabine's advice and will try to log more even if im tired or I did bad.

                          I am no expert but I agree with Sabine that it looks like you may need some more protein. Also, in my humble opinion, you may want to try and have a little more diversity with your meals, otherwise you might get bored quickly and ditch the whole thing.

                          If you want to check out my journal I always list all the ingredients in what I cooked so you can get some ideas, its fairly new so there isn't a lot but its something and there are tons and tons of recipes here from other members. I read somewhere that eating eggs every day may cause you to develope allergies, don't know if that is true or not but something to keep in mind.

                          Good Luck!
                          Loving my primal life


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                            B: ˝ grapefruit, 1 boiled egg, ˝ avocado
                            S: banana
                            L: Minestrone without pasta
                            D: Omelet with cheese, fried in butter ˝ bottle of wine 4 squares of dark chocolate

                            Plan of the day:
                            B: ˝ avocado
                            S: banana and tea
                            L: Meat soup
                            D: something clever at a restaurant, probably with more wine!

                            Still haven't had any bread this week! yay me!

                            Candy, that's such a success, not eating something just because it's there!

                            Polos, thanks for your input. I think that at the moment, I'll focus on being as primal as I can, without going insane, and start worrying about the exact ratios of macronutrients later. It doesn't really bother me to eat similar things most days. I make huge batches of soup and freeze, so my lunches vary. Dinner is mostly about getting enough energy before I'm off doing something. I'll check out your journal, though.

                            I am feeling good. Not even feeling guilty about that wine yesterday. And not feeling guilty is a very good thing!


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                              That is indeed a very good thing! I think you have the right attitude, where you should first focus on getting "into" it and then you can start focusing on details.

                              I was talking to my mum today about the chocolate: we are used to eating things just because they're there. But now that I'm feeling better and better I can listen to my body and stomach and not just put it in my mouth. I ask myself: am I hungry? Do I really want this? Or is it just "habit"? And if I felt like I really wanted the chocolate I would have eaten it (it was dark chocolate after all ). Back when I was on 'standard diet' I wouldn't have questioned it, but just eat it.
                              My Journal: Candy in Primal Wonderland
                              My Blog: Candy in Wonderland
                              Goal for 2012: keep weight steady (+/- 74 kg): check
                              Goal for 2013: lose 10 kg and keep new weight (+/- 65 kg)