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    Decided to go Primal after seeing Mark at a conference a week ago. Started "officially" on Tuesday and have so far found it relatively simple and straight forward. I was eating a lot of veggies anyway and very little processed food, so I merely had to up my protein and fat intake.

    Removing grains, however, has been a biggie for me. I was eating brown rice, oatmeal and sprouted grain products on a daily basis - and was feeling like crap! Of course I was eating them because so many books/doctors/researchers/etc. recommend eating a Whole Foods Mostly Plant Based Diet for cancer survivors - of which I am one. And they also highly recommend limiting animal protein intake to less than 5% of your daily calories - that's like MAYBE a bite of chicken or crumble of cheese.

    However, the program makes sense to me on so many levels. I have found it a little hard to pass on the bread and "crips" on my salads, but I have found myself perfectly satisfied otherwise. I can tell I only miss the carbs out of habit.

    Started at 135 lbs
    5' 5" female at 45
    Hoping to reach 125 lbs at least by April 15, and then see where my body wants to go from there!

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    Forgot to post>>> My one challenge so far is that I often feel hungry or cravings - I'm not quite sure which throughout the day. I have yet to get to that place of "forgetting" or "not feeling like" eating. I am getting plenty of fat and protein and have my carbs in the 50-75 g/day zone, so I am thinking it is merely a transition period and will pass eventually.