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    New belts that are smaller than old belts are good.


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      Congrats on the belt!! I wore a belt for the first time in 6 years the other day! Can we be belt buddies?? :-D haha

      Natural Selection:


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        Good job! ^^


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          @Kryz, @NoSalad

          I have a little experience with irregular periods, so maybe I can tell you what worked for me. It was a surprise.

          I was in my mid-forties, had been irregular (PCOS) since starting at age 13. Was on birth control pills for a couple years in grad school, then quit them.

          My sister had jaundice, and she found a liver tea recipe which she liked, so I tried it, just for general detox, I thought. You don't take much at once, it's very bitter. I'd make a little batch, and have six small doses (2 days worth) from it. Then a couple weeks later I'd do it again. I made it maybe three or four times total ---

          My periods got regular for the first time in my life, and even after I stopped making the liver tea, they STAYED regular till menopause! (good grief) Also, menopause was late (56) but easy. I just used a little progesterone cream, then tapered off it, with no trouble.

          So, I think that a congested or toxic liver might have a lot to do with irregular periods. It's the liver which breaks down hormones on time so they don't hang around too long fouling up rhythmic cycles.

          Here's her recipe for liver tea (Hepatic Formula):

          1 part burdock (root)

          1 part dandelion (root) (I used chicory instead once)

          1/2 part elecampane (root)

          1/2 part mugwort (leaf)

          1/2 part ginger

          1/4 part Oregon grape root

          For 2-1/2 cups water, use 1 part = 1 tablespoon. Mix will equal about one ounce. Simmer about twenty minutes for about 2 cups of tea. Or use a coffee grinder and fill capsules, for more economy.

          Take 3 capsules 3x a day, or drink 1/2 cup tea 3x a day.


          Although the ingredients are just herbs, I'd respect the dosage and not go over it. The Oregon grape root is a little bit laxative, but there's only a little of it.

          At first I couldn't find dandelion root in the health food coop, and didn't have the initiative to just go out and dig it up, so I used roasted chicory, which also tasted very nice. Also, I couldn't find elecampane, but the tea worked pretty well without it. Then I found plants at a local herb farm, and just grew it. It's a very pungent root. Also kind of a fun plant. It has big leaves and grows about four or five feet tall, with yellow daisy-like flowers. Perennial.

          Other options for liver troubles: echinacea tincture might help some, and milk thistle is very good. I sometimes take milk thistle capsules or tincture.

          By the way, I also once experienced a non-stop period -- very frightening, though I didn't lose as much blood. It was when I (STOOPIDLY!!!!!) tried to be macrobiotic and depend on tofu for protein. A gynecologist prescribed an artificial progesterone, which stopped the bleeding but made me wake up at 3 a.m. every night and cry for three hours. Later on, after I'd stopped the dratted pills and gone back to eating regular food, it all subsided.

          Just a few days ago I read what Lierre Keith had to say about soy in The Vegetarian Myth. MY GOSH, that stuff should be outlawed, not grown as food! My tofu experience was absolutely not a fluke -- more like a foregone conclusion.

          When I found out that progesterone, unlike estrogen, has only one form in the entire animal kingdom, and that human-identical progesterone was used as the feedstock to make these damned patented versions, so that Pharma could charge a lot (progesterone as a natural substance cannot be patented) and that the natural stuff has no side effects, but the artificial varieties have a TON of side effects (like my crying) I got FURIOUS! The Pharma people who planned that little money-grabbing health fiasco should be in jail, IMO. There's no way that a biochemist designing a progesterone alternative and testing for side effects to get FDA approval could possibly not realize that the new product was inferior to the human-identical version he was making it from. And they did it anyway.

          By the way, I've had good naturopaths and bad naturopaths. The last one put me on a fancy low-carb diet system from Australia, and tried to sell me little packets of "nutritional supplement" made in New Zealand to take three or four times a day. They turned out to be only powdered milk and Splenda, with just enough trace flavoring to put the name on the packet. They also had two non-sweet varieties, which had grams of salt in them. I returned them, but was *STOOPID* enough to continue the low-carb low fat low calorie starvation diet till my joints began to fail completely. I lost a lot of strength at the same time, plus I was exhausted. Eight months severe unrelieved low carb. Never again!

