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    Whole week. I've never really made it through a whole week of actually paleo (or even primal) eating. I feel like I'm always taking one step forward and two steps backward. I'm tired of buying nuts, cheese, and coconut ice cream with the pretense that they'll be treats or snacks, when I know I'll just eat them in a sitting. I want to actually get this right for just one week.

    Relevant background: I was a chubster in middle school, but got skinny running cross country and eating low (loooow) fat, categorically avoiding red meat, etc. Stayed that way through my first three and a half years of college. I started running 50+ mpw my junior year, then life events stressed me out, I quit exercising as much, and I put on weight. Now I'm graduating soon, and I've been mad at myself for months for letting myself go through my senior year in this condition.

    I've been eating grain + sugar free since the summer, but clearly I'm doing it wrong. I just want to do it right for a week... !

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    Had class, work, and a midterm today. Got home and did 200 squats and 100 pushups in alternating sets. Cooked up some ground beef (about 1/3 lb.), onions, kale, tomato sauce, and kelp noodles with herbs and garlic. I do recommend kelp noodles... if you actually let them cook awhile, they get pretty soft, and are the closest thing to noodles I've tried so far. Finished off with a square of baker's chocolate and some green tea.

    Sat down to eat at 6 pm, so approximately 22 hour fast.

    Day 1 : check !

    I probably won't change anything this week, but I do want to find a better way to meet my caffeine needs. If I have coffee I need, i.e. want, to make it sweet and creamy, which means I'm ingesting a lot more fake sugar than I want to. I know, I know. Tea just doesn't do it for me in the caffeine department.

    This was really, really tasty:


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      My quads were jello right above the knee today. I hadn't done squats in quite some time.
      This morning I did some 'pulling' upper body weights and then walked at a steep incline for half an hour. Spent 3 hours reading a reserved textbook in the library, then 3 hours in class.

      Ate dinner at 5:30 (approx. 22 hour fast again). Had another 1/3 lb of ground beef cooked into patties, with tomatoes, red leaf lettuce and a little less than half a small avocado. Then a 'pumpkin pie thing' made out of one egg, half a can of pumpkin, and some stevia. Then a square of bakers chocolate. And then... no, just kidding. Then I stopped eating. ; )

      I'm declaring day 2 a success. Wednesday nights I generally find myself out at a bar with some friends... if I go, I'm OK with that. This week is more concerned with mindful eating. So as long as I'm not drunk-eating a bag of nuts tomorrow night, it's cool. Heck, Saturday is St. Patrick's Day! I picked a good week, right?

      Again, tastiness:


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        My legs were still yelling profanities at me yesterday, so I just did 100 push ups before heading out in the morning. I had a break in my day (before having to go back to class from 3:30 to 8:30), so I decided to head home and eat. Ate at 1:30 = about a 19 hour fast. I made kelp noodles with onion, kale, sardines, two scrambled eggs, some soy sauce (yeah, yeah), and some kim chi on the side. I love kim chi; somehow my roomies aren't as impressed at how it bubbles and sputters when you open the jar for the first time. I followed it up with 1/4 c of chia seeds gelled up in almond milk with stevia, cinnamon, and obviously, some bakers chocolate. Busted out another 50 push ups.

        After all that class I did end up going out. Had two beers and no food. Bam. Day 3: good to go. My friends have asked me why it's ok that I drink beer but won't eat grains. They're great though. They'll make me special non-breaded chicken on the side, and they don't really care that I'm a hypocrite with respect to alcohol.

        Nommy again. I think we're all lucky in this way of eating in that we can honestly say, at least most of the time, "what I ate was actually delicious."


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          This morning I did circuits of overhead presses, body weight dips, and side raises. Then ran on the treadmill long enough to watch an episode of Modern Family. The best. I actually wanted to fit in a meal before class but didn't have time, so today was accidentally a 27 hour fast. (Food-wise at least. Counting the beers I had last night, it was more like 17). I also count from the time I finished eating, rather than started, because I generally take upwards of an hour and a half to eat while piddling around on my computer.

          I made a repeat of 'paleo spaghetti' and a muffiny-thing out of ground chia, an egg, and some cocoa powder. Not my best effort... overcooked : (

          Day 4 mm hmm.

