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    BACKGROUND: I've been attempting to be Primal for about 4-5 months now. I started out doing a very low carb version of the Atkins diet around October 2008 where I lost about 20 lbs. I stumbled onto MDA, and have been trying to become as primal as possible ever since.

    PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: I train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu approx. 4-5 times a week on the weekdays, Muay Thai

    on Tues. and Thurs. and I try to get in about 3 days of weight training a week.

    WEIGHT: ~ 177 lbs.

    * I was stalled at around 173 for a couple months, and then I shot up a few lbs. which was a little even more discouraging.

    GOAL: I'd like to drop down to 160 lbs. I just started training to do MMA and would like to be very lean. My short-term goal however is be be 170 lbs or below by the end of the summer. I believe a 7 lbs loss in a little over 2 months is very feasible.

    VICES: I don't drink much alcohol ever (if I do it's low carb such as whiskey), and I'm not a big fruit person, but I do love and I mean LOVE cheese and butter. Not the most primal substances, and as you'll see I try to limit my consumption of both, especially cheese. I also have an addiction to diet soda which I'm trying to kick. Old habits die hard, and I managed to give up the diet soda for a while, however, recently the habit has resurfaced.

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    Friday 06/25/09


    Weight: 177.6 lbs.

    Activity: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training - 1 hour

    Food: nth=5&Day=26

    *Note: I was out of butter, so I had to resort to margarine (eccckkk)

    Comments/Criticism/Help etc. is all appreciated =)


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      After review my FitDay logs, it appears as though there is a correlation between butter consumed and no weight-loss/weight increase. This could be totally coincidental, but I'd be interested on hearing some input in regards to how primal butter is.


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        Yesterday's Food: nth=5&Day=27

        My weight went down a little, interesting as I had no butter yesterday. Perhaps my theory I spoke about above is true? I'll do what works I guess. =)


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          Couldn't get the fitday to load on my computer, but that's ok. It's funny how the body works sometimes, adding this or taking away that, and what changes it will prompt.


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            You need to eat more colored stuff - green, red, orange, purple, yellow. Veggies, veggies, veggies, maybe even a little fruit. You can do that and still keep your carbs fairly low.

            You also have quite a bit of saturated fat in the diet relative to monounsaturated fat. That's probably from all the cheese. What do your vitamin profiles look like?