          Four 2-ounce servings of meat or fish or cheese per day, 30 grams carb only allowed, a few teaspoons of unspecified oil (I used olive), drink tons of water, and have a little cider vinegar every day. The vinegar was the only good thing in that whole effort, IMO, since it restored some intestinal flora. Now I make kombucha and sometimes make yoghurt which I culture for a long, long time to eat up most of the lactose.

          Good luck -- remember, you're young. You have a lot of leeway, a lot of flexibility, and many opportunities. Wish I'd found something like Primal when I was your age!!

          By the way, size 2 for someone an inch taller than I am ................................. well ................

          No doubt she did feel heavy, after being so feather-light before. But it seems to me that people complaining about 150 pounds are seeing things through our cultural blinders. Also, no mistake that the diet didn't work as well the second time. That's what they do. You use up lean mass every time you go around that cycle, and teach your body to have a hair-trigger response to the slightest effort to curtail calories. Pretty soon it will not give up fat no matter what stick you beat it with. Crashing out of inadequate diets leads to laying on more weight than you lost, right in the belly where it absolutely doesn't belong.

          Primal luckily won't do this if you eat plenty of fat and protein calories, and don't nail the flag to the flagpole. And the Intermittent Fast had better be just that -- very intermittent, to keep the famine alarms from clanging fit to kill.

          I'm trying to build up, not whittle down. I want my muscle and cartilage back, so I can walk again without hobbling. The fat can find its own way off, in its own time. I refuse to abuse my body one more time to try to "reduce."

          Well, chatter, chatter

          Hope the liver tea helps someone, like it did me. It's something to try, anyway, carefully, as one tries anything.


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            DarthNotSoFriendly, it was all an elaborate Canadian joke, no hard feelings! :P

            Implied arrogance ticks me off because... 'dis journal ain't big enough for the both of us (especially with my ego).

            I just tend to be hard on those witty, sarcastic, elitist bastards that remind me of myself (I mentioned my self-loathing already, didn't I?).

            I'm sorry if I contained your multidimensional, duo-national personality in a small red-necked box. Stereotyping is just too darn fun, on these types of forums.

            I think if I was a man I would be one of those big, toothless Canadians sitting at bars and trying to pick a fight...

            So, bygones? <3

            Kent, Athena - thank you, Primal friends!

            Nekurahn, random question, do you know where to get raw milk in Montreal?

            If you take me there I&#39;ll be your best friend forever

            Piano-Doctor-Lady, wow what a story! I enjoy reading your long posts so don&#39;t be shy :P They&#39;re always super informative!

            I will write down your recipe and will try it when I get the chance to get all the ingredients! Thank you so much for letting me know!

            I appreciate folks who are more concerned about their health than anything else. But being young I have to honestly say, my reasons are pretty vain and simplistic.

            Yes, being a size 2 and 5&#39;10, maybe my proportions are out of whack but that seems like pretty spectacular results! Not to mention makes me feel like a whale at 148-150 :0

            Right now, I&#39;d be through the roof if I weighed 130! And If my weight would creep below 120 I&#39;d get pretty annoyed because I love my ass, I love my curves and I don&#39;t find exceptionally skinny women attractive!

            Not to mention, all the super fit girls I know are smaller than I am yet weigh almost the same as I do. Muscle mass weighs more than fat, and I wish I could finally get that through my thick head and stop weighing myself every 5 minutes!!!!

            Off to see Shutter Island,


            "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
            -Raymond Peat, PhD


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              Hey NoSaladWithoutMeat-

              Your intro in regards to PCOS caught my attention. Two months ago I was diagnosed with PCOS by my naturopath (horrible cystic acne, irregular periods, et al), so I&#39;m pretty familiar with what you&#39;re going through.

              Just thought I&#39;d share with you what has worked for me (I&#39;ve made tremendous improvement over this time)

              I stopped eating fruits and nuts,

              I use castor oil and coconut oil on my face

              I do castor oil packs on my abdomen every night (google it :] )

              And I use botanical Saw Palmetto (recently I&#39;ve added more botanic medicines to my protocol, but the Saw Palmetto gave me the bulk of my improvement)

              If you haven&#39;t already, I strongly suggest you see a naturopath!


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                Hey, no blood, no foul NSwoM. I was being silly.

                Besides, the reason I live here in NYC is because I&#39;m unfriendly. No one seems to notice.


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                  Hmmm, saw palmetto ... interesting. My PCOS was mentioned by a gynecologist, but no treatment was offered. Probably just as well -- he was the guy who prescribed the artificial progesterone from hell.