          Looking forward to grocery shopping tomorrow. I need to agree to a categorical 'no' on buying nuts and cheese this go around. This was unintentional, but I haven't had any dairy in the last few days, and I'm wondering if that will have any effect or not. (Normally I would get some 10% Cabot yogurt. Love that stuff). Bakers chocolate, on the other hand, shall be replenished.


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            Lol when I saw the bowl of chia seeds, I was wondering why it looked so familiar until I read what exactly it was. Your photos look great! I wanted to take photos of my meals too but it won't nearly look as good as yours. and I love how you still have self control even when you're with friends and under different influences. Good luck mate! I'll be following your journey!


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              Thanks porcelain! I'm realizing looking back at my photos that most of the time I just eat a mess-in-a-bowl... but I'm glad somebody likes 'em. : )

              I did well on my shopping trip today. It was a nice 3 mile roundtrip walk. Bought chicken, a serving of corned beef (yeaah), eggs, a cabbage (heavy), eggplant, mushroom, tomato, almond milk, bakers chocolate, avocados. I really wanted some okra to make some okra fries from a recipe in the forum here, but they only had sad specimens at the store. I also got a new jar of coconut oil, so I was bleeding green at the register.

              After dinner last night I had several club meetings-- one served carrots and hummus (and pretzels and chocolate sauce...), and the other had bags of trail mix and chocolate covered goodies. It was a little harder than I thought it would be, as I was actually feeling some physical hunger, but I did not partake. Did I have Fresca? Yes. Because I somehow rationalize drinking sooo much fake sugar, even though I don't even think of other fake foods as 'food'? Yup.


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                Ended up eating at 3 o'clock today. 20-21 hour fast. I was hungry earlier, but not so much when I actually broke the fast. I ate (a lot) anyway since I didn't want to use the kitchen while some roomies are hosting a dinner this evening. Made a giant salad with red leaf lettuce, tomato, roasted red bell pepper, artichoke, olive, oil + vinegar along with a rotisserie chicken drumstick, thigh, and wing. I may have eaten all the salad first so I could just enjoy all the chicken together. Mmm. Dessert was another 1/4 c of chia with almond milk, my chocolate and 4 blackberries. The 'pudding' doubled in size this time because I let it sit longer and could add twice as much milk.

                It was not the best salad, and I know what was missing, and I'll JUST SAY IT. FETA CHEESE. Sorry.

                Today I had my nice walk to the store and did 100 pushups when I got home. Maybe I'll do more later. I'll work out for real tomorrow.

                Day 5: success.


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                  This morning I did 10 hill sprints (short + steep) and negative pull ups (hold 10 seconds at the top, 20-30 second static hold about halfway down). Ate at noon. Ate a lot of food. Pretty early in the day, but it was still a 20 hour fast as I'd eaten early the day before. I had a sweet potato for the first time in a long time. Ohhh how I love those. With coconut oil + cinnamon. Also boiled some cabbage with acv and celery seeds, and had the corned beef I bought at the store. Happy St. Patrick's Day! Followed up with chia pudding again, aaand (not pictured, but in the interest of full disclosure) bakers chocolate and a gratuitous extra tablespoon of coconut oil.

                  I plan on drinking a lot tonight. But I'm done eating. If everything goes my way, Day 6 = success.
                  Don't be fooled. This was a lot of food. But I was hangry after fasting through the afternoon yesterday (it's harder, wah wah wah), and getting too full on cabbage is different than poppin' nuts. Also, I'm not usually such a chia fiend. My mom included a bag of 'em in a package she sent me. I guess the general primal stance on them is 'underwhelmed,' but it's a nice gustatory experience at least.

                  And a little more sweet potato action, with the coconut oil melting and makin' a love sauce with the cinnamon. You're welcome for this:


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                    Last night I was in Boston for St. Paddy's Day and found out that it's actually difficult to get drunk because there are covers and lines at the bars! After a bit of that my drinking buddy and I retreated to our town and enjoyed live Irish music and delicious beer (black & blues and harpoon celtic ale) at the pub a mile away from home. Go figure. I don't generally recommend drinking on an empty stomach as a good idea for most college kids, but it's nice to get drunk on less alcohol.