                  Age fixes most of these things, but of course one doesn&#39;t want to wait. I&#39;ve read that PCOS is one more complication of Metabolic Syndrome, so maybe Primal might offer relief as you get further into it.


                  I&#39;m not saying that you should be one size or another, just that for me, when I see someone 5&#39;10" complaining about being 150, way down under a size 10, it seems ---- well, it sort of boggles my mind. You know, it comes down to this: 150 pounds of WHAT? If the proportion of muscle is right, you would probably look really great and not feel at all like a whale at 150.

                  I&#39;m 5&#39;8", and I consider my ideal weight to be 190, which I haven&#39;t seen in almost twenty years. I&#39;m now in the process of moving from 286 down to 240 for the third time. I get stuck at 240, usually, and then come apart at the seams and fly back up again, because I&#39;ve lost too much lean mass and am too exhausted to continue. Not this time, Primal is very different, and how I&#39;m doing it is different as well. In six or eight months, I might finally get past the glass floor, so to speak.

                  Admittedly, I carry quite a bit of muscle even underneath the layers of marshmallow. It certainly aches enough. My work gives me good upper body strength. The last low carb low calorie fiasco (2006) I could tell matters were going from bad to worse the more I lost -- the piano lids were getting heavier, plus my walking was worse and worse as my knees seized up.

                  I always had some muscle going for me. I remember back in my twenties a nurse was weighing me in a doctor&#39;s office, and she looked at me and at the scale, and said, "My, you&#39;re dense." <grin>

                  I&#39;m not particularly big-boned, but they are pretty well mineralized from all the work they have to do and all the weight they have to carry. I had a bone scan when I was 52 and was taking a little bit of thyroid, just in case. Sacroiliac, and the neck of the femur. It came back: "You have 113% of the bone density of a normal young person." Admittedly, this was pre-menopausal, but I decided I didn&#39;t need to get another bone scan. The consolation prize for being too heavy and still trying to do active things.

                  I think what I&#39;m trying to say is, I hope you realize that in the whole gamut of normal human variations you are really not all that bad a size, and at 21 you have a long path in front of you. In middle age things get really hairy. Best to build up your condition and let the weight go away on its own, so that your body is not primed to fight dieting tooth and nail later on ... not a good place to be, and these days so many women end up there.


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                    Katerina, I can&#39;t wait to go to a Naturopath but I&#39;m always quite afraid they&#39;ll give me idiotic recommendations like eating whole grains and no fat (it&#39;s been done). Nevertheless, I will got when I can afford it :P

                    I definitely have problems with nuts, but I don&#39;t know about fruit... when I eat a lot of fruit my skin gets really clear ^_^

                    I don&#39;t know, I&#39;ll figure things through I guess...

                    But I&#39;ll definitely try your oil advise-recipe-thingamajigs :P

                    PDL, heh, I always get annoyed at advice like "Oh, your period will regulate when you have kids". What if I don&#39;t want kids?... What if I don&#39;t want to wait that long? Besides there isn&#39;t a chance for me to have kids without a period, not to mention regulating something I simply don&#39;t have. No period. For YEARS.


                    I&#39;m counting on PB, I really bloody am.

                    Haha, anyone wants to knock me up and solve my PCOS problem?

                    Beware, the kids might turn out exactly like me: spoiled brats masquerading as innocent doe-eyed angels.

                    "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
                    -Raymond Peat, PhD


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                      I think I can say one thing to you ... point out one thing which you really don&#39;t need to worry about, that is.

                      You talk about ego and being a spoiled brat, and once you mentioned self-hatred.

                      And you&#39;re 21.

                      These things go together. They are not an integral and eternal part of your personality. They are an artifact of your time of life. People your age are working on developing their egos. I did too. After awhile the work is done, and the psychological issues just fade away. It&#39;s completely normal.

                      Also, there&#39;s a physical component. Have you noticed that the auto insurance rates for young men in particular are sky-high? And then about age 25 they start to taper off a little bit? This is because until age 25 your brain is still "myelinizing". That is, the nerves are still building their myelin sheaths, their insulation, so to speak. Everything really does settle down and get better once that work is done.

                      Keep on keeping on ............... you&#39;ll do fine, you are doing fine. And I&#39;m sure that with PB eating and lifestyle, and maybe a few liver herbs or (who knows?) saw palmetto?, your period will come right back and salute every month. Hey, mine was cockeyed (though never completely absent, admittedly) for over 30 years! A few doses of liver tea, and it just clicked into synch, like it was punching a time clock, and STAYED THERE. I still shake my head in amazement over that.