                    This morning I went on campus to get coffee and the store was opening late, so I took a really enjoyable 20 minute solitary walk with some Jethro Tull. Later on I did 100 squats and 200 push ups in my room. Discounting my 3 drinks last night, I did a 23 hour fast ending at noon today. My food was duh-licious: a bit of avocado, tomato, and olives with garlic salt, pepper, and balsamic, plus some cabbage boiled and then sauteed in ghee with acv, and a boatload of chicken. Also ate what has become the ubiquitous bowl of chia seeds with bakers chocolate and a few blackberries. I swear, I hadn't had chia pudding in about a year before this week!

                    Well it's day 7, and depending on how the rest of the day goes I will have gone this whole week eating 1 large, colorful meal per day and exercising a respectable amount. Both drinking events were buffered by empty stomachs. Maybe tomorrow I'll sneak onto the scale at the gym, if nobody's watching!


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                      I didn't eat yesterday evening and it wasn't even very difficult. I enjoy going to bed with a little bit of a nagging tummy. Also, watched the first installment of the Discovery Channel frozen planet series... highly recommend.

                      This morning I weighed myself at the gym. Apparently I'm down 5 pounds. Yayuh. Proceeded to do overhead presses, body weight dips and side raises. Then huffed and puffed for 20 minutes on the bike. Fasted through class and work today, with a slight bought of nausea at around noon, but felt good after that. Broke a 28 hour fast at 5 pm with a monster mushroom pizza topped with beef, artichoke, olive, onion, kale, herbs, and gobs of tomato sauce. It was just so savory and meaty. Mmmm. Obligatory chia, blackberries, chocolate, and dollop of coconut oil was had as well. I'm so wonderfully full.

                      And it wasn't just a good food day... I was elected to my university's Phi Beta Kappa chapter!


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                        Did half an hour of steep brisk walking and 100 push ups at the end of my fast. Then broke a 24 hour fast at about 6. I made a pretty plate of roasted eggplant, tomato, olives, and chicken. Then I had four little baby muffins made of (wait for it) 1/2 an avocado, 2 eggs, and a few tablespoons of cocoa powder. For the most part I blended it up pretty well with just a fork, but in the last photo you can see there were still lots of little avocado chunks. Noms.


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                          Did 5 looong negative chin ups, some bent-over rows, and 2 5-minute wall sits at the gym. I friggin love wall sits. I used to be able to do 3 X 10-minutes. The record for females is something ridiculous like 12 hours. After class and office hours I came home to eat. I plan to drink a few beers tonight, so I'll have a nice 7 hour or so buffer of non-eating beforehand. I broke my 19 hour fast at 1:30 with another plate of eggplant, tomato, and chicken. Dessert was a little cake of 2 eggs, a square of bakers chocolate, and some coconut oil.

                          I still haven't had nuts or cheese since I started this journal. Not missing the cheese so much really. I might have daydreamt of cashews yesterday. Since I started this I've had actual dreams about accidentally eating non-Paleo foods. Last night I dreamt that I ate a starburst and panicked.

                          See that piece of chicken neck hangin' off the right of the plate? It's up there on my list of favorite chicken bits. What? Like you have ONE favorite chicken bit?


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                            I had a great time hanging out at the bar last night. Two tasty beers and no eating afterward. I didn't do any formal exercise today, but I walked at least three miles around town buying laundry detergent, filling an rx, and getting a haircut. I broke a 27 hour fast at 5:30. I sauteed brussels sprouts and ground beef in ghee with some tomato paste. I love mmmeaty meals. Dessert was a 1.5 oz. serving of macadamia nuts plus chocolate and a few blackberries. I know I've been tooting my horn about not having had nuts this whole time-- this was a very conscious decision to really enjoy an actually normal serving of nuts. I definitely hit my fat quota for the day. If you were worried. = D


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                              I did overhead presses, dips, and side raises at the gym followed by 30 minutes of biking whilst watching half of the pilot episode of Downton Abbey. I get it now. If I'd known it had Maggie Smith I would've watched it from the start! Broke a 19 hour fast at 1:30. I'm planning on drinking some tonight at a party so I ate a little earlier. I don't have class on Fridays, so I have a lot of choice as to when to eat. And it really does feel like that: like a choice.

                              I made a three-egg kale, tomato, roasted red bell pepper + chorizo scramble. Om nom nom. For dessert it was back to chia land.

                              **Edited to add: Around 5:30 I was feeling really low on energy. I went ahead and had a reasonable, I repeat: reasonable, amount of pistachios. With the shells on. As it should be. But I'm refrashed and raring to go. (Father of the Bride part 2 anyone?)

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