                      While you&#39;re gathering herbs, you might try a little milk thistle. It can&#39;t hurt, it&#39;s very good for the liver.

                      A really good practitioner (naturopath or herbalist) would no doubt ease your way and speed your progress no end -- but finding out which one? Ah, that&#39;s pretty hard. If you try them, allow yourself to admit it if you have chosen badly, and move on to another one. I didn&#39;t in 2006, just soldiered on, and I&#39;m still paying the price.


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                        PDL, are you an actual doctor? You sound like it!

                        I&#39;m so glad you&#39;re on my journal

                        "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
                        -Raymond Peat, PhD


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                          This journal is experiencing some explosive growth - y&#39;all some voluminous writers up in here. Alas, today I am too tired to match.

                          Want to say welcome to the community, Meat.

                          Before I facedesk from a very un-Primal sugar crash: Do you have a food co-op in your area? These are about 10^n -> n = A Very Significant Number times better than Whole Foods, which is a soulless corporate-American spirit crushing entity that undoubtedly wants to devour Canada&#39;s children in their sleep.

                          Looking back to your intro, I see you&#39;ve tried a number of alternate diets already - pardon the question (if the answer is in there - as mentioned before, I can barely stay awake [and am at work >.>]), but have you completely eliminated processed foods in those diets? If so, how long have you been Frankenfood free or eating Only Real Foods?

                          Very interested in your journey and can&#39;t wait to see how it goes

                          PDR - so sometime in the next year brain will settle the hell down and stop exploding? I&#39;m hopin&#39; so. Social anxiety is getting old.


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                            This just in, my skin looks 40% better. Maybe it&#39;s the baking soda mask? I didn&#39;t use any oil, like I usually do, at night even though I felt dry.

                            I NEED coconut oil!

                            I was looking for it today at the grocery store, and probably been standing at the oil section for a really long time, and a cute stock-guy came up to me and asked if I needed help. I flipped out and stared at him for like 10 minutes. Then I said no. Then I stuttered something. He left.

                            I&#39;m such a loser :/

                            I&#39;ve been having incredibly strange dreams, about Fox Mulder.

                            Too much X-files.


                            "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
                            -Raymond Peat, PhD


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                              Aaron, thanks ^_^

                              Yes, I suppose you&#39;re right about Whole Foods. Those *censured* of *censured* are really *censured* and expensive. But living in the big city I had to resort to shopping there, at the risk of some children being eaten. And I will not feel bad about it! (mainly because I don&#39;t like children.)

                              In Montreal, I am safe away from such an evil corporation and do have the possibility of buying farm produce. I just haven&#39;t had the funding/ will power to go there, with the snow storms and my unwillingness to die.

                              To your other question, my lame attempts at dieting did include momentary abstinence from frankenfood (such an Atkins term!) unless I was low-carbing. Because I didn&#39;t realize eating pounds of cured bacon every day wasn&#39;t a good idea. But then again when I started bingeing again, I would inhale anything in sight, so it&#39;s not lie I have been drug fr... ahem, processed-food free for a while.

                              From that I concluded, that no matter what diet I was on it only worked because I abstained from yucky, cardboard, fake food.

                              Weather I felt great on the diet in question was another story.

                              Why do you ask?

                              My sugar cravings are gone. Entirely. I can&#39;t explain it.

                              I think there was a time where I allowed myself to eat EVERYTHING and at that point I got bored of these "exciting, forbidden foods". And boredom, my friend, is the thing I loathe most.

                              Oh another thing that helped, I was on that &#39;nothing cooked diet&#39; that made me feel like a starving Somalian kid, and after that I felt so grateful to be able to eat steak that I didn&#39;t feel like I was missing out on anything not eating bread.

                              Hope I helped and you didn&#39;t shoot yourself from reading all this.

                              "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
                              -Raymond Peat, PhD


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                                Hey NoSalad,

                                Just wanted to say that my period came back and it&#39;s now regular like clockwork, comes every 29 days. Stick to this diet. Eat only real food and don&#39;t be too strict.

                                Height: 5'4" (1.62 m)
                                Starting weight (09/2009): 200 lb (90.6 kg)
                                No longer overweight (08/2010): 145 lb (65.6 kg)
                                Current weight (01/2012): 127 lb (57.5 kg)